Events in History in 1955 (Part 2)

  • Sep 25 The Royal Jordanian Air Force is founded
  • Sep 26 NY Stock Exchange worst price decline since 1929
  • Sep 29 Ali Sastroamidjojo's PNI wins elections in Indonesia

Event of Interest

Sep 29 Arthur Millers "View From The Bridge" premieres in NYC

  • Oct 1 Piet Lieftinck becomes director v/h IMF (World bank)
  • Oct 2 Chiva Stoica becomes premier of Romania
  • Oct 3 "Mickey Mouse Club" premieres
  • Oct 3 Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira becomes President of Brazil
  • Oct 3 Soviet battleship "Novorossiisk" strikes WW II mine in Baltic Sea
  • Oct 4 Rev Sun Young Moon leaves prison in Seoul
  • Oct 7 Aircraft carrier USS Saratoga launched at Brooklyn

Event of Interest

Oct 7 Beat poet Allen Ginsberg reads his poem "Howl" for the first time at a poetry reading in San Francisco.

  • Oct 8 World's most powerful aircraft carrier, USS Saratoga, launched

Event of Interest

Oct 11 All Peron feast days disposed of in Argentina

  • Oct 11 Persia signs Pact of Baghdad
  • Oct 13 1st edition of L'express publishes in Paris
  • Oct 17 Lee Merriwether joins Today Show panel
  • Oct 18 Buganda Agreement between Andrew Cohen, Governor of Uganda Protectorate, and Mutesa II, Kabaka of Buganda
  • Oct 18 University of California discovers anti-proton
  • Oct 25 Austria resumed its sovereignty after departure of last Allied occupation forces, for 1st time since German occupation of 1938
  • Oct 25 Tappan sells 1st microwave oven
  • Oct 26 British troops occupy Saudi Arabian oil field at Boeraimi
  • Oct 26 First edition of "Village Voice" (NYC) published

Event of Interest

Oct 26 Ngô Đình Diệm proclaims Vietnam a republic with himself as President

  • Oct 27 Argentine peso devalued

Nobel Prize

Oct 27 Icelandic writer Halldór Laxness is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

  • Oct 27 Satomi Myodo, renews Zen nun vows & takes Buddhist name of Daien Myodo
  • Oct 28 Egypt and Saudi Arabia sign defense treaty
  • Oct 29 Belgium signs accord for 5 day work week (45 hours)
  • Oct 29 Emile Zatopek runs world record 15 mile (1:14:01) & 25,000m (1:16:36)
  • Oct 30 Businessman and horse breeder William Woodward, Jr. is shot dead by his wife Ann Cromwell after she mistook him for an intruder
  • Oct 30 Imtiaz Ahmed scores 209 v NZ, the record for a no 8 batsman
  • Oct 31 Mgr Alfrink appointed archbishop of Utrecht
  • Nov 1 Time bomb aboard United DC-6 kills 44 above Longmont, Colorado

Event of Interest

Nov 2 David Ben-Gurion forms Israeli government

  • Nov 3 Argentine ex-president Juan Perón arrives in Nicaragua
  • Nov 3 Australia takes control of Cocos Islands
  • Nov 3 Bernardus J Alfrink installed as archbishop of Utrecht
  • Nov 3 First virus crystallized (announced)


Nov 3 Scientists Carlton E. Schwerdt and Fred L. Schaffer announce they have crystallized the pure polio virus, meaning they can better determine the virus' chemical and biological properties

  • Nov 5 Date returned to in "Back to the Future" by Marty McFly
  • Nov 6 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Nov 7 Supreme Court of Baltimore bans segregation in public recreational areas
  • Nov 9 Michael Gazzo's "Hatful of Rain" premieres in NYC
  • Nov 9 NZ all out for 70 v Pakistan at Dacca
  • Nov 9 UN disapproves of South Africa's apartheid politics
  • Nov 12 1st West German officers sworn in
  • Nov 13 1st live telecast from non-contiguous foreign country-Havana Cuba
  • Nov 13 Argentine general Pedro Aramburu succeeds E Lonardi as president
  • Nov 15 Poland & Yugoslavia sign trade agreement
  • Nov 16 Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Yussuph V returns to Morocco
  • Nov 18 Bell X-2 rocket plane taken up for 1st powered flight
  • Nov 19 National Review publishes its first issue
  • Nov 21 Argentina asks Panama for return of ex-president Juan Peron
  • Nov 22 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Nov 23 Britain transfers the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean to Australia
  • Nov 24 1st test flight of Fokker's F-27 Friendship

Event of Interest

Nov 25 Clement Attlee resigns as leader of the UK Labour Party

  • Nov 25 Race segregation forbidden on trains & buses between US states
  • Nov 26 Emergency crisis proclaimed in Cyprus
  • Nov 29 Turkish government of Menderes resigns
  • Nov 30 Argentine government disbands Peronistic party
  • Nov 30 Thriller novel "The Talented Mr Ripley" by Patricia Highsmith is published in the US

Event of Interest

Dec 1 Rosa Parks is arrested for refusing to move to the back of a bus and give her seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama

  • Dec 4 Bernardus Johannes Alfrink installed as Archbishop of Utrecht
  • Dec 5 American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) merge to form the AFL-CIO, with George Meany as President
  • Dec 5 Historic bus boycott begins in Montgomery, Alabama by Rosa Parks and other civil rights activists

Event of Interest

Dec 5 Montgomery Improvement Association formed by Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Edgar Nixon to support the Montgomery bus protest in Montgomery, Alabama

  • Dec 8 Turkish government of Menderes forms
  • Dec 12 1st prototype of hovercraft patented by British engineer Christoper Cockerell
  • Dec 14 16 countries join the United Nations, including Austria, Finland, Italy, and Spain
  • Dec 14 Tappan Zee Bridge in NY opens to traffic
  • Dec 20 Cardiff is proclaimed the capital city of Wales

Event of Interest

Dec 24 Author Aldous Huxley takes LSD for the first time

  • Dec 26 RKO is 1st to announce sale of its film library to TV

Event of Interest

Dec 31 The General Motors Corporation becomes the first U.S. corporation to make over $1 billion USD in a year.