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Birthdays in Music in 1813

Birthdays in Music

  • Jan 23 Franz Commer, German composer & musicologist, born in Cologne, Germany (d. 1887)
  • Feb 14 Alexander Sergeyevich Dargomyzhsky, Russian composer, born in Troitsko village, Tula, Russia (d. 1869)
  • Feb 16 Semyon Stepanovich Gulak-Artemovsky, composer
  • Mar 2 George Alexander Macfarren, British composer and musicologist, born in London, England (d. 1887)
  • May 15 Stephen Heller, Hungarian composer and pianist, born in Pest (d.1888)

Person of interestRichard Wagner

May 22 Richard Wagner, German composer (The Ring of the Nibelung, Flying Dutchman), born in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany (d. 1883)

Composer Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner
  • Jun 5 Prosper Philippe Catherine Sainton, French composer, born in Toulouse, France (d. 1890)
  • Jul 28 Alberto Mazzucato, Italian opera composer, born in Udine, Italy (d. 1877)
  • Aug 10 William Henry Fry, American composer, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1864)
  • Sep 28 Anton Wallerstein, German composer, born in Dresden, Germany (d. 1892)
  • Oct 8 Carl Ludwig Amand Mangold, German composer, born in Darmstadt, Germany (d. 1889)

Person of interestGiuseppe Verdi

Oct 10 Giuseppe Verdi, Italian opera composer (Rigoletto, La Traviata), born in Busseto (d. 1901)

Composer Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi
  • Oct 26 Henry Smart, English organist and composer, born in London (d. 1879)
  • Nov 27 Michele Puccini, Italian organist and composer (father of Giacomo), born in Luca (d. 1864)
  • Nov 30 Charles-Henri Valentin Alkan, composer
  • Dec 2 Jacob Rosenhaim, composer
  • Dec 10 Errico Petrella, Italian composer, born in Palermo, Italy (d. 1877)
  • Dec 24 Henry Wellington Greatorex, English-American musician, born in Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom (d. 1853)
  • Dec 29 Etienne-Joseph Soubre, Belgian composer, born in Li├Ęge, Belgium (d. 1871)