Weddings & Divorces in History on November 16

Weddings in History

  • 1683 Hendrik Casimir II of Nassau-Dietz marries Henriette Amalia

William Pitt the Elder

1754 British PM William Pitt the Elder (46) weds Lady Hester Grenville (34) in Argyle Street, London

Ramon Magsaysay

1933 Ramon Magsaysay, latter President of the Philippines (26) weds Luz Banzon (18) at Lourdes church in Manila

  • 1981 Luke marries Laura on TV soap "General Hospital" (16 million watch)

Divorces in History

Isaac Asimov

1973 Sci-fi author Isaac Asimov (53) divorces Gertrude Blugerman after 31 years of marriage