Weddings & Divorces in History on May 1

Weddings in History

  • 1576 Stefan Batory, the reigning Prince of Transylvania, marries Anna Jagiellon and they become the co-rulers of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

1840 Women's rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton (24) weds fellow abolitionist Henry Brewster Stanton (34)

William Tecumseh Sherman

1850 Soldier William Tecumseh Sherman (30) weds Eleanor Boyle Ewing in Washington, D.C.

Ivan Pavlov

1881 Physiologist Ivan Pavlov (32) weds Seraphima Karchevskaya

  • 1884 "Poems of Passion" author Ella Wheeler Wilcox (33) weds Robert M. Wilcox in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1929 American poet e.e (Edward Estlin) Cummings marries 2nd wife Anne Minnerly Barton