Year 1885 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Jan 25 Vincent d'Indy's "Saugefleurie" premieres
  • Mar 14 Gilbert & Sullivan's comic opera "Mikado" premieres in London at the Savoy Theatre
  • Mar 15 1st performance of Caesar Franck's "Lesson Djinns"
  • Mar 20 Yiddish theater opens in NY with Goldfaden operetta
  • Apr 30 Henry Lee Higginson starts the "Popular Music" series with the Boston Symphony, which evolves into the Boston Pops Orchestra 1900
  • Oct 24 Johann Strauss' operetta "Zigeunerbaron (Gypsy Baron)" premieres in Vienna
  • Oct 25 Johannes Brahms conducts the premiere of his 4th Symphony in e, Op. 98, in Meiningen, Germany
  • Nov 9 Opera "Ermine" premieres in London
  • Nov 30 Opera "El Cid" premieres (Paris)
  • Dec 2 Opera "Regina di Saba" premieres in Vienna

Musicians Who Died in 1885

  • Jan 4 Iosif Kotek, Russian composer and violinist, dies at 29
  • Feb 15 Leopold Damrosch, German-American composer, and conductor (New York Oratorio Society; New York Symphony), dies at 52
  • Feb 18 Charlotte Sainton-Dolby, English contralto and composer, dies at 61
  • Mar 28 Fredrick Vilhelm Ludvig Norman, Swedish composer, dies at 53
  • Mar 31 Franz W Abbot, German composer/choir conductor, dies at 65

More Deaths in Music