Events in History in 1957 (Part 2)

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  • Sep 4 Ford Motor Co. introduces Edsel automobile range

Little Rock Crisis

Sep 4 Governor of Arkansas, Orval Faubus, calls out National Guard to prevent 9 black students from entering a Little Rock's Central High School

Historic Publication

Sep 5 "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac is published by Viking Press in New York

Historic Event

Sep 5 Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista bombs an uprising in Cienfuegos

Historic Event

Sep 5 Yugoslavia bans Milovan Djilas' book "new class marine officers"

  • Sep 6 Elvis records "White Christmas", "Silent Night" & "Here Comes Santa Claus"
  • Sep 9 Nashville's new Hattie Cotton Elementary School dynamited

Historic Event

Sep 9 US President Eisenhower signs 1st civil rights bill since Reconstruction

  • Sep 12 Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus visits US
  • Sep 14 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga, Australia
  • Sep 14 UN resolution deplores & condemns USSR invasion of Hungary
  • Sep 14 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Election of Interest

Sep 15 Konrad Adenauer's CDU wins parliamentary election in West Germany

  • Sep 16 Coup in Thailand (Premier Songgram deposed)
  • Sep 17 Scott Crossfield takes X-15 up for 1st powered flight
  • Sep 17 Thailand military coup under marshal Sarit Thanarat
  • Sep 17 The North East Humanists group is founded in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Sep 18 Electric train joining in Amsterdam-Brussels
  • Sep 19 1st underground nuclear explosion at Las Vegas Nevada
  • Sep 19 Dalida is the 1st artist to be awarded a gold record in France for 300,000 sales of "Bambino"
  • Sep 21 German sail training ship Pamir sails Atlantic Ocean
  • Sep 21 Olav V becomes king of Norway
  • Sep 21 Pote Sarasin forms government in Thailand
  • Sep 23 President Dwight D. Eisenhower orders US troops to support integration of nine black students at Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas
  • Sep 23 White mob forces 9 black students enrolled at Little Rock's Central High School in Arkansas to withdraw
  • Sep 24 Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe, is opened in Barcelona
  • Sep 25 300 US Army troops guard 9 black kids return to Central High School in Arkansas
  • Sep 25 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga, Australia
  • Sep 25 Soviet 7 year plan (1959-1965) announced

Election of Interest

Sep 26 Dag Hammarskjöld re-elected secretary-general of UN

  • Sep 26 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Sep 28 Dutch Queen Juliana opens Velser Tunnels
  • Sep 29 An explosion at the Mayak plutonium production plant in the Soviet Union spreads radiation over 20,000 square miles (52,000 km2)
  • Sep 29 Passenger train & oil train crash in Gambar, West Pakistan, killing 300
  • Sep 30 French government of Mauroy resigns due to Algeria
  • Oct 1 B-52 bombers begin full-time flying alert in case of USSR attack
  • Oct 1 First appearance of "In God We Trust" on U.S. paper currency.
  • Oct 2 New volcanic island appears off Fayal Island Azores

Historic Event

Oct 3 Allen Ginsberg's Howl and Other Poems is ruled not obscene

Election of Interest

Oct 3 German statesman Willy Brandt is elected mayor of West Berlin (1957-1966)

  • Oct 4 Avro Arrow roll-out ceremony at Avro Canada plant in Malton, Ontario
  • Oct 4 Soviet Union launches Sputnik I, the 1st artificial Earth satellite into elliptical low Earth orbit
  • Oct 5 Yugoslav dissident Milovan Djilos sentenced to 7 years
  • Oct 6 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 8 Procter & Gamble director N McElroy becomes US Secretary of Defense
  • Oct 8 Soviet spy Jack Sobel sentenced to 7 years (NYC)
  • Oct 8 Turkish & Syrian border guards exchange fire
  • Oct 9 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Maralinga Australia
  • Oct 10 A fire at the Windscale nuclear plant in Cumbria, England becomes the world's first major nuclear accident
  • Oct 10 US President Eisenhower apologizes to the finance minister of Ghana, Komla Agbeli Gbdemah, after he is refused service in a restaurant in Dover, Delaware
  • Oct 10 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 12 Canadian Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson wins Nobel Peace Prize
  • Oct 12 First commercial flight between California & Antarctica
  • Oct 13 German Democratic Republic recalls OstMark & issues new currency

Historic Event

Oct 14 Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first Canadian monarch to open the Parliament of Canada with the Speech from the Throne.

Historic Event

Oct 16 Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip visits Williamsburg Virginia

  • Oct 16 USAF sends 2 aluminium bullets into space
  • Oct 17 Britain's Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip visit the White House
  • Oct 17 Dike Marken-Dutch mainland closed

Nobel Prize

Oct 17 French author Albert Camus awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

  • Oct 17 II Tsjoendrigar becomes premier of Pakistan
  • Oct 20 Karachi A (277-0d) beat Sind A by an innings without losing a wicket

Nobel Prize

Oct 20 Lester B. Pearson is the first Canadian to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his aid in resolving the Suez Crisis

Historic Event

Oct 20 Walter Cronkite begins hosting weekly documentary

  • Oct 21 Giants purchase Class-A Phoenix team
  • Oct 22 Konrad Adenauer re-elected Chancellor of West Germany
  • Oct 23 First test firing of Vanguard satellite launch vehicle, TV-3
  • Oct 24 The USAF starts the X-20 Dyna-Soar program.

Murder of Interest

Oct 25 Cosa Nostra crime boss Albert Anastasia is murdered in a barber's chair in New York City, probably by fellow mobster Joe Gallo

  • Oct 25 Russian minister of Defense Zjoekov deposed

Historic Event

Oct 26 USSR fires defense minister Marshal Georgi Zhukov

  • Oct 27 Celal Bayar re-elected president of Turkey
  • Oct 29 Hand grenade explodes in Israel's Knesset (Parliament)
  • Nov 1 Mackinac Straits Bridge, Michigan, world longest suspension bridge between anchorages opens
  • Nov 2 1st titanium mill opened, Toronto, Ohio
  • Nov 2 The Levelland UFO Case in Levelland, Texas, generates national publicity, remains one of the most impressive UFO cases in American history

Space Dog Laika Launched to her Death

Nov 3 Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2 with space dog Laika aboard, a mostly-Siberian husky, the 1st animal in space

  • Nov 4 2nd Soviet Earth-satellite launched
  • Nov 6 Felix Gaillard becomes Prime Minister of France
  • Nov 7 Cold War: The Gaither Report calls for more American missiles and fallout shelters.
  • Nov 8 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • Nov 11 Demolition begins on cable car barn at California & Hyde, San Francisco
  • Nov 14 The Apalachin Meeting outside Binghamton, New York is raided by law enforcement, and many high level Mafia figures are arrested
  • Nov 15 US sentences Soviet spy Rudolf Ivanovich Abel to 30 years & $3,000

Murder of Interest

Nov 16 American murderer and bodysnatcher Ed Gein kills his last victim

  • Nov 18 Tunisia refuses Russian weapons
  • Nov 19 Antonin Novotny appointed president of Czechoslovakia
  • Nov 22 Simon & Garfunkel appear on "American Bandstand" as "Tom & Jerry"
  • Nov 25 US President Dwight Eisenhower suffers a mild stroke, impairing his speech
  • Nov 27 US Army withdraws from Little Rock, Arkansas after Central High School integration

Assassination Attempt

Nov 30 Assassination attempt on Indonesian President Sukarno, kills 8

  • Dec 2 1st US large scale nuclear power plant for peacetime use opens, Shippingport, Pennsylvania
  • Dec 4 2 commuter trains collide in heavy fog killing 92 (St John's, England)
  • Dec 4 First edition of "Chase's Annual Events" published
  • Dec 5 NYC is first US city to legislate against racial or religious discrimination in housing market (Fair Housing Practices Law)
  • Dec 5 President Sukarno of Indonesia expels all Dutch people.
  • Dec 5 William Inge's "Dark at the Top of the Stairs" premieres in NYC
  • Dec 6 1st US attempt to launch a satellite fails-Vanguard rocket blows up
  • Dec 6 AFL-CIO votes to expel Teamsters (readmitted in October 1987)
  • Dec 6 Indonesia begins nationalizing Dutch possessions
  • Dec 9 1st Japanese ambassador to Israel
  • Dec 10 Chinese physicists Chen Ning Yang and Tsung-Dao Lee awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for their work on parity laws, which created a major breakthrough in particle research
  • Dec 12 Maj Adrian Drew flies 1,943 kph in F-101 Voodoo
  • Dec 12 US announces manufacture of Borazon (harder than diamond)
  • Dec 12 Willem J Kolff and his team at Ohio's Cleveland Clinic removed the heart from a dog and replaced it with a pneumatic pump which kept the dog alive for 90 minutes, proving the viability of the artificial heart
  • Dec 16 Sir Feroz Khan Noon replaces Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar as Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Dec 17 US successfully test-fires Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile
  • Dec 18 World's 1st full scale nuclear power plant, for peacetime use only, begins to generate electricity at the Shippingport Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania
  • Dec 21 Indonesia proclaims end to state of war
  • Dec 25 Ed Gein found not guilty by reason of insanity for a series of murders

Music History

Dec 26 Alan Freed's "Christmas Show of Stars", featuring the Everly Brothers, Paul Anka; Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis, opens at the Paramount Theatre, NYC; runs for 14 performances

  • Dec 28 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test

Historic Event

Dec 30 Israeli government of Ben-Gurion, resigns

  • Dec 31 AAU awards Bobby Morrow, James Sullivan Memorial Trophy