Events in History on May 8

  • 535 John II's reign as Catholic Pope ends, upon his death
  • 589 Visigothic King Reccared summons the Third Council of Toledo, where he accepts the Catholic faith
  • 615 St Boniface IV's reign as Catholic Pope ends
  • 685 St Benedict II's reign as Catholic Pope ends after 11 months, upon his death
  • 1254 University of Salamanca granted a royal charter by Alfonso IX. Third oldest university still operating and the oldest Hispanic.

Black Death

1348 Ship from Bordeaux carrying the plague, lands in Melcombe Regis (now Weymouth), Dorset. The beginning of the Terrible Pestilence (Black Death) in England.

  • 1360 Treaty of Brétigny signed by English & French, ending the first phase of the Hundred Years' War

Historic Event

1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion: Kentishmen revolt begins against King Henry VI and they march towards London

Treaty of Interest

1624 Hungarian King Bethlen Gabor & Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II sign Treaty of Vienna

  • 1639 William Coddington founds Newport, Rhode Island

Historic Event

1660 English parliament declares Charles Stuart to be King Charles II of England

  • 1721 Michelangiolo dei Conti succeeds Pope Clement XI, as Innocent XIII
  • 1741 France & Bavaria sign Covenant of Nymphenburg
  • 1784 Only known deaths by hailstones in US (Winnsborough, South Carolina)
  • 1787 First US prison reform society formed, the Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons led by Dr. Benjamin Rush
  • 1792 British Captain George Vancouver sights and names Mt Rainier, Washington
  • 1792 US establishes the military draft
  • 1821 Greek War of Independence: Greeks defeat the Turks in Gravia
  • 1834 Prussia, Austria and Russia sign classified accord about Belgium

Historic Publication

1835 1st installment of Hans Christian Andersen "Fairy Tales" published by C. A. Reitzel in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 1840 Alexander Wolcott patents Photographic Process
  • 1842 Versailles to Paris train catches fire; 50 die
  • 1846 1st major battle of Mexican War fought at Palo Alto, Texas
  • 1847 Scot Robert Thompson patents rubber tyre
  • 1852 Second London protocol signed reaffirming Danish federation control of independent Duchies of Holstein, Lauenburg and Schleswig

Conference of Interest

1858 American abolitionist John Brown holds antislavery convention

  • 1861 Richmond, Virginia, is named the capital of the Confederacy in the US
  • 1862 Valley Campaign: Federals repulsed at Battle of McDowell, Virginia
  • 1863 Confederación Granadina becomes Estados Unidos de Colombia
  • 1864 Actions at Stony Creek/Nottoway bridge, Virginia (Drewry's Bluff)
  • 1864 Atlanta Campaign: Severe fighting near Dalton
  • 1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Court House begins
  • 1871 British-US treaty ends Alabama dispute
  • 1877 1st Westminster Dog Show held

Historic Event

1878 David Edward Hughes' paper on the idea for a microphone is read before the Royal Society of London by Thomas Henry Huxley

  • 1879 George Selden files for 1st patent for a gasoline-driven automobile

Contract of Interest

1881 Henry Morton Stanley signs the first of many contracts with the Congolian monarch

  • 1882 David Belasco's "La Belle Russe" premieres in NYC
  • 1885 Sarah Ann Henley survives 76-m jump from Clifton Bridge in Bristol, England
  • 1886 Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta sells the first Coca-Cola (contained cocaine)
  • 1895 China cedes Taiwan to Japan under Treaty of Shimonoseki
  • 1898 The first games of the Italian Football League are played

Scientific Discovery

1899 Ernest Rutherford publishes his discovery of two different kinds of radiation (Alpha and Beta Particles)

  • 1899 The Irish Literary Theatre in Dublin opens
  • 1901 A British appointed commission estimates today that some 1,250,000 Indians have died after a severe drought, lasting since 1899
  • 1901 In their long-delayed AL home opener, Boston defeats Philadelphia 12-4
  • 1902 Mount Pelée on the French overseas island of Martinique erupts, wiping out the city of Saint-Pierre, killing 30,000 and leaving only two survivors
  • 1905 Union of Unions organizes In Russia under the chairmanship of Paul Miliukov and joins liberal groups demanding parliamentary government and universal suffrage
  • 1916 German munitions bunker in Fort Douaumont explodes killing 679 German soldiers
  • 1916 Irishmen Eamon Kent, Michael Mallin, Con Colbert and Sean Houston are executed by British authorities following the Easter Rising at Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin
  • 1919 1st transatlantic flight take-off by a navy seaplane

End of World War I

1919 Edward George Honey first proposes the idea of a moment of silence to commemorate The Armistice of World War I, leads to the creation of Remembrance Day

  • 1921 Sweden abolishes capital punishment
  • 1924 Memel territories given to Lithuania
  • 1924 Workers at Werkspoor in Amsterdam strike against 3rd wage cut
  • 1925 French colonial army beats Rifkabylen in Morocco
  • 1926 A. Philip Randolph organizes Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
  • 1929 Jan Mayen island, 500 km NNE of Iceland, incorporated into Norway

Contract of Interest

1929 Soviet government contract Albert Kahn Associates architectural firm to design the USSR's 1st tractor plant

  • 1931 Operette "Land of Smiles" premieres in London

Historic Event

1933 Mahatma Gandhi begins a 21-day fast in protest against British oppression in India

  • 1938 Stravinsky's "Dumbarton Oaks" premieres in Washington, D.C.
  • 1941 German Q-ship Pinguin sinks in Indian Ocean
  • 1942 Aircraft carrier USS Lexington sunk by Japanese air attack in Coral Sea
  • 1942 German summer offensive opens in Crimea
  • 1943 Admiral Cunningham of British fleet: "Sink, burn & destroy; let nothing pass"
  • 1944 33 communist resistance fighter sentenced to death
  • 1945 Canadian troops move into Amsterdam
  • 1945 Chinese counter attack at Tsjangte, supports by 14th air fleet

Nazi Germany Surrenders

1945 German General Wilhelm Keitel formally surrenders to the Allies represented by the United States, the UK, France and the Soviet Union in Berlin

  • 1945 V-E Day: World War II ends in Europe after Germany signs an unconditional surrender
  • 1946 Estonian school girls Aili Jõgi and Ageeda Paavel blow up the Soviet memorial that preceded the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn

Historic Event

1947 Polish resistance fighter Witold Pilecki, who had volunteered to be imprisoned in Auschwitz to gain information about the Holocaust, is arrested by Polish communist police

  • 1949 West German constitution approved

Historic Event

1950 President of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-shek asks US for weapons

  • 1951 Dacron men's suits introduced
  • 1951 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Enwetak
  • 1956 John Osborne's "Look Back in Anger" premieres in London

Historic Event

1957 South Vietnamese President, Ngô Đình Diệm, arrives in the United States on a state visit

Little Rock Crisis

1958 US President Eisenhower orders National Guard out of Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas

Historic Event

1958 US VP Richard Nixon is shoved, stoned, booed and spat upon by protesters in Peru

  • 1959 3-deck Nile River excursion steamer springs a leak panicking passengers who capsized ship; 200 drown just yards from shore

Historic Event

1959 Little Caesars Pizza is founded by Mike Ilitch and his wife Marian Ilitch in Garden City, Michigan

  • 1960 USSR & Cuba resume diplomatic relations
  • 1961 1st practical sea water conversion plant-Freeport, Texas

Historic Event

1961 Alan Shepard receives NASA Distinguished Service Medal, Washington

  • 1962 1st Atlas Centaur Launch
  • 1962 London trolley buses (electrically powered buses using overhead supply) go out of service

Historic Event

1962 Oskar Schindler and his wife Emilie Schindler are honored for saving 1200 Jews during WWII, in a ceremony on the Avenue of the Righteous, Jerusalem

Historic Event

1963 U.S. President John F. Kennedy offers Israel assistance against aggression from its neighbors

  • 1965 1st shut put over 70' (Randy Matson 70' 7")
  • 1966 Last game at old Busch stadium, St Louis Card lose 10-5 to San Francisco

Historic Event

1966 Only HR ever hit out of Baltimore's Memorial Park, by Oriole OF Frank Robinson

  • 1967 The Philippine province of Davao is split into three: Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, and Davao Oriental
  • 1968 Jim (Catfish) Hunter of Oakland pitches perfect game vs Twins (4-0)
  • 1968 Pulitzer prize awarded to William Styron (Confessions of Nat Turner)
  • 1969 Cambodia recognizes the German Democratic Republic (East Germany)

Historic Publication

1969 Pope Paul VI publishes constitution Sacra Ritum Congregation

  • 1970 Construction workers break up an anti-war rally in NYC's Wall Street
  • 1970 Thousands of students protest against the Vietnam War following the Kent State University shootings in Ohio
  • 1972 Sabena aircraft at Lod International Airport, Tel Aviv, captured by Palestinians

Historic Event

1973 Indians holding South Dakota hamlet of Wounded Knee for 10 weeks surrender

  • 1974 50 MPH speed limit in Britain lifted

Historic Event

1974 Canadian government of Pierre Trudeau falls

  • 1976 The rollercoaster Revolution (roller coaster), the first steel coaster with a vertical flip, opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • 1979 Radio Shack releases TRSDOS 2.3
  • 1980 1st non-stop trans-North American balloon flight departs Fort Baker, California. Maxie Anderson and son Kristian pilot the Kitty Hawk for five days.
  • 1980 World Health Organization announces smallpox has been eradicated
  • 1981 Ron Davis pitches 10th consecutive strike out, 1 short of record
  • 1984 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1984 Thames Barrier to stop flooding in London officially completed
  • 1985 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1987 Gary Hart quits US democratic presidential race due to affair with Donna Rice
  • 1987 The Loughgall ambush: The SAS kill 8 IRA members and 1 civilian, in Loughgall, Northern Ireland

Election of Interest

1988 François Mitterrand elected President of France

  • 1989 US space shuttle STS-30 lands
  • 1990 Cuyahoga County voters approve sin tax to build Cleveland Gateway
  • 1990 Reindependence Day of Estonia
  • 1993 16 year old Keron Thomas disguises himself as a motorman & takes NYC subway train and 2,000 passengers on a 3 hour ride
  • 1994 Erling Kagge becomes the first person to complete the Three Poles Challenge
  • 1994 Ernesto Perez Balladares elected president of Panama
  • 1994 Jose Maria Figueres becomes president of Costa Rica

Historic Event

1994 President Clinton announces US will no longer repatriate boat people

  • 1996 South Africa's Constitutional Assembly adopts permanent post-apartheid constitution
  • 1999 Nancy Mace becomes the first female cadet to graduate from The Citadel military college (South Carolina)
  • 2005 The new Canadian War Museum opens, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of V-E Day

Historic Event

2007 A new Northern Ireland Executive is formed with Ian Paisley (Democratic Unionist Party) as First Minister and Martin McGuinness (Sinn Féin) as Deputy First Minister

  • 2010 Barrow AFC wins English FA Trophy at Wembley, makes them only team to win it at both Old & New Wembley stadiums

Appointment of Interest

2012 Dmitry Medvedev is confirmed as Russian Prime Minister by the State Duma, after being nominated by Vladimir Putin

  • 2013 33 people are killed after an overloaded bus falls into a river in Himachal Pradesh, India

Historic Event

2013 Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi receives a four year prison sentence for fraud

Historic Event

2014 World's oldest astrolabe (mariner's navigator tool) c. 1498 from Portuguese shipwreck of explorer Vasco da Gama found near Al Hallaniyah Island, Oman

  • 2016 Sadiq Khan (L) is elected Mayor of London, - 1st Muslim mayor of a major Western city
  • 2018 Ebola outbreak declared in north-west Democratic Republic of Congo with 2 confirmed cases and 17 deaths
  • 2018 Largest-ever wave at 23.8m recorded in the South Hemisphere at Campbell Island by New Zealand scientists
  • 2018 Paris St-Germain seals the French domestic football treble with a 2-0 win over 3rd Div Les Herbiers in the French Cup Final at the Stade de France

Historic Event

2018 President Trump pulls the US out of the multilateral Iran nuclear deal

  • 2019 Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes argues that Facebook should be split up and regulated in "New York Times" Op-Ed essay
  • 2019 Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp signs new abortion law, the so-called "heart-beat bill" (comes into effect Jan 2020)
  • 2019 Iran announces it will stop complying with parts of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal
  • 2019 Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi who spent eight years in prison on death row for blasphemy arrives in Canada
  • 2019 Singapore passes sweeping "anti-fake news" laws bill
  • 2019 Thailand's general elections official results show opposition Pheu Thai Party won most seats but still unable to form governmen, due to rules favoring the military
  • 2019 UK goes a week without using a coal-fired power station for first time in 137 years due to use of more renewable energy
  • 2020 Two US White House staffers test positive for COVID-19 and three members of the coronavirus task force go into self-isolation after possible exposure to the virus
  • 2021 Bombings outside a school in Kabul, Afghanistan, kill at least 50 people, mostly teenage girls, amid growing fears about US military withdrawal
  • 2021 Indian Medical Association calls for a national lockdown, criticizing President Modi's government's response as recorded COVID-19 deaths pass 4,000 a day
  • 2022 Pro-Beijing loyalist and sole candidate, John Lee elected Chief Executive of Hong Kong by the city's Election Committee [1]
  • 2022 Thai government announces it will give away one million cannabis plants to households to mark new rule allowing people to grow it at home [1]
  • 2022 UK BAFTA Television Awards: "In My Skin" Best Drama, Big Zuu Best Entertainment, Sean Bean and Jodie Comer best acting awards
  • 2022 US first lady Jill Biden visits Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska at a school in Uzhhorod, Ukraine [1]