Events in History in 1745

Scottish History

Jan 6 Bonnie Prince Charlies' army draws to Glasgow

  • Jan 8 Britain, Austria, Netherlands & Saxony sign anti-Prussian Quadruple Alliance
  • Feb 15 Colley Cibbers "Papal Tyranny" premieres in London
  • Feb 18 Bonnie Prince Charlie's troops occupy Inverness, Scotland
  • Feb 20 Jacobite troops occupy Fort Augustus, Scotland
  • Mar 9 Bells for 1st American carillon shipped from England to Boston [1]
  • Mar 31 Jews are expelled from Prague
  • Apr 22 Austria & Bavaria sign Peace Treaty of Füssen, ending Bavaria's participation (on the French side) in the War of the Austrian Succession
  • May 11 Battle of Fontenoy (Doornik): Austrian Succession war

Victory in Battle

Jun 4 Battle at Hohenfriedberg Silezie: Frederick the Great (Prussia) defeats Austrians and Saxons