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Historical Figures Married and Divorced in 1941

Weddings in History

William J. Casey

Feb 22 Future CIA Director William J. Casey (27) weds Sophia Kurz

  • Apr 19 Youngest Mitford sister Deborah Mitford marries Andrew Cavendish, son of the Duke of Devonshire in London

Tom Bradley

May 4 Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley (23) weds Ethel Arnold

  • Jun 3 Author Irving Wallace marries writer Sylvia Kahn
  • Sep 11 Belgium King Leopold secretly marries Lilian Baels

James Herriot

Nov 5 Writer and veterinary surgeon James Herriot (25) weds Joan Catherine Danbury

  • Dec 6 King Leopold of Belgium marries Lilian Baels
  • Dec 30 Al Capone's son Sonny marries in Miami Beach