Events in History in 1817

  • Jan 7 2nd Bank of US opens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Historic Event

Jan 18 José de San Martín leads a revolutionary army over the Andes to attack Spanish royalists in Chile

  • Jan 22 British freighter Diana sinks off Malaya
  • Jan 31 Franz Grillparzer's "Die Ahnfrau" premieres in Vienna
  • Feb 5 1st US gas co incorporated, Baltimore (coal gas for street lights)
  • Feb 7 Baltimore becomes the 1st American city lit by gas street lamps with the first turned on at Market and Lemon Streets (currently Baltimore and Holliday Streets)
  • Mar 2 1st Evangelical church building dedicated, New Berlin, Pennsylvania
  • Mar 3 Mississippi Territory is divided into Alabama Territory & Mississippi

President Inaugurated

Mar 4 James Monroe is inaugurated as the 5th President of the United States

  • Mar 8 The New York Stock Exchange is founded
  • Mar 25 Tsar Alexander I recommends formation of Society of Israeli Christians
  • Apr 15 1st American school for the deaf opens (Hartford, Connecticut)
  • Apr 15 The American Asylum [now American School for the Deaf (ASD)], 1st permanent US school for deaf founded by Rev. Thomas Gallaudet, Dr. Mason Cogswell, and teacher Laurent Clercn (West Hartford, Connecticut,)
  • Apr 22 Curacao prohibits use of white paint due to fierce sunlight
  • May 7 Japanese Emperor Kōkaku abdicates in favour of his son Emperor Ninkō
  • May 15 Ambonese uprising against Dutch authority (modern Indonesia), under Thomas Matulesia (aka Kapitan Pattimura)
  • May 15 First private mental health hospital opens in the US, Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason (now Friends Hospital) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • May 16 Mississippi River steamboat service begins
  • Jun 8 An uprising involving three hundred workers in the English town of Pentrich begins but is quashed almost immediately
  • Jul 4 Chief Engineer James Geddes begins construction on the Erie Canal, (Rome, New York), one of the first great engineering works in North America
  • Jul 12 1st flower show held in Dannybrook, County Cork, Ireland
  • Aug 18 60-70ft sea serpent sightings reported offshore in Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Sep 9 Alexander Twilight, probably first African American to graduate from a US college, receives BA degree at Middlebury College

Historic Event

Sep 22 John Quincy Adams becomes US Secretary of State

  • Oct 9 University of Gent officially opens
  • Oct 20 1st Mississippi "Showboat" leaves Nashville on maiden voyage
  • Nov 21 US soldiers attack Miccosukee Tribe village of Fowltown, Georgia, beginning what becomes known as the First Seminole War
  • Nov 25 First sword swallower in US performs (NYC)
  • Dec 10 Mississippi admitted as 20th state of the Union
  • Dec 16 Leaders of Molukkas uprising hanged in Ambon