November 1952 in Music

Events in Music

  • Nov 6 Dmitri Shostakovitch's cantata "About our Fatherland" premieres
  • Nov 14 First regular UK singles chart published by the New Musical Express

Birthdays in Music

  • Nov 2 Maxine Nightingale, English soul music singer, born in Wembley, London
  • Nov 10 Pat Severs, country singer (Pirates of Miss-Fred Jake), born in Camden, South Carolina
  • Nov 11 Paul Cowsill, rock keyboardist (The Cowsills-We Can Fly), Newport, Rhode Island
  • Nov 21 Lorna Luft, singer/actress (Where the Boys Are-1980), born in Scarsdale, New York
  • Nov 23 Bill Troiano, musician
  • Nov 27 Daryl Stuermer, American guitarist (Genesis)
  • Nov 30 Mandy Patinkin, actor/singer (Yentl, Alien Nation), born in Chicago, Illinois

Weddings in Music

  • Nov 18 "Rock Around The Clock" rock and roll pioneer Bill Haley (27) weds Barbara Cupchak

Deaths in Music

  • Nov 23 Albert van Raalte, conductor (Radio Philharmonic Orchestra), dies at 62
  • Nov 25 Antonio Guarnieri, composer, dies at 72
  • Nov 25 Jean-Fernand Vaubourgoin, composer, dies at 71