Events in History on January 12

  • 475 Basiliscus becomes Byzantine Emperor, with a coronation ceremony in the Hebdomon palace in Constantinople
  • 1493 Last day for all Jews to leave Sicily
  • 1528 Gustav I of Sweden crowned King of Sweden, rules for 37 years and becomes known as the "father of the nation"
  • 1552 Dutch west coast hit by heavy storm, hundreds killed
  • 1554 Bayinnaung crowned King of Burma, goes on to assemble the largest empire in the history of Southeast Asia

Gregory Conquers Julius Caesar

1583 Holland begins use of Gregorian calendar (yesterday was 1/1/1583)

  • 1598 Pope Clement VIII seizes duchy of Ferrara on death of Alfonso
  • 1616 Brazilian city Belem (the entrance gate to the Amazon) founded by Captain Major Francisco Branco
  • 1701 Frisia & Groningen (Netherlands) begin use of Gregorian calendar
  • 1773 First public museum established in north American colonies (Charlestown, SC)
  • 1777 Mission Santa Clara de Asis founded in California

New Orleans Purchase

1803 US Senate approves Thomas Jefferson's nomination of James Monroe and Robert Livingstone to negotiate purchase of New Orleans from France

  • 1806 French evacuate Vienna
  • 1807 Gunpowder-ship explodes in Leiden, Netherlands, 150 die
  • 1808 The organizational meeting that led to the creation of the Wernerian Natural History Society, a former Scottish learned society, is held in Edinburgh.
  • 1809 British take Cayenne (French Guiana) from French (until 1814)
  • 1812 1st cargo arrives in New Orleans by steam, from Natchez
  • 1816 France decrees Bonaparte family excluded from the country forever
  • 1820 Astronomical Society of London (now the Royal Astronomical Society) founded in England
  • 1836 Battle of Wetumka, Fla

Darwin Reaches Sydney

1836 HMS Beagle with Charles Darwin reaches Sydney, Australia

  • 1839 Anthracite coal 1st used to smelt iron, Mauch Chunk, Penn
  • 1842 Franciscan nuns begin missionary work on Netherland Antilles
  • 1848 Palermo rising against the Bourbon Kingdom of the Two Sicilies takes place in Sicily
  • 1861 Florida state troops demand surrender of Fort Pickens (US Civil War)
  • 1863 President Davis delivers his "State of Confederacy" address
  • 1866 The Royal Aeronautical Society is formed in London.
  • 1867 Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy's play "Smert Ioanna Groznogo" (The Death of Ivan the Terrible) premieres in St Petersburg
  • 1872 Yohannes IV is crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in Axum, 1st imperial coronation in Axum in over 200 years
  • 1875 Kwang-su becomes Emperor of China
  • 1895 The National Trust is founded in Britain.
  • 1896 1st X-ray photo in US (Dr Henry Smith, Davidson NC)

Japanese History

1898 Itō Hirobumi begins his third term as Prime Minister of Japan

  • 1899 Lynmouth Lifeboat rescues 18 people from the stricken schooner Forest Hall off the coast of Devon
  • 1900 Freeland Colony founded in US
  • 1902 Uddevalla Suffrage Association is formally dissolved
  • 1904 Herero people of South West Africa, now Namibia, rebel against German colonial rule
  • 1906 1st time Dow Jones closes above 100 (100.26)
  • 1906 Football rules committee legalizes forward pass

Election of Interest

1906 Henry Campbell-Bannerman's cabinet (which included H. H. Asquith, David Lloyd George, and Winston Churchill) embarks on sweeping social reforms after a Liberal landslide in the British general election

  • 1907 Britain grants responsible government to former colony of Transvaal
  • 1908 A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.
  • 1911 The University of the Philippines College of Law is formally established; three future Philippine presidents are among the first enrollees.
  • 1912 -47°F (-44°C), Washta, Iowa (state record)

Stalin the Man of Steel

1913 After using other pseudonyms over the years, Josef Dzhugashvili signs himself as Stalin ("man of steel") in a letter to the newspaper Social Democrat

  • 1915 US House of Representatives rejects proposal to give women right to vote
  • 1916 Britain proclaims Gilbert & Ellice Islands as a colony in Pacific
  • 1916 Max Immelmann and Oswald Boelcke receive the Pour le Merite, the German Empire's highest military award, for achieving eight aerial victories each over Allied aircraft
  • 1918 Finland's "Mosaic Confessors" law comes into effect, making Finnish Jews full citizens
  • 1924 History of Science Society organized at Boston
  • 1925 John Howard Lawson's "Processional" premieres in NYC

Theater Premiere

1928 Philip Barry and Elmer Rice's play "Cock Robin" premieres in NYC

  • 1929 Seatrain (RR cars on ships) service begins, New Orleans-Havana
  • 1932 Hattie W Caraway elected 1st woman senator (D-Ark)
  • 1932 Philip Barry's "Animal Kingdom" premieres in NYC
  • 1933 Uprising of Guardia Civil in Spain, 25 dies
  • 1933 US Congress recognizes the Philippines' independence
  • 1937 Plough for laying submarine cable patented

Timely Comics Founded

1939 Timely Comics (later Marvel) founded by American publisher Martin Goodman in New York

  • 1940 World War II: Soviets bombs cities in Finland.
  • 1942 British troops reconquer Sollum
  • 1942 Dutch troops on Tarakan surrender
  • 1942 National War Labor Board created
  • 1943 Frankfurters replaced by Victory Sausages (mix of meat & soy meal)

Churchill and De Gaulle Meet in Marrakesh

1944 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill & French General Charles de Gaulle begin a 2-day wartime conference in Marrakesh

  • 1944 Failed resistance raid on distribution office of Borgerstraat, Amsterdam
  • 1945 German forces in Belgium retreat in Battle of Bulge
  • 1945 The Soviets begin a large offensive against the Nazis in Eastern Europe
  • 1945 US Task Force 38 destroys 41 Japanese ships in Battle of South China Sea
  • 1946 Edouardo de Filippo's "Questi Fantasmi!" premieres in Rome
  • 1948 1st Supermarket in UK opens

Gandhi's Final Fast

1948 Mahatma Gandhi begins his final fast

  • 1948 US Supreme Court decision (Sipuel v Oklahoma State Board of Regents)
  • 1949 Dutch court affirms death sentence against SS chief Hanns Rauter
  • 1950 Swedish tanker rams British submarine Truculent in Thames, 64 die
  • 1950 USSR re-introduces death penalty for treason, espionage & sabotage
  • 1952 University of Tennessee admits its 1st black student, Gene Mitchell Gray, as a graduate student in chemistry
  • 1953 9 "Jewish" physicians arrested for "terrorist activities" in Moscow
  • 1954 Austria's worst avalanche-kills 200; 9hrs later 2nd one-kills 115

Elizabeth II in New Zealand

1954 Queen Elizabeth II opens New Zealand parliament

  • 1956 FBi arrests 6 members of the Great Brink's robbery gang, 6 days before statute of limitations runs out

Civil Rights History

1957 Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) founded with Martin Luther King Jr. as leader at Ebenezer Church in Atlanta

  • 1959 Rediscovery of the Caves of Nerja in Malaga, Spain
  • 1960 Gary Sobers and Frank Worrell complete 399 stand for 4th wkt WI v England
  • 1961 UN genocide pact goes into effect
  • 1962 Operation Chopper begins, America's first combat mission in the Vietnam War

Agent Orange in Vietnam

1962 Operation Ranch Hand begins, a US Air Force operation to spray South Vietnamese forests with defoliants such as Agent Orange

  • 1963 Spin bowler Bobby Simpson takes 5-57 for Australia v England
  • 1964 Revolution overthrows Sultan of Zanzibar, 1 month after independence
  • 1965 At 10:58 am PST burn up a nuclear rocket in Nevada
  • 1966 12 day NYC transit strike ends
  • 1966 3 British Members of Parliament are attacked in a hotel in Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe)

Vietnam War

1966 LBJ says US should stay in South Vietnam until communist aggression ends

  • 1967 Dr. James Bedford becomes the first person to be cryonically preserved with intent of future resuscitation; remains preserved at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation
  • 1971 2 bombs explode at UK Employment Secretary Robert Carr's home
  • 1971 Congressional Black Caucus organizes
  • 1971 Negotiations over price of petroleum begin in Tehran between 6 OPEC Persian Gulf states and 22 oil companies

Trial of Interest

1971 US Federal grand jury indicts Rev Philip Berrigan & 5 others, including a nun & 2 priests, on charges of plotting to kidnap Henry Kissinger

History of Bangladesh

1972 Abu Sayeed Chudhury becomes President of Bangladesh and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Prime Minister

  • 1972 Tigers sign a lease to build a $126M domed stadium (doesn't happen)
  • 1974 Libya & Tunisia announces they are merging as "Islamic Arab Republic"
  • 1975 Chrysler Corp offers 1st car rebates
  • 1976 UN Security Council votes 11-1 to seat Palestine Liberation Organization
  • 1977 Anti-French demonstrations takes place in Israel after Paris released Abu Daoud, responsible 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli athletes
  • 1979 LA's Hillside Strangler, Kenneth Bianchi, arrested in Bellingham
  • 1979 Record blizzard strikes the US midwest killing over 100
  • 1981 -35°F (-37°C), Chester, Massachusetts (state record)
  • 1986 24th space shuttle (61-C) mission-Columbia 7-launched

British History

1987 Britain's Prince Edward resigns from his Royal Marines training

  • 1989 6 claim to survive in rubble, 35 days after Armenian quake (hoax)

Historic Event

1989 Ex-dictator of Uganda Idi Amin expelled from Zaire

Al Sharpton Stabbed

1990 Civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton is stabbed in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

  • 1990 Romania bans Communist party (1st Warsaw Pact member to do so)

Iraq War

1991 US Congress gives George H. W. Bush authority to wage war against Iraq

  • 1992 A new constitution, providing for freedom to form political parties, is approved by a referendum in Mali.
  • 1992 Algeria's general elections canceled after strong gains by Islamic Salvation Front in the 1st round
  • 1992 Last building in Gateway area in Cleveland is demolished
  • 1992 US male Figure Skating championship won by Christopher Bowman

Murder of Interest

1994 Malcolm X's daughter arrested for plotting Louis Farrakham's murder

  • 1995 Major earthquake kills 5,092 in Kobe Japan

Papal Visit

1995 Pope John Paul II begins visit to SE Asia

  • 1996 Russian troops arrived in Bosnia (joint operation with US)
  • 1997 Space Shuttle STS 81 (Atlantis 18), launches into space
  • 1998 Nineteen European nations agree to forbid human cloning.
  • 2004 The world's largest ocean liner, RMS Queen Mary 2, makes its maiden voyage.
  • 2005 Deep Impact (space mission) launches from Cape Canaveral on a Delta 2 rocket.
  • 2006 A stampede during the Stoning the Devil ritual on the last day at the Hajj in Mina, Saudi Arabia, kills at least 362 Muslim pilgrims
  • 2006 French warship Clemenceau reaches Egypt and is barred access to the Suez Canal. Greenpeace activists board the ship.
  • 2006 The foreign ministers of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany declare that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program have reached a dead end and recommend that Iran be referred to the United Nations Security Council.
  • 2006 Turkey releases Mehmet Ali Ağca from jail after he served 25 years for shooting Pope John Paul II
  • 2007 Comet McNaught reaches perihelion becoming the brightest comet in more than 40 years.
  • 2010 Colombia officially leaves the recession after achieving 2% economic growth in the last quarter of 2009

Earthquake Devastates Haiti

2010 Earthquake devastates Haiti, killing approximately 160,000 and destroying the majority of the capital Port-au-Prince

  • 2013 A failed attempt to rescue a French hostage in Bulo Marer, Somalia, results in 18 deaths
  • 2013 Beijing’s level of air pollution is declared to be at levels that are hazardous to human health

Medal of Freedom

2017 US President Barack Obama in surprise presentation awards Vice President Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • 2019 18 year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun arrives in Toronto, Canada, as a refugee, via Thailand, after escaping family abuse in Saudi Arabia
  • 2020 Taal volcano, 70km (45 miles) south of Manila in the Philippines begins erupting prompting evacuations
  • 2021 India's Supreme Court puts on hold three controversial new farm laws that ignited weeks of protests by farmers in Delhi

British History

2022 UK PM Boris Johnson admits he attended a "bring your own booze" staff party in May 2020 during the country's first lockdown [1]