Year 1906 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Feb 18 Vincent d'Indy's "Jour D'été à La Montagne" premieres in Paris
  • Mar 10 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine" by pianist Paule de Lestang, in Lyon, France
  • Mar 19 Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari's "Quattro Rusteghi" premieres in Munich
  • May 27 1st outlining of Gustav Mahler's 6th symphony, in Essen, Germany
  • May 28 Shields and Cobbs' musical "His Honor, The Mayor" premieres in NYC
  • Sep 24 Victor Herbert and Henry Blossom's operetta musical "The Red Mill" opens at the Knickerbocker Theater, NYC
  • Dec 24 Reginald Fessenden becoomes 1st to broadcast music over radio (disputed)

Musicians Married in 1906

Musicians Who Died in 1906

  • Jan 1 Joseph Miroslav Weber, Czech composer, dies at 51
  • Feb 25 Anton Arensky, Russian composer and conductor, dies of tuberculosis at 44
  • Feb 26 Manuel Fernandez Caballero, Spanish composer, dies at 70
  • Mar 22 Martin Wegelius, Finnish musicologist and composer, dies at 59
  • Apr 25 John Knowles Paine, American composer (Symphony No. 2 - In Spring), dies at 67

More Deaths in Music