Year 1907 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Feb 3 Josek Suk's "Asreal Symphony", dedicated to his late wife and father-in-law Antonin Dvořák, premieres at the Prague National Theatre, conducted by Karel Kovařovic
  • Feb 5 Arnold Schoenberg's 1st string quartet premieres in Vienna

Musicians Who Died in 1907

  • Jan 1 Cyrill Kistler, German composer, educator, and music theorist, dies at 58
  • Jan 3 Josef Foerster, Czech composer, and music teacher, dies at 73
  • Jan 7 Anton Urspruch, German composer, dies at 56
  • Jan 14 Karl von Perfall, German composer, dies at 82
  • Feb 5 Ludwig Thuille, Austrian composer (sextet for piano and wind quintet), dies of a heart attack at 45

More Deaths in Music