Events in History on February 2

  • 506 Alaric II, king of the Visigoths, promulgates the Lex Romania Visigothorum (or Breviary of Alaric), a collection of Roman law
  • 962 Pope John XII crowns German King Otto I the Great Emperor
  • 1032 Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor becomes King of Burgundy, succeeding Rudolf III
  • 1119 Guido di Borgogna elected Pope Callistus II
  • 1141 Battle of Lincoln: King Stephen captured by forces loyal to Empress Matilda and commanded by Robert, 1st Earl of Gloucester

Black Death

1349 By this date at least 200 people a day were being buried in London as a result of the Black Death

  • 1461 Battle of Mortimer's Cross: in a major battle of the War of the Roses Yorkist army of Edward, Earl of March, defeats Lancaster force led by Jasper Tudor
  • 1536 Pedro de Mendoza founds Argentine city of Buenos Aires
  • 1542 Portuguese under Christovão da Gama capture a Muslim-occupied hillfort in northern Ethiopia in the Battle of Baçente.
  • 1550 Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, freed
  • 1637 Zorilla's "El más Impropio Verdugo Para Las" premieres in Madrid
  • 1653 New Amsterdam becomes a city (later renamed New York)

Historic Event

1709 British sailor Alexander Selkirk is rescued by William Dampier after being marooned on a desert island for 5 years, his story inspires "Robinson Crusoe

  • 1714 Nicholas Rowe's play "The Tragedy of Jane Shore" premieres in London
  • 1732 King Frederik Willem I moves Lutherans towards East-Prussia

Historic Event

1742 British government of Robert Walpole resigns

Articles of Confederation

1787 Arthur St. Clair is elected the 9th President of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation

  • 1798 Federal St Theater, Boston, becomes 1st in US destroyed by fire
  • 1802 1st leopard exhibited in US, Boston (admission 25 cents)
  • 1811 Russian settlers establish Ft Ross trading post, north of San Francisco
  • 1829 Madman Jonathan Martin sets York Cathedral on fire, does £60,000 damage
  • 1843 US & British settlers in Oregon Country choose government committee
  • 1848 1st ship load of Chinese immigrants arrive in San Francisco
  • 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican–American War: US acquires Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona for $15 million
  • 1852 1st British public men's toilet opens in Fleet St, London
  • 1852 Alexandre Dumas Jr's "La Dame aux Camélias" premieres in Paris
  • 1854 Pope Pius IX encyclical "On persecution of Armenians"
  • 1861 The "Organized Incorporated Territory of Nevada" is created, lasting until October 31st, 1864
  • 1864 -Oct 7th) Cruise of CSS Florida
  • 1869 James Oliver invents removable tempered steel plow blade
  • 1870 Cardiff Giant (supposed petrified human) proved to be gypsum
  • 1878 Greece declares war on Turkey
  • 1880 SS Strathleven arrives in London with first shipment of frozen Australian mutton
  • 1887 First Groundhog Day observed at Gobbler's Knob, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
  • 1888 Frank Sprague opens the first successful U.S. electric street railway system, the Richmond Union Passenger Railway, in Richmond, Virginia
  • 1892 Bottle cap patented by William Painter
  • 1892 Johnny Briggs takes a hat-trick, England v Australia at the SCG
  • 1894 US warship Kearsarge wrecked on Roncador Reef, near Solomon Island
  • 1899 The Australian Premiers' Conference held in Melbourne decides to locate Australia's capital (Canberra) between Sydney and Melbourne.
  • 1901 Female Army Nurse Corps established as a permanent organization
  • 1901 Mexican government troops are ambushed by Yaqui Indians, 100 killed
  • 1901 The US Congress passes the Army Reorganization Act, placing the minimum number of men under arms at 58,000
  • 1906 Pope encyclical against separation of church & state
  • 1909 Italian writer Filippo Tommaso Marinetti publishes "Manifest o of Futurism" in Paris, France
  • 1912 Frederick R Law, parachutes from Statue of Liberty (stunt for Pathe)

Historic Event

1913 American poet Joyce Kilmer writes his famous poem "Trees" in Mahwah, New Jersey

  • 1913 NYC's Grand Central Terminal opens
  • 1919 Monarchist riot in Portugal
  • 1920 Estonia declares its Independence from Russia (Dorpat Peace)
  • 1920 France occupies (German) Memel territory
  • 1920 Tarto/Dorpat peace treaty: USSR recognizes Estonian independence
  • 1922 It was 2:22:22 on 2/2/22

Historic Publication

1922 James Joyce's "Ulysses" first published by Sylvia Beach in Paris (1,000 copies)

  • 1923 Ethyl gasoline 1st marketed, Dayton, Ohio
  • 1923 US signs friendship treaty with Central American countries
  • 1924 International Ski Federation (FIS) forms
  • 1925 Belgian episcopacy rejects liberalism, communism & socialism
  • 1925 Dogsleds reach Nome with emergency diphtheria serum after 1000-km
  • 1925 NL holds Golden Jubilee Year meeting at same hotel where NL began
  • 1927 Harry Tierney/Joseph McCarthy's "Rio Rita" premieres in NYC
  • 1927 Ziegfeld Theater (Loew's Ziegfeld) opens at 6th Ave & 54th St NYC
  • 1931 1st siyyum of Talmud celebrated by Daf Yomi students
  • 1931 1st use of a rocket to deliver mail (Austria)
  • 1932 Geneva disarmament conference begins with 60 countries
  • 1932 Grimmett takes 14 wickets v South Africa (7-116 & 7-83)
  • 1932 Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) organized in the US to provide financial support to state and local governments and to make loans to banks, railroads, mortgage associations and other businesses

Historic Event

1933 2 days after becoming chancellor, Adolf Hitler dissolves the German Reichstag (Parliament)

Historic Event

1933 Hermann Goering bans Communist meetings/demonstrations in Germany

  • 1933 Ucicky's "Rotten Morning" premieres in Berlin
  • 1934 Dutch RC Bishops warn against fascism and Nazism
  • 1935 Leonarde Keeler first uses his polygraph machine on criminals later convicted of assault on its findings in Portage, Wisconsin
  • 1941 US male Figure Skating championship won by Eugene Turner
  • 1942 LA Times urges security measures against Japanese-Americans
  • 1942 US auto factories switch from commercial to war production
  • 1943 German 6th Army surrenders after Battle of Stalingrad in a major turning point in Europe during World War II
  • 1944 4th US marine division conquers Roi, Marshall Islands
  • 1944 Allied troops 1st set foot on Japanese territory
  • 1944 Edward Chodorov's "Decision" premieres in NYC
  • 1945 Escape attempt at Mauthausen concentration camp
  • 1946 The Proclamation of Hungarian Republic made
  • 1948 President Harry Truman urges congress to adopt a civil rights program
  • 1951 -35°F (-37°C), Greensburg, Indiana (state record until 1994)
  • 1951 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Historic Event

1952 Hubert de Givenchy presents his first collection in Paris with Bettina Graziani opening the show

Historic Event

1954 "The Nutcracker" ballet choreographed by George Balanchine with Maria Tallchief as the Sugar Plum Fairy opens in New York, establishes its popularity in the US

Historic Event

1954 President Eisenhower announces the detonation of the world's 1st hydrogen bomb (tested in 1952)

  • 1954 Snow falls on Gibraltar
  • 1956 The Coasters sign with Atlantic Records
  • 1957 UN adopts a resolution calling for Israeli troops to leave Egypt
  • 1958 Syria joins Egypt in United Arab Republic
  • 1960 Michale Eufemia sinks 625 balls in pool match without a miss
  • 1961 Dutch Prince Bernhard opens new RAI building in Amsterdam
  • 1962 8 of 9 planets align for 1st time in 400 years
  • 1962 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 1964 GI Joe, debuts as a popular American boy's toy
  • 1965 Joe Orton's "Loot" premieres in Brighton
  • 1966 Pakistan suggests a six-point agenda with Kashmir dispute as number one item for the proposed Indo-Pak ministerial talks after 1965 war.
  • 1967 Bolivia adopts its constitution
  • 1968 Springer Publishers in West Berlin, bombed

Historic Event

1971 Idi Amin ousts Milton Obote and appoints himself President (dictator) of Uganda

  • 1971 US Congressional Black Caucus organizes with Charles C. Diggs Jr. its first Chair
  • 1972 Angry demonstrators burn the British Embassy in Dublin to the ground in protest at the shooting dead of 13 people on 'bloody sunday'
  • 1973 Richard Helms, ends term as 8th director of CIA; succeeded by James R Schlesinger (until July)
  • 1974 Playmobil toys debut at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, designed by Hans Beck and produced by the Brandstätter Group

Catholic Encyclical

1974 Pope Paul VI encyclical "To Honor Mary"

  • 1974 The F-16 Fighting Falcon flies for the first time.
  • 1975 Army offensive against rebels in Eritrea
  • 1975 US male Figure Skating championship won by Gordon McKellen Jr
  • 1976 "The Honeymooners Second Honeymoon" airs on TV
  • 1977 Burn up of Salyut 4 Space Station (USSR)
  • 1980 FBI releases details of Abscam, a sting operation that targeted 31 elected & public officials for bribes for political favors
  • 1982 Government troops and Muslim fundamentalists battle in Hamah, Syria

Historic Event

1983 Chicago Archbishop Joseph L Bernardin is among 18 new cardinals named by Pope John Paul II

  • 1984 Lebanese army fights in Beirut
  • 1986 Dalai Lama meets Pope John Paul II in India
  • 1986 Oscar Arias Sanchez elected president of Costa Rica
  • 1987 Philippines adopts constitution
  • 1989 0°F (-18°C) or below in 15 US states
  • 1990 South African President F. W. de Klerk promises to free Nelson Mandela & legalizes ANC & 60 other political organisations
  • 1991 Aravinda De Silva scores 267 v NZ at Wellington
  • 1991 NH snaps its 32-game losing streak at home beating Holy Cross, 72-56
  • 1991 US postage is raised from 25 cents to 29 cents
  • 1992 Danny Everett runs world record 400m indoor (45.02 sec)
  • 1993 Frito Lay pays court ordered $2,500,000 to Tom Wait for using his song
  • 1993 Irina Privalova runs world record 50m indoor (6.05 sec)

Historic Event

1993 Václav Havel becomes the first president of an independent Czech Republic, after the split with Slovakia

  • 1995 US space shuttle Discovery launched
  • 1998 Daniel Baldwin hospitalized in NYC for cocaine overdose
  • 1998 Philippine DC-9 crashes apparently killing all 104 on board
  • 2012 Cold snap across Europe kills more than 100 people (over 400 people by 08-02)
  • 2012 MV Rabaul Queen sinks off the coast of Papua New Guinea with 246 people saved and 126 missing (100 of these estimated to be trapped inside)
  • 2013 18 people are killed and 34 are injured after a bus catches fire after falling down a ravine in Gansu province, China
  • 2013 23 people are killed and 8 are injured after militants attacked an army base in the Lakki Marwat District, Pakistan

Historic Event

2013 Shinzō Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister vows to defend the Senkaku Islands "at all costs"

  • 2014 Protests in Ukraine turn violent after parliament passes legislation that outlaws protest
  • 2016 First case of Zika contracted on US mainland (Texas) and second known sexually transmitted case confirmed in Texas
  • 2018 All 955 miners rescued from the Beatrix gold mine in Welkom town, South Africa, after 2 days underground
  • 2019 More than 40 mummies from 323-30 BC found at a burial site at Tuna el-Gebel archaeological site south of Cairo, Egypt
  • 2019 Virginia Governor Ralph Northam admits to wearing blackface in 1984 but says he's not in a photo of men wearing blackface and a Ku Klux Klan robe on a yearbook page
  • 2020 Palindrome Day: the date 02022020 reads the same forward and backward including in the US and China (last one like this 11 November 1111)
  • 2021 Alejandro Mayorkas is the first Latino and immigrant to be confirmed as head of the US Department of Homeland Security

Historic Event

2021 Jeff Bezos announces he is stepping down as CEO of Amazon after 30 years, becoming executive chairman

  • 2021 Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay person to be confirmed to a US cabinet post as transportation secretary
  • 2021 Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine deemed 91.6% effective according to analysis published in "The Lancet" [1]
  • 2021 Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny jailed for three and a half years in jail over alleged parole violations in Moscow

Historic Event

2021 US President Joe Biden signs executive orders to reunite immigrant families, setting up a new taskforce to address around 1000 remaining separated families [1]

  • 2022 More than one million Afghans have fled the country for Iran since October due to the country's economic crisis, according to immigration authorities threatening a new migrant crisis [1]