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Weddings & Divorces in History on December 6

Weddings in History

Charles VIII

1491 King Charles VIII of France (21) marries Anna Duchess of Brittany (14) giving France control over Brittany

  • 1630 Painter Peter Paul Rubens (53) marries his second wife Helena (16) Fourment and the inspiration for his voluptuous female figures, in Antwerp

Pablo Neruda

1930 Pablo Neruda marries Marie A Hagenaar Vogelzang in Batavia

  • 1941 King Leopold of Belgium marries Lilian Baels

Bob Dole

1975 US Senator Bob Dole (52) weds former senator Elizabeth Hanford (39)

  • 2003 "The Bachelorette" star Trista Rehn (31) weds Ryan Sutter (29) at The Lodge in Rancho Mirage, California

Divorces in History

  • 1982 US Senator Ted & Joan Kennedy divorce