On This Day

Historical Figures Married and Divorced in 1963

Weddings in History

  • Mar 20 Sikkim crown prince Paldan Thondup Namgyal marries Hope Cooke
  • Apr 24 English princess Alexandra marries Sir Angus Ogilvy at Westminster Abbey

Saddam Hussein

May 5 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein (26) weds teacher Sajida Talfah (26)

John Turner

May 11 Prime Minister of Canada John Turner (33) weds Geills McCrae Kilgour (25)

  • Sep 7 Future US politician Nancy D'Alesandro marries Paul Pelosi in Baltimore
  • Sep 7 US politician Nancy D'Alesandro (23) marries businessman Paul Francis Pelosi (23)

Valentina Tereshkova

Nov 3 Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (26) weds cosmonaut Andriyan Nikolayev (34) at the Moscow Wedding Palace