Events in History on March 30

  • 240 BC 1st recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
  • 804 Ludger becomes 1st Bishop of Münster in the Holy Roman Empire
  • 988 Boudouin IV with the Beard becomes earl of Flanders

When The Bells Rang Out For Freedom

1282 The people of Sicily rebel against the Angevin king Charles I, in what becomes known as the Sicilian Vespers

Historic Event

1296 Edward I sacks Berwick-upon-Tweed, during armed conflict between Scotland and England

  • 1422 Ketsugan, Zen teacher, performs exorcisms to free aizoji temple
  • 1456 Prince Louis of Bourbon elected Bishop of Liege
  • 1474 Duke Sigismund of Tirol ends contacts with Switzerland
  • 1533 Thomas Cranmer becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 1603 Battle at Mellifont: English army under Lord Mountjoy beats Irish

Historic Event

1778 Playwright Voltaire crowned with laurel wreath

Scientific Discovery

1796 Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician, discovers the construction of the heptadecagon

  • 1814 Joachim Murat issues the Rimini Declaration which would later inspire Italian Unification

Historic Event

1814 Napoleonic Wars: Sixth Coalition forces march into Paris after defeating Napoleon

  • 1822 Congress combines East & West Florida into Florida Territory
  • 1842 Ether used as an anaesthetic for 1st time by Dr Crawford Long (Georgia)

The 1856 Treaty of Paris

1856 The Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Great Britain, France and the Kingdom of Sardinia sign the Treaty of Paris ending the Crimean War

  • 1858 Pencil with attached eraser patented (Hyman L Lipman of Philadelphia)
  • 1863 Danish prince Wilhelm Georg of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg chosen as king George of Greece
  • 1864 Skirmish at Mount Elba, Arkansas
  • 1865 -4] Battle at 5 Forks, Virginia

Alaska Purchase

1867 Alaska Purchase: US buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000 ($109 million in 2018), roughly 2 cents an acre

  • 1870 15th Amendment to the US constitution is adopted, guarantees right to vote regardless of race
  • 1870 Florida territorial government established
  • 1870 Texas becomes last confederate state readmitted to Union
  • 1885 The Battle for Kushka triggers the Pandjeh Incident which nearly gives rise to war between the British Empire and Russian Empire
  • 1893 Thomas F. Bayard becomes 1st US ambassador in Great Britain
  • 1900 Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts Compulsory education law
  • 1909 New York's Queensboro Bridge opens, linking Manhattan & Queens
  • 1910 Mississippi Legislature founded The University of Southern Mississippi
  • 1911 Lötschberg tunnel in Switzerland (13,735 m) completed
  • 1912 French protectorate in Morocco established
  • 1919 Belgian Army occupies Düsseldorf

Historic Event

1919 Gandhi announces resistance against Rowlatt Act

  • 1919 Paul Claudel's "Tête d'Or" premieres in Paris
  • 1922 KGY-AM in Olympia WA begins radio transmissions
  • 1922 WWL-AM in New Orleans LA begins radio transmissions
  • 1923 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority formed at Howard U in 1920 incorporates
  • 1935 Newfoundland changes time to 3½ hrs W of Greenwich, repeats 44 sec
  • 1939 First flight of the Australian C.A.C. CA-16 Wirraway military aircraft
  • 1939 Heinkel He 100 fighter sets a world airspeed record of 463 mph
  • 1941 German counter offensive in North Africa
  • 1942 1st RSHA-transport from France arrives in camp Birkenau
  • 1942 SS murders 200 inmates of Trawniki concentration camp
  • 1943 British 1st army recaptures Sejenane
  • 1944 781 British bombers attack Nuremberg
  • 1945 289 anti-fascists murdered by Nazis in Rombergpark Dortmund
  • 1945 USSR invades Austria
  • 1945 World War II: a defecting German pilot delivers a Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 to Americans
  • 1949 Riot breaks out in Austurvöllur square in Reykjavík, when Iceland joins NATO
  • 1950 Bell Telephone Laboratories announces invention of the phototransistor in Murray Hill, New Jersey
  • 1952 6th Tony Awards: "The Fourposter" and "The King & I" win

Historic Event

1953 Albert Einstein announces revised unified field theory

  • 1956 USSR performs nuclear test

Historic Event

1959 Dalai Lama flees China and is granted political asylum in India

Historic Event

1961 NASA civilian pilot Joseph A. Walker takes X-15 169,600' (51,690 m)

  • 1961 The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs is signed at New York
  • 1963 France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria

Historic Event

1964 Astronaut John Glenn withdraws from Ohio senate race

  • 1965 Vietnam War: A car bomb explodes in front of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, killing 22 and wounding 183 others
  • 1968 General Ludvik Svoboda elected president of Czechoslovakia
  • 1969 Loyalists bomb water and electricity installations in Northern Ireland in the hope that the attacks would be blamed on the IRA and on elements of the civil rights movement, which was demanding an end to discrimination against Catholics
  • 1970 USSR wins its 8th straight world hockey championship
  • 1972 North Vietnam launches a major conventional offensive against South Vietnam
  • 1972 Northern Ireland's Government and Parliament dissolved by the British Government and 'direct rule' from Westminster is introduced
  • 1972 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1973 Ellsworth Bunker resigns as US ambassador to South Vietnam
  • 1975 James Rupert kills 11 members of his family on Easter Sunday in Hamilton, Ohio
  • 1976 Israel kills 6 Palestinians protesting land confiscation

Palace of Westminster

1979 Airey Neave, a British politician, is killed by a car bomb as he exits the Palace of Westminster. The Irish National Liberation Army claims responsibility.

  • 1980 Mark Medoff's "Children of a Lesser God" premieres in NYC

Ronald Reagan is Shot

1981 US President Ronald Reagan is shot and wounded in an assassination attempt by John Hinckley, three others are also wounded

  • 1982 3rd NASA Space Shuttle Mission: Columbia 3 lands at White Sands, New Mexico
  • 1982 John Pielmeier's play"Agnes of God", about a nun who gives birth and insists it was immaculate conception, premieres at the Music Box Theatre. NYC, runs for 599 performances
  • 1983 New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) begins trading in crude oil future
  • 1983 Ray Cooney's "Run for your Wives" premieres in London
  • 1983 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 1984 US ends participation in multinational Lebanon peace force
  • 1984 World's most valuable tip - New York police detective Robert Cunningham offers waitress Phyllis Penzo half of $1 lottery ticket, next day they win $6 million

Historic Event

1987 Vincent van Gogh's "Sunflowers" sells for a record 22.5 million pounds ($39.7 million)

  • 1988 Tamil Nadu beat Railways by inns & 144 to win Ranji Trophy
  • 1991 Last issue of Dutch Newspaper "Vr˜e Folk" (Free People)
  • 1991 PBA National Championship Won by Mike Miller
  • 1991 William Kennedy Smith allegedly rapes a woman (found not guilty)
  • 1992 P J Patterson, resigns as 6th Prime Minister of Jamaica
  • 1992 WNSR-FM (105.1) changes callsign to WMXV-FM (NYC)
  • 1993 Jamaican premier Percival Patterson wins parliamentary election

Historic Event

1996 Prince Edward & girl-friend Sophie visited Greystoke Castle

  • 1997 TV network Channel 5 begins broadcasting in the UK


2000 Richard Branson is knighted by Charles, Prince of Wales for "services to entrepreneurship" at Buckingham Palace, London

  • 2006 Marcos Pontes is the first Brazilian astronaut in space
  • 2006 UK Terrorism Act 2006 becomes law.
  • 2011 Global credit information group Experian report that economic recovery in Wales slower than the rest of the UK, forecasting growth of 1.6% vs 2.2% for the rest of the UK
  • 2012 American Mega Millions lottery hits a world record lottery amount of 640 million dollars
  • 2012 Mastercard and Visa announce a massive breach in security with over ten million compromised credit card numbers
  • 2012 Spanish Government cuts 27 billion Euros from its budget in a tough austerity measure

Election of Interest

2013 Kenya's Supreme Court declares Uhuru Kenyatta the rightful winner of the Kenyan presidential election

  • 2013 North Korea declares it is at a state of war with South Korea

Historic Event

2017 Ex-South Korean president Park Geun-hye arrested in corruption investigation

  • 2017 North Carolina repeals its controversial bathroom law that restricted transgender use
  • 2017 Venezuela Supreme Court takes over legislative powers of the National Assembly, opposition calls it a coup
  • 2018 Palestinians begin a "Great March of Return", 6 weeks of protests on the Gaza Strip demanding Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to Israel. 19 Palestinians killed, 1,416 injured on the first day.

Papal Visit

2019 Pope Francis arrives in Rabat, Morocco, on his first-ever visit to the Magreb region of Northern Africa

  • 2019 Zuzana Caputova elected President of Slovakia, the country's first female head of state
  • 2020 Russian city Moscow begins a city-wide lockdown after 4 hours notice due to COVID-19
  • 2020 Three out of four Americans now ordered to stay home due to COVID-19 as states of Virginia, Maryland, Arizona and Florida issue lockdowns
  • 2022 Computer's Turing Award won by American programmer Jack Dongarra, whose work paved the way for supercomputers [1]