Events in History on March 1 (Part 2)

  • 2016 Gene for grey hair (IRF4) discovery announced by Scientists from University College London in "Nature Communications"
  • 2016 South Korean opposition MPs set a world record for longest filibuster - 9 days (192 hours) trying to block anti-terror bill
  • 2016 Two Guatemalan military officers are convicted of sexual slavery during country's civil war - first ever prosecution of sexual slavery during an armed conflict

Election of Interest

2016 US primary elections: Super Tuesday - both Republican Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton win seven state races each

  • 2017 Gustav Klimt's painting "Bauerngarten" sells for $59.3m in London
  • 2018 Earliest evidence for figural tattoos (bull and sheep) on two naturally mummified bodies from Egypt’s predynastic period (3351-3017BC) published in "Journal of Archaeological Science"
  • 2018 Hope Hicks resigns as White House Communications Director to President Trump
  • 2018 Parisian designer Riccardo Tisci is named the new designer of British brand Burberry after the exit of Christopher Bailey

Event of Interest

2018 US President Donald Trump says he will impose 25% steel, 10% aluminium import tariffs, raising fears of a trade war

Event of Interest

2018 Vladimir Putin in his annual state address claims Russia has an "invincible” intercontinental cruise missile

  • 2020 First known COVID-19 case identified in New York, a health care worker returning from Iran
  • 2020 Muhyiddin Yassin sworn as Malaysian Prime Minister by Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah
  • 2020 Pete Buttigieg drops out of the US Democratic presidential race
  • 2020 Turkey launches major offensive against Syrian government in northern Syria after 36 Turkish soldiers killed in air and artillery strikes 3 days earlier
  • 2021 Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is sentenced to three years for trying to bribe a judge
  • 2022 Cargo ship carrying 4,000 luxury Volkswagen Group cars sinks off the Portuguese Azores archipelago, two weeks after it caught fire [1]

Event of Interest

2022 US President Joe Biden's says Vladimir Putin has "badly miscalculated" by invading Ukraine in his State of the Union address [1]

  • 2023 At least 1000 Iranian school girls exposed to toxic gas attacks, since November, amid accusations they are an attempt to close schools after girls participated in recent anti-government protests [1]
  • 2023 Ruling party candidate Bola Tinubu declared the winner of Nigeria's Presidential election with 37% of the vote, amid claims of fraud from opposition parties [1]
  • 2023 Social media site TikTok announces a 60-minute daily screen time limit for users under 18, though with an opt-out clause, in response to concerns about its addictive and harmful algorithms [1]