Latin American History

Historically Latin Americans have suffered extensively from both Spanish, Portuguese and British colonialization and from American imperialism. These injustices helped shape the continent's nations and its people. As the Zapatista's have highlighted the region continues to struggle against American imperialism and past injustices.

The Zapatista Mexican Rebelion, its Revolutionary Objectives and Tactics

On New Years Day 1994 with ski masks and automatic rifles in hand the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) descended from the hills of Mexico's impoverished Chiapas province and commenced a unique armed struggle. The EZLN have relied heavily on sympathetic organisations, public relations and the internet rather than force of arms to present the group's ideology to Mexicans and to people around the world.

The Zapatista Mexican Rebellion (Part 1)
The Zapatista Mexican Rebellion (Part 2)
The Zapatista Mexican Rebellion (Bibliography)

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