Events in History in 1799

British History

Jan 9 British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger introduces income tax to raise funds for the war against Napoleon

  • Jan 10 Friedrich von Schiller's "Die Piccolomini" premieres in Weimar

Contract of Interest

Jan 14 Eli Whitney receives government contract for 10,000 muskets

  • Jan 14 King of Naples flees before advancing French armies
  • Jan 17 Maltese patriot Dun Mikiel Xerri, along with a number of other patriots, is executed
  • Jan 25 1st US patent for a seeding machine, Eliakim Spooner, Vermont
  • Feb 9 USS Constellation captures French frigate Insurgents off Nevis, W I
  • Feb 13 1st US law regulating insurance passed by Massachusetts legislature
  • Feb 15 1st US printed ballots authorized, Pennsylvania
  • Feb 25 1st federal forestry legislation authorizes purchase of timber land
  • Feb 25 US Congress passes 1st federal quarantine legislation
  • Mar 2 Congress standardizes US weights & measures
  • Mar 7 The Royal Institution of Great Britain founded; dedicated to scientific research and education.

Victory in Battle

Mar 8 Napoleon Bonaparte's forces capture the city of Jaffa from the Ottoman Empire in Palestine, after a 5 day siege

  • Mar 12 Austria declares war on France
  • Mar 19 Joseph Haydn's "Die Schöpfung" premieres in Vienna
  • Mar 29 New York passes gradual abolition law saying children of enslaved mothers are born free but still owe free service to masters until they are 25 if female and 28 if male
  • Apr 16 Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Mount Tabor - Napoleon drives Ottoman Turks across the River Jordan near Acre
  • Apr 20 Friedrich von Schiller's "Wallensteins Tod" premieres in Weimar

Historic Siege

May 4 Fourth Anglo-Mysore War: The Battle of Seringapatam ends the Siege of Seringapatam when the city is assaulted and the Sultan of Mysore Tipu Sultan is killed by the besieging British army, under the command of General George Harris

  • May 21 Napoleon and his forces abandon their siege of Acre after two months - turning point in French invasion of Egypt and Syria
  • May 22 Napoleon makes statement in support of re-establishing Jerusalem for Jews

Historic Expedition

Jun 5 Naturalists Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland set sail in the Pizarro from A Coruña and begin their 5 year Latin American expedition

  • Jun 22 Britain and Russia decide to invade Batavian Republic
  • Jul 7 Ranjit Singh's men take up their positions outside Lahore

Rosetta Stone

Jul 15 The Rosetta Stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French Captain Pierre-François Bouchard during Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign

  • Jul 25 French-Egyptian forces under Napoleon I beat Turks at Battle of Abukir
  • Aug 13 British fleet under Lord Seymour overthrows Suriname
  • Aug 23 Napoleon leaves Egypt for France en route to seize power.
  • Aug 27 British invasion army lands in North Holland
  • Aug 30 Batavian fleet surrenders to British
  • Sep 1 Bank of Manhattan Company opens in NYC (forerunner to Chase Manhattan)
  • Oct 2 Duke of York & Russians capture Alkmaar in Netherlands
  • Oct 6 Battle of Castricum: Franco-Dutch army beats British-Russian army
  • Oct 9 Sinking of British frigate HMS Lutine, with the loss of 240 men and cargo worth £1,200,000 off Dutch coast
  • Oct 10 Convention of Alkmaar: British-Russian invasion army departs Holland
  • Oct 22 Russia leaves second anti-French Coalition
  • Nov 9 Napoleon Bonaparte pulls off a coup and becomes the dictator of France under the title of First Consul
  • Nov 12 Andrew Ellicott makes the first known record of a meteor shower observation in the U.S, from a ship off the coast of Florida Keys
  • Dec 10 Metric system first adopted in France

Historic Event

Dec 18 George Washington's body interred at Mount Vernon