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Historical Figures Married and Divorced in 1961

Weddings in History

Samuel Beckett

Mar 25 Playwright Samuel Beckett (54) weds Suzanne Dechevaux-Dumesnil on a secret civil ceremony in England

  • May 25 King Hussein of Jordan marries Princess Muna al-Hussein (Antoinette Gardiner).
  • Jun 8 English prince Edward, Duke of Kent, weds Katharine Worsley

Chinua Achebe

Sep 10 Nigerian novelist, critic and academic Chinua Achebe ("Things Fall Apart") marries Christie Okoli

  • Oct 14 American"The Vampire Chronicles" author Anne O'Brien (20) weds American poet and painter Stan Rice (18) in Denton, Texas

Upton Sinclair

Oct 14 American "The Jungle" author Upton Sinclair (83) weds Mary Elizabeth Willis (79-ish)

  • Dec 10 Dr Ruth marries Fred Westheimer