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41 Claudius succeeds his nephew Caligula as Roman Emperor after the later's assassination by officers of the Praetorian Guard

Roman Emperor Claudius
Roman Emperor
3rd Roman Emperor Caligula
3rd Roman Emperor
  • 817 St Paschal I begins his reign as Catholic Pope succeeding Stephen IV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1076 Synod of Worms: German King Henry IV fires Pope Gregory VII

Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV
Holy Roman Emperor
Henry IV
  • 1118 Giovanni Caetani elected Pope Gelasius II
  • 1458 Matthias I Corvinus chosen King of Hungary
  • 1534 Francois I signs classified treaty with evangelical German monarchy
  • 1568 Abdij Church in Middelburg destroyed by fire
  • 1568 In Netherlands, Duke of Alva declares William of Orange an outlaw
  • 1613 Amsterdam merchant Hans Bontemantel baptized
  • 1616 Dutch mariner Jacob Le Maire discovers Le Maire Strait, Tierra del Fuego
  • 1634 Emperor Ferdinand II declares Albrecht von Wallenstein a traitor
  • 1639 Connecticut colony organizes under Fundamental Orders
  • 1644 Parliamentary army wins battle of Nantwich, Cheshire, English Civil War
  • 1648 Lord Baltimore's representative Margaret Brent ejected from the Maryland Council after requesting right to vote
  • 1652 Duke of Orleans joins Fronde rebels
  • 1656 1st Jewish doctor in North American colonies, Jacob Lumbrozo, arrives in Maryland

  • 1659 Pierre Corneille's "Oedipe" premieres in Paris

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1679 King Charles II disbands English parliament

King of England Charles II
King of England
Charles II

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1722 Tsar Peter the Great begins civil system

Russian Tsar Peter the Great
Russian Tsar
Peter the Great
  • 1722 Edward Wigglesworth appointed 1st north American divinity professor (Harvard)
  • 1742 German leaders elect Charles VII Albert Emperor
  • 1764 Governor Winthrop's Telescope is destroyed in a Harvard fire
  • 1776 Henry Knox arrives at Cambridge, Massachusetts, with the artillery that he has transported from Fort Ticonderoga

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1789 Louis XVI of France issues an edict calling for the convocation of the Estates-General, a major event in the French Revolution

King of France Louis XVI
King of France
Louis XVI

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1839 Charles Darwin elected Fellow of the Royal Society

Naturalist Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
  • 1847 1,500 New Mexican Indians & Mexicans defeated by US Colonel Price
  • 1848 James Marshall finds gold in Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California
  • 1857 University of Calcutta founded as the first full-fledged university in South Asia
  • 1859 Political union of Moldavia and Wallachia; Alexandru Ioan Cuza is elected as ruler
  • 1861 Federal troops from Ft Monroe are sent to Ft Pikens
  • 1862 Romanian principality arises under King Alexander Cuza. Bucharest proclaimed its capital.
  • 1874 Gen J van Swieten conquers Kraton Atjeh, after thousands die
  • 1875 Camille Saint-Saëns' "Danse Macabre" premieres
  • 1878 Revolutionary Vera Zasulich shoots at Fyodor Trepov, Governor of Saint Petersburg
  • 1892 Battle of Mengo, Uganda: French missionaries attack British missionaries
  • 1899 Belgium government of Vandenpeereboom forms
  • 1899 Rubber heel for boots or shoes patented by American Humphrey O'Sullivan
  • 1900 Battle of Tugela-Spionkop, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
  • 1901 Emily Hobhouse views the British administrated concentration camp at Bloemfontein for women and children
  • 1901 Denmark and the US sign a treaty under which Denmark will sell the Danish West Indies to the USA for $5 million, but the sale will be postponed until 1917

Book releaseHistoric Publication

1908 Lieutenant General Robert Baden-Powell publishes "Scouting for Boys" as a manual for self-instruction in outdoor skills and self-improvement. The book becomes the inspiration for the Scout Movement.

Founder of Scouts Robert Baden-Powell
Founder of Scouts
Robert Baden-Powell

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1913 Franz Kafka stops working on "Amerika"; it will never be finished

Writer Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka
  • 1915 German-British sea battle at Dogger Bank & Helgoland
  • 1916 The Military Service Bill, calling for conscription of men for war services, passes in the British House of Commons
  • 1921 Paris Conference on reparations is held
  • 1922 -54°F (-48°C), Danbury, Wisconsin (state record)
  • 1922 Eskimo Pie patented by Christian K Nelson of Iowa (not an Eskimo)
  • 1922 Lehman Caves National Monument established
  • 1923 Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico established

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1924 Benito Mussolini disallows non-fascists work union

Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini
Italian Dictator
Benito Mussolini
  • 1924 Russian city of St Petersburg renamed Leningrad (changed back in 1991)
  • 1925 Moving picture of a solar eclipse taken from dirigible over Long Island
  • 1925 Sandler follows Branting as premier of Sweden
  • 1930 Stewie Dempster scores New Zealand's 1st Test century
  • 1933 Noel Coward's "Design for Living" premieres in NYC

Historic InventionBeer in a Can

1935 1st canned beer, "Krueger's Cream Ale," is sold by American company Krueger Brewing Co.
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Krueger's Cream Ale and Krueger's Finest Beer, sold by American company Krueger Brewing Co.
Krueger's Cream Ale and Krueger's Finest Beer, sold by American company Krueger Brewing Co.

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1936 Pierre Laval's second French government falls

Prime Minister of France and Head of Vichy France Pierre Laval
Prime Minister of France and Head of Vichy France
Pierre Laval
  • 1936 Albert Sarraut becomes Prime Minister of France
  • 1939 30,000 killed by earthquake in Concepcion Chile
  • 1939 Spanish government moves to Figueras
  • 1941 British troops march into Abyssinia

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1943 Adolf Hitler orders German troops at Stalingrad to fight to the death

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • 1943 Jewish patients, nurses and doctors incinerated at Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • 1944 Allied troops occupy Nettuno Italy
  • 1945 Scottish 52nd Lowland division occupies Heinsberg
  • 1948 Dutch Liberal Party forms - People's party for Freedom & Democracy (VVD)
  • 1951 Dutch government Drees-van Schaik resigns
  • 1952 Fire in main building of French Port Martin Antarctic base
  • 1954 BPAA All-Star Tournament won by Don Carter
  • 1955 Photography exhibition "The Family of Man" curated by Edward Steichen opens at MOMA, New York, "greatest photographic enterprise ever undertaken"
  • 1956 96.5 cm precipitation at Kilauea Plantation, Hawaii (state record)
  • 1956 An inquiry considers building homes in a war devastated area in London
  • 1958 After warming to 100,000,000 degrees, 2 light atoms are bashed together to create a heavier atom, resulting in 1st man-made nuclear fusion
  • 1960 Algeria uprises against French president De Gaulle

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1961 Edward Albee's "American Dream" premieres in NYC

Playwright Edward Albee
Edward Albee
  • 1961 Lazard Brothers Ltd draw a check for $334,867,807.68
  • 1962 28 refugees escape from East to West Germany
  • 1964 Eric de Noorman, a Dutch comic strip by Hans G. Kresse, ends
  • 1964 24th Amendment to US Constitution goes into effect & states voting rights could not be denied due to failure to pay taxes
  • 1966 117 passengers are killed after an Air India Boeing-707 plane crashes into Mont Blanc, France
  • 1968 Operation Coburg, an Australian and New Zealand military action during the Vietnam War, begins
  • 1969 Queen Juliana of the Netherlands appointed honorary citizen of Addis Ababa

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1969 Spanish dictator General Franco announces state of emergency

Spanish Dictator and General Francisco Franco
Spanish Dictator and General
Francisco Franco
  • 1969 Deputy Prime Minister Brian Faulkner resigns from the Northern Ireland cabinet in protest at the lack of 'strong government' on the part of PM Terence O'Neill
  • 1969 Students protest the erection of steel gates around the London School of Economics
  • 1970 3rd ABA All-Star Game: West 128 beats East 98 at Indiana
  • 1970 Valeri Muratov skates world record 500m (38.99 sec)
  • 1972 Japanese Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi is found hiding in a Guam jungle, where he had been since the end of World War II.
  • 1974 10th British Commonwealth Games open in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • 1975 Fastest Earth-bound object, 7200 kph, in vacuum centrifuge, England
  • 1977 Massacre of Atocha in Madrid: Five labor lawyers murdered by fascists in Madrid during the Spanish transition to democracy
  • 1978 Carter Executive Order on Intelligence (# 12036)
  • 1979 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1981 Kim Hughes scores 213 v India at Adelaide

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1983 Hulk Hogan pins Iron Sheik for World Wrestling Federation title

WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan
WWF Wrestler
Hulk Hogan
  • 1984 Apple Computer Inc unveils its revolutionary Macintosh personal computer
  • 1985 15th Space Shuttle (51-C) Mission-Discovery 3 is launched
  • 1986 South Yemen Premier Haydar Bakr al-Attas becomes interim-president
  • 1986 Voyager 2 makes 1st fly-by of Uranus (81,593 km), finds new moons
  • 1986 Leon Brittan, Trade and Industry Secretary under Thatcher is 2nd cabinet minister to resign after 'Westland affair'
  • 1988 9th ACE Cable Awards: Discovery Channel wins the Golden CableACE for "Russia: Live From the Inside"
  • 1988 Cerebral Palsy telethon raises $21 million
  • 1989 1st reported case of AIDS transmitted by heterosexual oral sex
  • 1990 Japanese MUSES-A (Hiten) launched towards moon
  • 1990 14th Commonwealth Games open in Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1993 14th annual star-athon $24,000,000
  • 1993 Polish ferry boat John Heweliusz sinks, 52 killed
  • 1993 Soyuz TM-16 launches
  • 1993 US men's Figure Skating championship won by Scott Davis
  • 1993 Turkish journalist and writer Uğur Mumcu is assassinated by a car bomb in Ankara.
  • 1994 Dow Jones closes above 3,900 for 1st time (3,914.48)
  • 1997 The Swiss government and several banks and businesses agree to create a memorial fund for victims of the Holocaust
  • 2001 Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Mandelson resigns
  • 2003 The United States Department of Homeland Security officially begins operation

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

2006 After losing the federal election to Stephen Harper, Paul Martin resigns as leader of the Liberal party

21st Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin
21st Prime Minister of Canada
Paul Martin
22nd Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
22nd Prime Minister of Canada
Stephen Harper


2009 Pope Benedict XVI rescinds the excommunications of four bishops consecrated without papal consent in 1988 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

265th Pope Benedict XVI
265th Pope
Benedict XVI
  • 2011 At least 35 died and 180 injured in a bombing at Moscow's Domodedovo airport.
  • 2013 17 people are killed and 34 are injured in a bus crash in Taperas, Bolivia
  • 2013 A Japanese Coast guard ship engages a Taiwanese activist ship in the Senkaku Islands dispute
  • 2013 Russian police kill 13 rebels in Vedeno District, Chechnya

AgreementAgreement of Interest

2017 President Trump withdraws the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality Donald Trump
45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality
Donald Trump
  • 2018 UK charity Presidents Club forced to close after revelations of sexual harassment at event revealed by the "Financial Times"
  • 2019 US government recognises Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's President
  • 2019 17 temperature records broken in South Australia including highest ever recorded for capital Adelaide at 46.6C