Events in History on June 20

Victory in Battle

451 Battle of the Catalaunian Plains: Roman and Visigoths forces defeat Attila the Hun in north east France, alting Hun invasion of Roman Gaul (exact date disputed)

  • 1212 French and Spanish crusaders unite against the Almohaden at Toledo
  • 1214 The University of Oxford receives its charter

Historic Event

1221 Foundation stone laid for Burgos Cathedral in the presence of Ferdinand III of Castile (made a UNESCO World Heritage Site 1984)

  • 1530 German Parliament joins to Augsburg together
  • 1567 Jews are expelled from Brazil by order of regent Don Henrique
  • 1582 Bishop Domingo de Salazar of Manila suppresses the Philippines
  • 1591 Mauritius and Willem van Nassau occupy Devente
  • 1627 Ottoman pirates begin raids on Icelandic villages, will eventually capture over 400 people to sell into slavery
  • 1631 The sack of Baltimore: the Irish village of Baltimore is attacked by Algerian pirates
  • 1632 Britain grants 2nd Lord Baltimore rights to Chesapeake Bay area
  • 1633 Charter for Maryland is given to Lord Cecil Baltimore
  • 1656 Polish King Jan II Casimir recaptures Warsaw
  • 1675 Abenaki, Massachusetts, Mohegan and Wampanoag Native Americans form anti-English front under Metacom
  • 1675 King Philip's War begins when a small band of Wampanoag men attack and kill colonists in Swansea, Massachusetts, returning a few days later and destroying town
  • 1756 Black Hole of Calcutta: 146 British soldiers, Anglo-Indian soldiers and Indian civilians are imprisoned in a small dungeon in Calcutta, India where most die from suffocation and heat exhaustion
  • 1756 Siraj ud-Daulah Nawab of Bengal takes Calcutta from the British
  • 1779 Battle of Stono Ferry fought near Charleston, South Carolina (American Revolutionary War)
  • 1782 Congress approves Great Seal of the United States of America with the bald eagle as its symbol
  • 1783 American Revolution: Battle of Cuddalore, a naval battle between British and French fleets off the coast of India fought before word of a peace agreement arrived from Europe was the final battle of the war
  • 1787 Oliver Ellsworth moves at the Federal Convention to call the government the United States

Tennis Court Oath

1789 French Revolution: The Third Estate of the French Estates-General swears the Tennis Court Oath at the Palace of Versailles, swearing not to disband until a new constitution is formed

French Revolution

1791 King Louis XVI and the French royal family are caught during an attempt to flee Paris during the French Revolution, severely undermining their credibility

'Ship in Distress' Sails Into History Books

1819 The SS Savannah reaches Cork in Ireland after a 29 day and 11 hour voyage from Savannah, Georgia to become the 1st steamship to cross the Atlantic or any other ocean

Royal Coronation

1825 Coronation of Charles X, the last Bourbon King of France

  • 1826 Siam and Britain sign trade and peace treaty

Historic Event

1837 Queen Victoria at 18 ascends British throne following death of uncle King William IV. She rules for 63 years till 1901

Historic Invention

1840 Samuel Morse patents his telegraph

  • 1855 Commissioners appointed to lay out San Francisco streets west of Larkin
  • 1862 Barbu Catargiu, the Prime Minister of Romania, is assassinated
  • 1863 1st bank chartered in US (National Bank of Davenport Iowa)
  • 1863 Skirmish at Greencastle, Pennsylvania
  • 1863 West Virginia admitted as 35th US state of the Union
  • 1864 Battle of Kinston, North Carolina and Battle of Abingdon, Virginia
  • 1864 Skirmish at Lattermore's Mills/Powder Springs, Georgia
  • 1866 Italy declares war on Austria beginning the Third Italian War of Independence
  • 1871 Ku Klux Klan trials began in federal court in Oxford, Mississippi
  • 1874 1st US Lifesaving Medal awarded (Lucian Clemons)

Catholic Encyclical

1888 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Libertas

Murder of Interest

1893 Lizzie Borden acquitted of the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts

  • 1894 French bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin discovers bacillus responsible for the bubonic plague in Hong Kong (Yersinia pestis named in his honor)
  • 1895 1st female PhD from an American University, earned by Caroline Willard Baldwin (in Science) at Cornell University
  • 1895 Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras form a short-lived confederation
  • 1900 Baron Von Ketteler, German Minister, decides to go to the Chinese authorities to demand more guards for European protection from Boxers and is killed by Boxers en route
  • 1900 In China, most foreigners in the Peking legations now accept that they are under siege by Boxers
  • 1901 Charlotte Maxeke becomes the first native African to graduate from a US college (Wilberforce University in Ohio)
  • 1907 1st Portland Rose festival held in Portland, Oregon
  • 1909 1st balloon honeymoon (Roger Burham & Eleanor Waring)
  • 1911 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) incorporates (NY)
  • 1912 NY Giant Josh Devore steals 4 bases in an inning (2nd & 3rd twice)
  • 1913 Bert Daniels set AL mark, being hit-by-pitch 3 times in a doubleheader
  • 1915 German offensive in Argonne
  • 1919 150 die at the Teatro Yaguez fire, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

1919 Philipp Scheidemann resigns as chancellor of the new German Republic, which he helped establish, refusing to sign the Treaty of Versailles

  • 1919 Treaty of Versailles: Germany ends incorporation of Austria
  • 1921 11.5" (29.2 cm) of rainfall, Circle, Montana (state record)
  • 1921 At the Imperial Conference in London, V.S. Srinivasa Sastri puts forward a case for the granting of full citizenship rights to Indians in South Africa and other British colonies
  • 1926 Mordecai W Johnson becomes 1st black president of Howard University
  • 1931 Karl Buresch becomes chancellor of Austrian
  • 1932 A's Roger Cramer gets 6 consecutive hits in a game (repeats in 1935)
  • 1939 Test flight of 1st rocket plane using liquid propellants
  • 1941 German U-203 fails on torpedo attack on US battleship Texas
  • 1942 German troops conquer Tobruk, North Africa
  • 1943 Chubb Crater (now called Pingualuit Crater) discovered in northern Quebec (3½ km diameter)
  • 1943 Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) founded in Chicago
  • 1943 Detroit race riot kills 35
  • 1943 German round up Jews in Amsterdam
  • 1944 Congress charters Central Intelligence Agency
  • 1944 Heavy storm hits the Channel

Historic Event

1944 Nazis begin mass extermination of Jews at Auschwitz

  • 1944 Soviet forces conquer Wiborg
  • 1944 US attacks Japanese fleet in the Philippine Sea

Historic Event

1945 U.S. Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr. approves transfer of German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and his specialists to the US

  • 1946 NYC transit begins using PA system - Car # 744 on 8th Ave IND line
  • 1947 US President Harry Truman vetoes Taft-Hartley Act
  • 1948 20 Jews killed when a bomb is thrown into Jewish quarter of Cairo
  • 1948 Cleveland draws then record 82,781 for doubleheader
  • 1948 Deutsche Mark introduced in West Germany
  • 1949 Central Intelligence Agency Act passes
  • 1950 Dutch Air Force base Tjililitan given to Indonesia
  • 1956 Venezuelan Super Constellation crashes in NJ, 74 killed
  • 1958 New Zealand all out 47 v England in 2nd Test at Lord's; Jim Laker 4-13, Tony Lock 5-17; England wins by an innings & 148 runs

Historic Event

1960 "The Huckleberry Hound Show" by Hanna-Barbera becomes the first animated programme to win an Emmy

  • 1960 Federation of Mali and Senegal become independent of France
  • 1963 US & USSR agree to set up "Hot Line"

Historic Event

1966 Sheila Scott completes 1st round-the-world solo flight by a woman

  • 1967 Mohammed Ali [Cassius Clay] sentenced to 5 years by jury after 21 minutes of deliberation for refusing to be inducted into the armed forces during the Vietnam War
  • 1968 Austin Currie, then Nationalist Member of Parliament (MP) at Stormont, and other Irish civil rights activists, protest discrimination in the allocation of housing by 'squatting' (illegally occupying) in a house in Caledon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
  • 1969 A constitutional referendum in Rhodesia on declaring a republic is approved by 72% of the voting population

Historic Event

1969 Georges Pompidou sworn in as President of France

  • 1972 Secret Meeting Between IRA and British Officials held
  • 1973 Ezeiza massacre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Snipers fire upon left-wing Peronists. At least 13 are killed and more than 300 are injured

Historic Event

1973 Juan Perón returns from exile to Argentina after 18 years

  • 1976 Carol Fugate, Starkweather accomplice, is paroled

Historic Event

1977 Menachem Begin forms Israeli government

  • 1977 Oil enters Trans-Alaska pipeline exits 38 days later at Valdez
  • 1981 Mudjahedin uprises against Iran regime

Historic Event

1981 Pope John Paul II hospitalized for 55 days for infection

  • 1982 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin arrives in Washington
  • 1983 Iran moves into northern Iraq (casualties top 13,800 in ten days)
  • 1984 Amber Kvanli, of Minnesota, crowned America's Junior Miss

Historic Event

1986 Drs at Bethesda Naval remove 2 small benign polyps from Reagan's colon

  • 1987 Chuti Tiu, 17, of Wisconsin, crowned America's Junior Miss
  • 1988 Coup in Haiti: Henri Namphy overthrows Leslie Manigat, general assembly dissolved
  • 1988 Supreme Court upholds a law that made it illegal for private clubs to discriminate against women and minorities
  • 1990 Asteroid Eureka is discovered
  • 1991 The Bundestag (German parliament) decides to move the capital from Bonn back to Berlin
  • 1994 Bomb attack on Islamic temple in Mashad Iran (70 killed)
  • 1994 US Fairchild Hospital Air Force Base massacre, former gunman kills 5 and injures 22
  • 1995 Space probe Ulysses begins 2nd passage behind the Sun
  • 1996 Space Shuttle STS 78 (Columbia 20), launches into space
  • 1996 The Venezuelan Congress approves deals which allow foreign oil companies to explore and produce oil in Venezuela for the first time since the country's 1975 nationalization of the oil industry
  • 1997 Negotiators announce agreement in principle with tobacco industry
  • 2011 Betty Dukes v. Walmart class action lawsuit on alleged employee gender discrimination in pay and promotion policies is decided in a 5-4 decision, ruling that the class should not be certified in its current form
  • 2012 A Syrian fighter pilot lands in Jordan and defects from the Syrian uprising
  • 2012 Western Libyan tribal clashes kill 105 people and injure 500
  • 2015 1000 humanoid robots named "Pepper" sell out in under a minute ($1,600 each) in Japan, according to its creator SoftBank Robotics Corp.
  • 2015 Heat wave peaks in southern Pakistan, goes on to kill about 2,000 people from dehydration and heat stroke
  • 2016 China's super computer tally overtakes the US; Chinese 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight is world's No. 1
  • 2016 Rome elects its first female Mayor Virginia Raggi (Five Star Movement) and its youngest at 37
  • 2017 Uber founder Travis Kalanick resigns as CEO after a shareholder revolt
  • 2017 US toymaker Mattel releases 15 new body types for their Ken doll, including one with a man bun
  • 2018 Algeria turns off its internet to stop students cheating during exams
  • 2018 Hungarian government passes legislation that criminalizes aiding undocumented migrants

Historic Event

2018 US President Donald Trump signs Executive Order ending family separation at the border for illegal immigrants

Meeting of Interest

2019 Chinese President Xi Jinping meets Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang, the first Chinese president to visit North Korea in 14 years

  • 2019 Iran shoots down a US drone over the Straits of Hormuz escalating tension between the two countries
  • 2019 Oregon Governor Kate Brown authorizes police to round up 11 Republican state senators who have gone into hiding to stop vote on cap-and-trade proposal emissions bill
  • 2019 Shares for messaging site Slack start trading on the New York Stock Exchange to give it a valuation of $19.5 billion
  • 2020 Donald Trump controversially holds his first re-election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, only 6,200 people attend despite the campaign stating 1 million had registered. Social media campaign organised by teens on TikTok, K-Pop fans and others, claims responsibility for wildly inflating the expected attendance.
  • 2020 Highest-ever temperature recorded in the Arctic circle, 38C (100F) in Verkhoyansk, Siberia
  • 2020 Historic dust cloud from the Sahara desert reaches the Caribbean, largest for half a century
  • 2020 Three men stabbed to death, with three others injured, in a terrorist attack in a park in Reading, England
  • 2021 Brazil's COVID-19 death toll passes 500,000, the second highest in the world
  • 2021 China announces it has administered 1 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine