Events in History in 1747

  • Jan 31 The first venereal diseases clinic opens at London Lock Hospital, London

Scientific Discovery

Feb 14 Astronomer James Bradley presents his discovery of the wobbling motion of the Earth on its axis to the Royal Society, London

  • Apr 17 French troops occupy Zeeuws-Flanders, Netherlands
  • Apr 25 Prince Willem V appointed viceroy of Zealand
  • May 3 Willem IV appointed viceroy of Holland/Utrecht
  • May 4 Willem IV appointed Viceroy of Overijssel
  • May 14 A British fleet under Admiral George Anson defeats the French at first battle of Cape Finisterre.
  • May 16 Prince Willem V sworn in as admiral-general of Netherlands
  • Jul 1 Battle at Lafeld: France force beats British and Dutch army in Belgium during the Austrian War of Succession
  • Sep 16 French troops occupy Bergen on Zoom
  • Oct 25 British fleet under Admiral Sir Edward Hawke defeats the French at the second battle of Cape Finisterre
  • Nov 7 Organgist in Netherlands revolt under Daniel Raap
  • Nov 30 Dutch State of Zealand declare governorship hereditary for women
  • Dec 9 Great Britain & Netherlands sign military treaty