Events in History on October 1 (Part 2)

Historic Event

1992 Ross Perot re-enters US presidential race

  • 1994 Oriental Pearl Tower, the modern symbol of Shanghai, is completed standing 468 m (1,536 feet) high (China's tallest structure until 2007)
  • 1994 Stanley Betrian sworn in as leader of Curacao
  • 1995 Bermuda begins using new area code 441

Historic Event

1996 Following the Port Arthur Massacre, John Howard's Australian government starts a gun buy back scheme. Compulsorily acquires more than 640,000 firearms, including many newly illegal semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

  • 1997 Spice Hot premieres on cable
  • 1998 LA's Mauricio Cienfuegos and Martin Machon equal the MLS playoff record of 3 assists each as the Galaxy roll to a 6-1 win over the Dallas Burn at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California

Historic Event

1998 Vladimir Putin became a permanent member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

  • 2005 Bombing kills 23 people in Bali.
  • 2006 Indra Nooyi becomes the new CEO of PepsiCo
  • 2007 Most of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 came into force in the United Kingdom.

Appointment of Interest

2011 Martin Dempsey is appointed US Joint Chiefs of Staff by President Obama

  • 2012 3 NATO soldiers and 16 Afghan police are killed by a suicide bombing in Khost, Afghanistan
  • 2012 36 people are killed in a ferry collision in Hong Kong
  • 2012 California becomes the first US state to ban conversion therapy for minors
  • 2013 A partial United States federal government shutdown occurs as a result of political disagreements over operational spending
  • 2014 41 children are killed by a suicide bombing on the Akrameh al-Makhzumi school in Homs, Syria
  • 2015 A gunman kills 8 students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon
  • 2015 Cargo ship El Faro goes missing with 33 crew during Hurricane Joaquin near the Bahamas
  • 2015 Mudslide on the outskirts of Guatemala City leaves at least 131 dead and 300 missing

Important Vote

2017 Amid a deepening constitutional crisis, Catalonia holds an independence referendum on seceding from Spain

  • 2018 French photographer Jean-Claude Arnault, at the center of a Nobel prize sexual assault scandal, sentenced to two years in prison for rape
  • 2018 More than 80,000 American died of the flu during 2017-2018 winter, highest in ten years, according to US heath officials
  • 2018 New trade deal announced between United States, Canada and Mexico (USMCA), replacing NAFTA
  • 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology awarded to James Allison and Tasuku Honjo for cancer treatment innovations
  • 2018 The United States, Mexico and Canada agree a new trade deal to replace NAFTA
  • 2019 China celebrates 70th anniversary of Communism with military parade of 15,000 soldiers in Beijing
  • 2019 Former Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger found guilty of murdering her black neighbor in his apartment in landmark case on use of police force and racial bias
  • 2019 Indian government bans the export of onions, an important food staple to control prices, causing shortages in Bangladesh and Nepal
  • 2019 Law allowing teachers to carry guns in schools comes into effect in US state of Florida
  • 2019 Political crisis in Peru as President Martín Vizcarra dissolves Congress over its refusal to support his anti-corruption reforms

Historic Event

2019 US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders taken to hospital after suffering a heart attack

  • 2020 US White House aide Hope Hicks tests positive for COVID-19
  • 2021 Global COVID-19 death toll of recorded cases passes 5 million as the Delta variant continues to surge around the world [1]
  • 2021 US COVID-19 death toll passes 700,000, with daily deaths averaging 1,900 a day [1]
  • 2022 Ukrainian forces enter the strategic town of Lyman in Donetsk province defeating Russian forces and forcing them to retreat to Kremina, barely a day after Vladimir Putin announced Russia's illegal annexation of Donetsk