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Person of interestCharlie Watts

Jun 2 Charlie Watts, drummer (Rolling Stones), born in London, England

Drummer Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts
  • Jun 2 William Guest, singer (Gladys Knight Show), born in Atlanta, Georgia (d 2015)
  • Jun 5 Martha Argerich, pianist (debut 1949), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Jun 7 Jaime Laredo, Bolivia, violinist (Qn Elisabeth of Belgium prize 1959)
  • Jun 8 Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins, US pop singer (Funkadelic-Knee Deep)
  • Jun 9 Billy Hatton, English rocker (The Fourmost), born in Liverpool
  • Jun 9 Jon Lord, British keyboardist (Deep Purple-Hush, White Snake), born in Leicester, England (d. 2012)
  • Jun 10 Harry Muskee, Dutch rock vocalist (Cuby & Blizzards)
  • Jun 10 Shirley Owens Alston, singer (Shirelles-Soldier Boy), born in Passaic, New Jersey
  • Jun 10 Mickey Jones, American musician and actor (Home Improvement, Justified), born in Houston, Texas (d. 2018)
  • Jun 12 Chick Corea, jazz pianist (Delhpi I, Toy Dance), born in Chelsea, Massachusetts
  • Jun 12 Reg[inald] Presley, [Ball], rock vocalist (Troggs-Wild Thing), (d. 2013)
  • Jun 12 Roy Harper, English musician (Folkjokeopus), born in Rusholme, Manchester
  • Jun 13 Esther Ofarim, Israeli singer
  • Jun 15 Harry Nilsson, American singer/guitarist (Midnight Cowboy), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Jun 16 Lamont Dozier, songwriter (Dozier-Holland-Dozier), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Jun 23 Robert Hunter, American lyricist and singer-songwriter (Grateful Dead)
  • Jun 30 Larry Hall, rocker (Tape Heads)
  • Jun 30 Micki Grant, American singer, composer and actress, 1st African Amerian woman to direct on Broadway, born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Jun 30 Mike Leander Farr, record producer
  • Jul 1 John Gould, British composer/musical comic
  • Jul 1 Twyla Tharp, Portland Ind, choreographer (Twyla Tharp Dance Troupe)
  • Jul 2 Stéphane Venne, French Canadian songwriter
  • Jul 9 Don McPherson, American R&B singer (The Main Ingredient), born in Indianapolis (d. 1971)
  • Jul 10 Ian Whitcomb, England, rocker (You Turn Me On)
  • Jul 10 Jake Eberts, film producer (Chariots of Fire, Dances with Wolves), born in Montreal, Quebec (d. 2012)
  • Jul 15 Geoffrey Burgon, composer
  • Jul 16 Mišo Kovač, Croatian musician
  • Jul 18 Jack Jersey, [de Nijs], Indonesian/Dutch singer/producer
  • Jul 18 Lonnie Mack, American rocker (Baby What's Wrong), born in Aurora, Indiana (d. 2016)
  • Jul 18 Martha Reeves, singer (& Vandellas-Dancing in St), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Jul 19 Natalya Bessmertnova, dancer (Bolshoi, Lenin Prize 1970), born in Moscow, Russia
  • Jul 22 George Clinton, rocker (Parliament-Funkadelic), born in Kannapolis, North Carolina
  • Jul 22 Thomas Wayne, rocker (Tragedy)
  • Jul 24 Barbara Love, american soul singer (Friends of Distinction), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Jul 26 Brenton Wood, rocker (Gimme Little Sign), born in Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Jul 26 Darlene Love [Wright], American singer (He's a Rebel), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Jul 27 Johannes Fritsch, composer
  • Jul 28 Riccardo Muti, Italian conductor (Philadelphia Orchestra), born in Naples, Italy
  • Jul 30 Paul Anka, singer (Put Your Head on My Shoulder), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Aug 1 Étienne Roda-Gil, French songwriter and screenwriter (d. 2004)
  • Aug 2 Doris Coley, American singer (The Shirelles), born in Goldsboro, California (d. 2000)
  • Aug 2 Homer Banks, US singer/songwriter (Be What You Are)
  • Aug 3 Beverly Lee, singer (Shirelles-Soldier Boy), born in Passaic, New Jersey
  • Aug 6 Doris Ernestine Hays, composer
  • Aug 14 Connie Smith, Elkhart, Indiana, singer (Dream Painter, New Horizons)
  • Aug 14 David Crosby, rocker (Crosby, Stills & Nash-Southern Cross), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Aug 15 Don Rich, American guitarist and country singer (Hee Haw), born in Olympia, Washington (d. 1974)
  • Aug 20 Dave Brock, British musician and founder of Hawkwind
  • Aug 24 Ernest Wright Jr, US rock vocalist (Imperials-So Much)
  • Aug 26 Chris Curtis, [Chris Crummy], rock drummer/vocalist (Deep Purple)
  • Aug 27 Cesária Évora "the Barefoot Diva", Cape Verdean morna singer, born in Mindelo (d. 2011)
  • Aug 30 John McNally, rock guitarist/vocalist (Searchers), born in Liverpool, England
  • Aug 31 Emanuel Nunes, composer
  • Sep 6 Monica Mason, England's ballerina, born in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Sep 8 Donald "Dante" Drowty, American singer (The Evergreens), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Sep 9 Karin von Aroldingen, German ballet dancer (NYC Ballet Co), born in Griez, Germany (d. 2018)
  • Sep 9 Curtis Otto Bismark Curtis-Smith, composer
  • Sep 9 Otis Redding, Dawson Ga, rock bassist (Sitting on the Dock of the Bay)
  • Sep 12 Hans-Karsten Raecke, composer
  • Sep 13 David Clayton-Thomas, singer (Blood Sweat & Tears - Joy to the World)
  • Sep 14 Alberto Naranjo, Venezuelan musician
  • Sep 15 Signe Toly Anderson, American singer, founding member of Jefferson Airplane, born in Seattle, Washington (d. 2016)
  • Sep 16 Joe Butler, American rock vocalist/drummer (Lovin' Spoonful), born in Glen Cove, New York
  • Sep 18 Haflidi Magnus Hallgrimmson, composer
  • Sep 19 "Mama" Cass Elliot, rock vocalist (Mamas & The Papas), born in Baltimore Maryland,
  • Sep 21 Tony Moon, American rock songwriter (Dante & the Evergreens), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Sep 24 Linda Eastman McCartney, American photographer and musician (Wings-Ram) and wife of Paul McCartney, born in NYC, New York
  • Sep 26 Joe Bauer, rock drummer (Youngbloods), born in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Sep 26 Salvatore Accardo, Italian violinist and conductor
  • Sep 29 Don Nix, US saxophonist (Last Night)
  • Oct 2 Ron Meagher, American rock bassist (The Beau Brummels), born in Oakland, California
  • Oct 3 Chubby Checker [Ernest Evans], American singer-songwriter (The Twist, Limbo Rock), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Oct 7 Martin Murray, rocker (Honeycombs), born in London, England
  • Oct 7 Tony Sylvester, rocker (Main Ingredient)
  • Oct 7 Larry Young [Khalid Yasin], American jazz musician (Unity), born in Newark, New Jersey (d. 1978)
  • Oct 8 George Bellamy, rocker (Tornados)
  • Oct 9 Chucho Valdés [Jesús Valdés Rodríguez], Cuban musician (Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna), born in Quivicán, Cuba
  • Oct 11 Lester Bowie, American jazz trumpeter (d. 1999)
  • Oct 13 Paul Simon, singer/actor (Kodachrome, 1 Trick Pony), born in Newark, New Jersey
  • Oct 16 Derek David Bourgeois, composer
  • Oct 16 Erkki Jokinen, composer
  • Oct 17 Alan Howard, rock bassist (Brian Poole & The Tremeloes)
  • Oct 17 Earl Thomas Conley, country singer (Too Many Times), born in Portsmouth, Ohio
  • Oct 17 James Seals, Sidney Tx, singer (Seals & Crofts-Summer Breeze)
  • Oct 18 William "Billy" Cox, Guitarist (performed with Jimi Hendrix), born in Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Oct 21 Steve Cropper, TN, guitarist/songwriter (Booker T & MGs)
  • Oct 25 Helen Reddy, Australian rock vocalist (I Am Woman), born in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Oct 28 Curtis Lee, American singer (Pretty Little Angel Eyes), born in Yuma, Arizona (d. 2015)
  • Oct 28 Glenn Moore, American jazz musician, born in Portland, Oregon
  • Oct 28 Hank Marvin, England, [Brian Rankin], rocker
  • Oct 30 Otis Williams [Otis Miles], American singer-songwriter (The Temptations), born in Texarkana, Texas
  • Nov 1 Johnny Kendall, [Johan Donkerkaat], Dutch blues singer
  • Nov 2 Bruce Welch [Bruce Cripps], English rocker (Shadows Bognor Regis), born in Bognor Regis, Sussex, England
  • Nov 3 Brian Poole, Essex England, vocalist (Brian Poole & The Tremeloes)
  • Nov 5 Art Garfunkel, American singer/actor (Simon and Garfunkel, Carnal Knowledge), born in New York
  • Nov 6 Doug Sahm, American country singer (Texas Tornadoes-Dinero), born in San Antonio, Texas (d. 1999)
  • Nov 6 Guy Clark, American country singer (Heartbroke), born in Monahans, Texas (d. 2016)
  • Nov 6 James Bowman, English countertenor, born in Oxford, England

Person of interestTom Fogerty

Nov 9 Tom Fogerty, American rocker (Creedence Clearwater Revival), born in Berkeley, California (d. 1990)

Rocker Tom Fogerty
Tom Fogerty

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