Newspapers in History (Part 2)

Historical Events

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1933-02-03 German Minister Hermann Goering bans social-democratic newspaper Vorwarts

Nazi Politician Hermann Goering
Nazi Politician
Hermann Goering
  • 1933-02-15 Social-democratic newspaper "Vorwarts" banned again in Berlin
  • 1933-02-16 Catholic newspaper Germania warns against Nazis and communists
  • 1933-02-19 Prussian minister Goering bans all Catholic newspapers
  • 1933-03-31 1st newspaper published on pine pulp paper, "Soperton News" (Ga)
  • 1935-12-09 Walter Liggett American newspaper editor and muckraker killed in gangland murder.
  • 1936-01-01 1st newspaper to microfilm its current issues, NY Herald Tribune
  • 1936-01-30 New owners of baseball's Boston Braves survey newspaper journalists to pick a new team nickname; known as 'Bees' in 1940 but return to 'Braves' in 1941
  • 1937-03-25 Washington Daily News is 1st US newspaper with perfumed advertising page
  • 1938-07-01 The South African Press Association (SAPA) is established as a non-governmental institution by South Africa's major newspapers to facilitate the sharing of news, both national and international
  • 1939-01-16 Daily newspaper comic strip "Superman" debuts
  • 1940-08-15 1st edition of Jewish Weekly newspaper in Amsterdam (under Nazis)
  • 1940-08-31 1st edition of illegal opposition newspaper Free Netherlands
  • 1941-01-21 British communist newspaper "Daily Worker" banned
  • 1941-04-11 Jewish Weekly newspaper taken control by Nazis
  • 1941-10-16 "Gordo" comic strip (by Gus Arriola) 1st appears in newspapers

  • 1943-01-30 Illegal opposition newspaper Loyal begins publishing
  • 1943-02-18 1st edition of Dutch resistance newspaper "Trouw"
  • 1943-09-27 Dutch opposition newspaper "The Slogan" publishes KZ-Lower letter
  • 1944-01-05 The Daily Mail becomes the first transoceanic newspaper.
  • 1944-02-20 Batman & Robin comic strip premieres in newspapers
  • 1944-10-01 Newspaper editor Alejandro Córdova assassinated in Guatemala
  • 1945-04-27 World War II: The Völkischer Beobachter, the newspaper of the Nazi Party, ceases publication
  • 1945-06-30 17-day newspaper strike in NY begins
  • 1945-10-27 1st edition of Elseviers Weekly newspaper (Elseviers Magazine)
  • 1950-09-04 "Beetle Bailey" comic strip debuts in twelve newspapers
  • 1954-03-20 1st newspaper vending machine used (Columbia Pennsylvania)
  • 1956-01-09 Abigail Van Buren's [Pauline Phillips] "Dear Abby" advice column 1st appears in newspapers
  • 1956-02-01 Hague Daily Newspaper reveals war crimes of Hague mayor Schokking
  • 1957-01-09 Dutch Newspaper Society expels communist daily paper "Truth"
  • 1958-01-13 US newspaper "Daily Worker" ceases publication
  • 1962-02-04 Russian newspaper Izvestia reports baseball is an old Russian game
  • 1962-12-08 114-day newspaper strike begins in NYC
  • 1963-04-01 NYC's newspapers resume publishing after a 114 day strike
  • 1963-10-16 NY newspaper "Mirror" last edition
  • 1963-11-16 Toledo, OH newspaper strike began

  • 1964-09-15 Final edition of socialist British newspaper "Daily Herald"

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1965-03-20 Civil and Women's Rights Activist Dorothy Height has her first column published in the weekly African-American newspaper called the "New York Amsterdam News"

Women's and Civil Rights Activist Dorothy Height
Women's and Civil Rights Activist
Dorothy Height
  • 1965-12-17 Largest newspaper-Sunday NY Times at 946 pages (50 cents)
  • 1966-10-01 Newspaper magnate Thomson purchases "The Times"
  • 1969-01-02 Once influential daily sports newspaper, 'Soviet Sport' declares Czech super-star distance runner Emil Zatopek a "public enemy" after he supports democratic wing of the Communist Party at start of the Prague Spring
  • 1969-07-07 German newspaper Der Spiegel reveals Bishop Defregger of Munich is a war criminal

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1969-09-23 Northern Star and Illinois Univ newspaper start rumors that Paul McCartney is dead

Musician and Beatle Paul McCartney
Musician and Beatle
Paul McCartney
  • 1970-05-14 NYC local newspaper "Our Town" begins publishing
  • 1970-10-26 "Doonesbury" comic strip debuts in 28 newspapers
  • 1970-11-17 British newspaper Sun puts 1st pinup girl on page 3 (Stephanie Rahn)

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1976-09-24 Newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst sentenced to 7 years for her part in a 1974 bank robbery. Released after 22 months by US President Jimmy Carter

39th US President Jimmy Carter
39th US President
Jimmy Carter
  • 1979-11-13 British newspaper "The Times" resumes publishing after 1 year
  • 1985-09-08 "USA Weekend's" 1st issue, appears in 255 newspapers
  • 1986-03-05 "Today" tabloid launched (Britain's 1st national colour newspaper); it folded in 1995
  • 1986-06-27 South African Journalist and founder of the 'New Nation' newspaper, Zwelakhe Sisulu is abducted; he was released 721 days later on 2 December 1988
  • 1986-10-07 First edition of new British newspaper "Independent" published
  • 1988-01-13 Supreme Court rules (5-3) public school officials have broad powers to censor school newspapers, plays & other expressive activities
  • 1989-01-03 Russian newspaper Izvestia gets its 1st commercial advertisement
  • 1989-04-03 "Sunrise" a Gannett newspaper begins publishing for Bronx
  • 1990-09-17 Newspaper Guild votes 242-35 to keep NY Post publishing
  • 1991-03-30 Last issue of Dutch Newspaper "Vr˜e Folk" (Free People)
  • 1991-04-02 Rotterdam Daily Newspaper begins publishing
  • 1991-06-13 The National, 1st all-sports daily newspaper, ceases publication
  • 1992-03-14 Soviet newspaper "Pravda" suspends publication
  • 1993-07-07 Prodigy announces it will offer Cox newspapers

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2000-02-13 The last original "Peanuts" comic strip appears in newspapers one day after Charles M. Schulz dies.

Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz
Charles M. Schulz
  • 2001-09-29 The Syracuse Herald-Journal, a U.S. newspaper dating back to 1839, ceases publication.
  • 2005-09-30 The controversial drawings of Muhammad are printed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.
  • 2007-01-19 Armenian Journalist Hrant Dink assassinated in front of his newspaper's office by 17 year old Turkish ultranationalist Ogün Samast.

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2013-06-05 The first article based on NSA leaked documents by Edward Snowden are published by the Guardian Newspaper in the UK

NSA Contractor Edward Snowden
NSA Contractor
Edward Snowden
  • 2014-12-19 The Guardian newspaper calls 2014 'The year the people stood up'

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2015-01-07 Terrorist attack on the offices of satirical newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris kills 12 (including Jean Cabut and Stéphane Charbonnier), injures 11

  • 2015-07-18 "The Sun" newspaper in Britain controversially publishes old picture and video of Queen Elizabeth giving Nazi salute in 1933
  • 2017-11-24 18 women accuse Jean-Claude Arnault with ties to the Nobel Prize Committee of sexual assault and harassment in Swedish Dagens Nyheter newspaper
  • 2018-06-28 Lone gunman attacks offices of Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, killing nine
  • 2018-08-02 Tokyo Medical University revealed to have been tampering with female entrance exams to ensure under 30% accepted, by Japanese newspaper "Yomiuri Shimbun"

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2018-09-10 Australian newspaper the "Herald Sun" criticised for "racist" cartoon of American tennis star Serena Williams

Tennis Player Serena Williams
Tennis Player
Serena Williams
  • 2018-11-02 Breeders' Cup Horse Racing, Churchill Downs; Day 1 winners: Bulletin, Newspaperofrecord, Jaywalk, Line of Duty, Game Winner
  • 2018-11-13 Kristine E. Guillaume is named the first black woman to head prestigious Harvard student newspaper "The Crimson"

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2019-09-15 UK PM Boris Johnson compares himself to Marvel Hulk character in newspaper interview "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets" about UK exiting the EU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson
British Prime Minister
Boris Johnson

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2019-10-01 Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex sue British newspaper The Mail on Sunday claiming it published her private letter

Prince of Wales Prince Harry
Prince of Wales
Prince Harry
Duchess of Sussex and Former Actress Meghan Markle
Duchess of Sussex and Former Actress
Meghan Markle
  • 2019-10-21 Australia's biggest newspapers all blank out their front pages in protest against press restrictions

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2020-11-02 Johnny Depp loses libel case against UK newspaper "The Sun", which called him a "wife-beater", said he assaulted wife Amber Heard

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