Year 1968 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Feb 29 Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" wins Grammy Award for Album of the Year, the first rock LP to do so
  • Mar 17 Bee Gees make their US TV debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show" performing "To Love Somebody" and "Words"
  • May 28 Fantasy Records releases the self-titled debut album "Creedence Clearwater Revival", on leader John Fogerty's 23rd birthday; it feature's their cover of Dale Hawkin's "Susie Q"
  • Jun 1 Simon & Garfunkel's single "Mrs Robinson" from "The Graduate" hits #1 (first rock song to win Grammy for Record of the Year)
  • Aug 26 "Hey Jude" single released by the Beatles in US (Billboard Song of the Year 1968, Billboard 10th biggest song of all time 2013)
  • Aug 30 1st record released on Apple label in UK is The Beatles single "Hey Jude"
  • Sep 28 Beatles' "Hey Jude" single goes #1 and stays #1 for 9 weeks
  • Dec 21 Glen Campbell's album "Wichita Lineman" goes to #1 in the US
  • Dec 30 Frank Sinatra first records "My Way" with lyrics were written by Paul Anka and based on the French song "Comme d'habitude"
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Music Awards in 1968

  • Mar 4 3rd Academy of Country Music Awards: Glen Campbell and Lynn Anderson win
  • Mar 9 10th Grammy Awards: Up Up & Away, Sgt Pepper's wins 4
  • Apr 6 13th Eurovision Song Contest: Massiel for Spain wins singing "La, la, la" in London
  • Nov 20 2nd Country Music Association Award: Glen Campbell and Tammy Wynette win

Musicians Married in 1968

  • Mar 1 Singer-songwriter and actress June Carter (38) weds singer-songwriter Johnny Cash (36) at a church in Franklin, Kentucky
  • Mar 26 American folk singer and activist Joan Baez (27) weds American journalist and peace activist David Harris (22) in New York City; divorce in 1973
  • May 20 "The Who" guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend (23) weds Karen Astley in England

Musicians Divorces in 1968

  • Aug 16 Singer and actor Frank Sinatra and 3rd wife actress Mia Farrow divorce after 2 years of marriage
  • Aug 22 Cynthia Lennon sues Beatle member John Lennon for divorce on grounds of adultery
  • Nov 8 Cynthia Lennon is granted a divorce from The Beatles member John Lennon

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Musicians Who Died in 1968

  • Jan 9 Louis Aubert, French composer (Habanera), dies at 90
  • Jan 10 Josue Teofilo Wilkes, composer, dies at 85
  • Feb 5 (Charles Luckyth) "Luckey" Roberts, stride pianist and composer, dies at 80-ish [various sources dispute birth year, 1887 to 1895] [1]
  • Feb 7 Stuart Foster, American singer (Galen Drake Show), dies at 49
  • Feb 13 Ildebrando Pizzetti, Italian composer, dies at 87

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