On This Day

Events in History in 1785

  • Jan 1 "Daily Universal Register" (Times of London) publishes 1st issue
  • Jan 7 1st balloon flight across English Channel by Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries
  • Jan 11 Continental Congress convenes in NYC
  • Jan 13 John Walter publishes 1st issue of "The Times" of London
  • Jan 19 First manned balloon flight in Ireland
  • Jan 20 Samuel Ellis advertises to sell Oyster Island (Ellis Island), no takers
  • Jan 27 1st US state university chartered in Athens, Georgia

Historic Event

Jan 29 In a surprising announcement, John Hancock resigns as Governor of Massachusetts, allegedly due to his failing health

  • Mar 1 Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of Agriculture organized

Historic Event

Mar 7 James Hutton, geologist, presents his full theory of uniformitarianism at a meeting of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Appointment of Interest

Apr 20 Thomas Warton appointed British Poet Laureate by King George III

Historic Event

Apr 21 Catherine II of Russia confers on the nobility the "Charter to the Nobility", increasing further the power of the landed oligarchs

  • May 9 British inventor Joseph Bramah patents beer-pump handle

Historic Invention

May 23 Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals

  • Jun 15 2 French balloonists die in world's 1st fatal aviation accident
  • Jul 4 James Hutton, geologist, publicly reads an abstract of his theory of uniformitarianism for the first time at the meeting of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
  • Jul 6 US Congress unanimously resolves the name of US currency to the "dollar" and adopts decimal coinage
  • Jul 12 1st manned flight by gas balloon in Netherlands
  • Aug 1 Caroline Herschel becomes 1st woman to discover a comet

Historic Expedition

Aug 1 French naval scientific expedition ordered by Louis XVI, led by La Pérouse with 220 men departs Brest (lost in the Pacific 1788) [1]

  • Aug 15 French cardinal De Rohan arrested
  • Sep 10 Prussia signs trade agreement with US
  • Sep 29 Chasidic sect is excommunicated in Kraków, Poland
  • Nov 17 Church of England organizes in New England
  • Nov 28 The Treaty of Hopewell is signed between the Confederation Congress of the United States of America and the Cherokee people