Events in History in 1755

Event of Interest

Jan 25 Moscow University is established by Elizabeth of Russia and founded by Mikhail Lomonosov on Tatiana Day

  • Feb 13 Rebel leader Mangkubuni signs Treaty of Gianti Java
  • Mar 12 1st steam engine in America installed, to pump water from a mine
  • Apr 2 Commodore William James captures the pirate fortress of Suvarnadurg on west coast of India

Historic Publication

Apr 15 Samuel Johnson's "A Dictionary of the English Language" published in London

  • Apr 26 1st Russian university opens in Moscow

Event of Interest

May 24 Smuggler Louis Mandrin considered the French Robin Hood is sentenced to be broken on the wheel, a medieval form of torture and execution that breaks the bones of the subject

  • Jun 16 British capture Fort Beauséjour, expel Acadians
  • Jun 29 515 prominent Filipinos baptized as Catholic
  • Jun 29 German medieval heroic poem "Nibelungenlied" (the Song of the Nibelungs) rediscovered in Hohenems Castle Library in Vorarlberg, Austria by Jacob Hermann Oreit
  • Jun 30 Philippines close all non-catholic Chinese restaurants
  • Jul 9 Battle of Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh): French troops beat British
  • Jul 9 British General Edward Braddock mortally wounded during Battle of Fort Duquesne during French and Indian War
  • Jul 15 French ambassador recalled from London

Event of Interest

Jul 16 John Adams graduates Harvard

Event of Interest

Jul 26 Giacomo Casanova is arrested in Venice for affront to religion and common decency and imprisoned in the Doge's Palace

  • Sep 8 Battle of Lake George in the Province of New York: British army beats French
  • Sep 12 Giacomo Casanova is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Venice without trial for affront to religion and common decency
  • Sep 18 Fort Ticonderoga in New York opens
  • Sep 19 Great Britain & Russia sign military agreement
  • Nov 1 Lisbon earthquake kills more than 50,000 in Portugal
  • Nov 14 Henry Fox appointed British 'Secretary of State for the Southern Department'
  • Nov 18 Worst quake in Massachusetts Bay area strikes Boston; no deaths reported
  • Nov 25 King Ferdinand IV of Spain granted the Beaterio dela Compania de Jesus or now known as the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary(RVM) a royal protection.
  • Dec 2 The second Eddystone Lighthouse on Eddystone Rocks off English southern coast is destroyed by fire