Events in History in 1771

  • Jan 22 Spain cedes Falkland Islands to Britain

Event of Interest

Feb 12 Gustav III becomes the King of Sweden after the death of predecessor Adolf Frederick

Messier Presents his List

Feb 16 French astronomer Charles Messier presents his original list of 45 M-objects to French Academy

  • Feb 19 French astronomer Charles Messier adds M46-M49 to his catalog (galactic clusters in Puppis & Hydra & galaxy in Virgo)
  • May 7 Samuel Hearne explores Copper Mine River of Canada
  • May 16 The Battle of Alamance, a pre-American Revolutionary War battle between local militia and a group of rebels called "The Regulators", occurs in present-day Alamance County, North Carolina.

Voyage of Discovery

Jul 12 The Endeavour captained by James Cook, with Joseph Banks aboard, returns from its first voyage to the Pacific after two years

  • Jul 14 Mission San Antonio de Padua founded in California
  • Jul 31 Paul Potters "Great ossendrift" sold for Ÿ9050 in Amsterdam
  • Sep 8 Mission San Gabriel Archangel forms in California

Event of Interest

Sep 26 Denis Diderot's "Le Fils Naturel" premieres in Paris

  • Oct 9 The Dutch merchant ship Vrouw Maria sinks near the coast of Finland.
  • Nov 16 West Indian Company & Amsterdam divide up Suriname