Events in History on March 7

Roman Empire

161 Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius dies and is succeeded by co-Emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, an unprecedented political arrangement in the Roman Empire

Roman Empire

321 Roman Emperor Constantine I decrees that the dies Solis Invicti (sun-day) is the day of rest in the Empire

  • 1138 Conrad II von Hohenstaufen re-elected German king
  • 1277 Condemnation of 219 philosophical and theological theses by Stephen Tempier, Bishop of Paris

Historic Event

1530 English King Henry VIII's divorce request is denied by the Pope

  • 1560 Christian fleet under Gian Andrea lands at Djerba, North Africa
  • 1573 Turkey & Venice sign peace treaty
  • 1621 John Pieterszoon Coen's troops land on Lontor, East Indies

Historic Event

1633 Prince Frederick Henry appoints himself viceroy of Limburg

  • 1644 Massachusetts establishes 1st two-chamber legislature in colonies

Historic Event

1696 English King William III departs Netherlands

Historic Event

1774 King George III charges colonists in Boston with attempting to injure British commerce, paving the way for the closing of the port to punish colonists for the Boston Tea Party

Historic Discovery

1778 Captain James Cook 1st sights Oregon coast at Yaquina Bay

Historic Event

1785 James Hutton, geologist, presents his full theory of uniformitarianism at a meeting of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

  • 1798 The French army enters Rome: the birth of the Roman Republic
  • 1799 The Royal Institution of Great Britain founded; dedicated to scientific research and education.
  • 1801 Massachusetts enacts first state voter registration law
  • 1808 Portugal's regent Dom Juan IV arrives in Rio De Janeiro

Victory in Battle

1814 Napoleon I of France wins the Battle of Craonne against combined Russian and Prussian force in northern France

  • 1827 Shrigley Abduction: Ellen Turner, a wealthy heiress in Cheshire, England, is abducted by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a future politician in colonial New Zealand
  • 1835 HMS Beagle returns from Concepcion to Valparaiso
  • 1843 1st Catholic governor in US, Edward Kavanagh of Maine, takes office
  • 1847 US General Scott occupies Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • 1848 In Hawaii, Great Mahele (division of lands) signed
  • 1851 Poll tax levied on Russo-Polish Jews entering Austrian Galicia ends
  • 1852 Dutch telegraph traffic regulated by law
  • 1854 Charles Miller patents 1st US sewing machine to stitch buttonholes
  • 1862 Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, Day 2, Generals Ben McCulloch & James McIntosh killed
  • 1865 -10] Battles around Kinston, North Carolina
  • 1872 -8°F (-22°C) in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1876 Battle at Gura: Ethiopian emperor Yohannes beats Egyptians
  • 1881 Southern University opens in New Orleans
  • 1887 North Carolina State University is founded by the North Carolina General Assembly.
  • 1896 Gilbert & Sullivan's last operette "Grand Duke" premieres in London
  • 1900 Battle at Poplar Grove South Africa, President Kruger flees
  • 1902 Boers beat British troops at Tweebosch, Transvaal

Historic Publication

1905 Arthur Conan Doyle publishes "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" collection in London after public pressure to revive his famous detective (Feb New York)

  • 1906 Finnish Senate accepts universal suffrage, except for poor
  • 1908 Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith stands before city council and announces that, "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles"
  • 1911 US sends 20,000 troops to Mexican border
  • 1911 Willis Farnsworth of Petaluma, California, patents coin-operated locker

Scientific Discovery

1912 Roald Amundsen announces his discovery of the South Pole (located 14 December 1911)

  • 1914 Prince Wilhelm von Wied becomes King of Albania

Historic Event

1918 President Woodrow Wilson authorizes US Army's Distinguished Service Medal

  • 1918 World War I: Finland forms an alliance with Germany

Historic Event

1921 Red Army under Trotsky attacks sailors of Kronstadt naval base near St Petersburg, Russia

  • 1925 American Negro Congress organizes
  • 1926 1st transatlantic telephone call (London-NY)
  • 1927 Earthquake measuring 8 on Richter scale strikes Tango, Japan

Historic Event

1929 First nonstop flight made from America to Asia across the Bering Strait (Nome to North Cape) by Noel Wien and Calvin Cripe for Wien Air Alaska

  • 1930 NY Times agrees to capitalize the n in "Negro"
  • 1932 Riots at Ford factory in Dearborn, Michigan, 4 killed
  • 1935 Saar incorporated into Germany

Treaty of Interest

1936 Adolf Hitler breaks the Treaty of Versailles by sending troops into the Rhineland

  • 1937 Bucharin, Jagoda & Rykov pushed out of CPSU in USSR
  • 1939 Glamour magazine begins publishing
  • 1939 Guy Lombardo & Royal Canadians 1st record "Auld Lang Syne"
  • 1941 3rd largest snowfall then in NYC history (18.1")
  • 1941 50,000 British soldiers land in Greece during WWII
  • 1941 British troops invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia)
  • 1942 15 Mk-VB Spitfires reach Malta
  • 1942 1st cadets graduated from flying school at Tuskegee, Alabama

Historic Event

1943 US General George S. Patton arrives in Djebel Kouif, Tunisia

  • 1944 Japan begins offensive in Burma
  • 1945 Attack on car of Netherlands SS Police Chief Hans Rauter by Dutch resistance, Rauter injured
  • 1945 Cologne taken by allied armies
  • 1945 US 9th Armoured Division attacks Remagen Germany, crosses Rhine

Historic Event

1945 Yugoslavia government of Josep Broz Tito forms

Bikini Atoll is Evacuated

1946 Bikini Atoll islanders are evacuated by the US government to make way for a nuclear testing site

  • 1946 Max Frisch' play "Santa Cruz" premieres in Zurich
  • 1947 The Kuomintang and Communist Party of China resume full-fledged Civil War.
  • 1948 The Dodecanese islands officially become part of Greece again, ending Italian rule
  • 1950 Ice Pairs Championship at London won by K Kennedy & P Kennedy (USA)
  • 1950 Ladies' Figure Skating Championship in London won by Alena Vrzanova CZE

Theater Premiere

1951 Lillian Hellman's play "Autumn Garden" premieres on Broadway in NYC

  • 1958 Chicago Cardinals announce they will play their 1958 opener in Buffalo
  • 1959 1st aviator to fly a million miles (1.61 M km) in a jet (MC Garlow)
  • 1960 Dutch Builders strike for CLA
  • 1962 Ground-breaking report "Smoking and Health" published by the British Royal College of Physicians, first major report to warn of the dangers of smoking
  • 1962 Launch of OSO 1, 1st astronomy satellite (solar flare data)

Historic Event

1965 Alabama state troopers and 600 black protesters clash in Selma during "Bloody Sunday", protesters, including future congressman John Lewis beaten and hospitalized

  • 1965 Bruce Taylor takes 5-86 in debut innings for NZ after ton
  • 1965 Christian-democrats win parliament in Chile
  • 1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1967 Teamster president Jimmy Hoffa begins 8-year jail sentence for defrauding the union & jury tampering (commuted Dec 23, 1971)
  • 1969 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 1970 Ice Pairs Championship at Ljubljana won by Rodnina & Ulanov (URS)
  • 1970 Ladies' Figure Skating Champ in Ljubljana won by Gabriele Seyfert (GDR)
  • 1971 Egypt refuses to renew the Suez cease fire
  • 1973 Comet (Lubos) Kohoutek discovered at Hamburg Observatory

Election of Interest

1973 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Awami League wins election in Bangladesh

  • 1974 "USS Monitor", Union Ship sunk in 1862 during US Civil War, restored at Cape Hatteras
  • 1974 1st general strike in Ethiopia
  • 1975 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1975 US Senate revises filibuster rule, allows 60 senators to limit debate
  • 1976 Morocco & Mauretania break diplomatic relations with Algeria
  • 1977 Ali Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party wins elections
  • 1978 Belgian baron Charles Bracht kidnapped
  • 1978 Dutch 2nd Chamber votes against neutron bomb
  • 1982 Jarmilla Kratochvilova run world record 400 m indoor (49.59 sec)
  • 1984 The United States attacks San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua.
  • 1985 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.1 (update) released
  • 1986 South-Africa emergency crisis in Brabant & Limburg ends
  • 1988 Colombia becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty

Historic Event

1989 Iran drops diplomatic relations with Britain over Salman Rushdie's book "Satanic Verses"

  • 1989 Partial eclipse of the Sun (Hawaii, NW North America, Greenland)
  • 1990 3 passengers killed & 162 injured as subway train derails (Philadelphia)
  • 1990 Wayne Huizenga buys ½ of Joe Robbie Stadium and 15% of Dolphins for $30m
  • 1991 Iraq continues to explode oil fields in Kuwait

Historic Event

1994 ANC chief Nelson Mandela rejects demand by white right-wingers for separate homeland in South Africa

  • 1994 Charles Taylor resigns as President of Liberia
  • 1994 US Navy issues 1st permanent order assigning women on combat ship
  • 1995 NY becomes 38th state to have the death penalty
  • 1995 US dollar worth record 1.5330 Dutch guilders
  • 1996 1st surface photos of Pluto (photographed by Hubble Space Telescope)
  • 1996 British Steel in Workington wins Lithuanian multi-million pound order
  • 1996 The first democratically elected Palestinian parliament formed
  • 1997 5 sue Japanese PM Ryutaro Hashimoto, because his smoking has violated the country's constitution guaranteeing a wholesome life
  • 2004 New Democracy wins the national elections in Greece.
  • 2005 Mass protest outside the National Assembly of Kuwait building for women's voting rights in Kuwait.
  • 2007 British House of Commons votes to make the upper chamber, the House of Lords, 100% elected
  • 2013 Hilary Mantel is awarded the 2013 David Cohen Prize for literature
  • 2013 UN Security Council approves further North Korean sanctions for its nuclear testing
  • 2015 54 people are killed & 143 are wounded by 5 Boko Haram suicide bombings in Maiduguri city, Nigeria
  • 2017 19 girls killed in a fire at a government-run care center in San José Pinula, Guatemala
  • 2017 Malta's famous landmark the Azure Window collapses into the sea after a storm
  • 2019 Chinese telecommunications company Huawei sues the US government over a federal ban on its products
  • 2019 Power and communications blackout begins in Venezuela

Historic Event

2019 Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain shares her first Instagram post, a letter between mathematician Charles Babbage and Prince Albert

  • 2019 Thailand's Constitutional Court dissolves opposition party Thai Raksa Chart, after it nominated the King's sister as candidate for Prime Minister
  • 2021 Explosions at a military base in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, likely from faulty storage of dynamite, kills at least 98 and injures over 400 [1]

Historic Event

2021 NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says "no way I resign' amid accusations of sexual assault and his office concealing nursing home deaths

  • 2022 Global death toll from Covid-19 passes 6 million according to Johns Hopkins figures, with 57% of the world's population fully vaccinated [1]
  • 2022 UN refugee agency says Russian invasion of Ukraine has now led to 1.7 million people fleeing the country, civilian deaths recorded at 406 with 801 injured [1]