On This Day

Events in History in January 1988

  • Jan 1 Year of the Reader begins
  • Jan 2 Ashland Oil storage tank spills 3.8 million gallons, Penn

Agreement of Interest

Jan 2 Mulroney & Reagan sign Canada-US free trade agreement

  • Jan 2 Right-wing guerrillas ambush a train near Mozambique's western border, killing at least 22 people and injuring 71.
  • Jan 3 Israel orders 9 Palestinian "instigators" deported from W Beirut

Historic Event

Jan 3 Margaret Thatcher becomes longest-serving British PM this century

  • Jan 8 Dow Jones down 140.58 points

Historic Event

Jan 8 Hewlett-Packard introduces HP-28S Advanced Scientific Calculator

  • Jan 8 US female Figure Skating championship won by Debi Thomas

Historic Event

Jan 9 August Wilson's "Piano Lesson" premieres in Boston

  • Jan 11 Test debut of Phil Simmons, WI v India, Madras
  • Jan 13 Supreme Court rules (5-3) public school officials have broad powers to censor school newspapers, plays & other expressive activities
  • Jan 15 Kiran More stumps five WI batsman at Madras, world Test record
  • Jan 15 Narendra Hirwani takes 16-136 (8-61 & 8-75) v WI on Test debut

Historic Event

Jan 16 Czech dissident Václav Havel is arrested in Prague for taking part in demonstrations against the communist government

  • Jan 17 Leslie Manigay elected President of Haiti
  • Jan 18 Airliner crashes in SW China, killing all 108 on board
  • Jan 19 Disabled writer Christopher Nolan wins the Whitbread Book of the Year prize
  • Jan 20 Andre Hoffman skates world record 1,500m (1:52.06)
  • Jan 20 Arizona committee opens hearing on impeachment of Gov Evan Mecham
  • Jan 21 US accepts immigration of 30,000 US-Vietnamese children
  • Jan 24 9th ACE Cable Awards: Discovery Channel wins the Golden CableACE for "Russia: Live From the Inside"
  • Jan 24 Cerebral Palsy telethon raises $21 million
  • Jan 25 Ramsewak Shankar sworn in as President of Suriname
  • Jan 26 Australian 200th anniversary parade of tall ships in Sydney Harbour

Historic Event

Jan 27 Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves nomination of Judge Anthony Kennedy to US Supreme Court

  • Jan 28 Canada's Supreme court declares anti-abortion law unconstitutional
  • Jan 29 Canadian Ben Johnson breaks own 50-yard dash world record at 5.15
  • Jan 29 Detroit's Kirk Gibson signs a 3-year contract with Dodgers
  • Jan 29 United Airlines Boeing 747SP, circles world in 36h54m15s
  • Jan 31 Barge sinks near Anacortes, WA, spills 70,000 gallons of oil