January 1969 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Jan 2 Allan Sherman and Albert Hague's musical "The Fig Leaves Are Falling", starring Dorothy Loudon, Barry Nelson, and David Cassidy, opens at Broadhurst Theater, NYC; runs for 4 performances
  • Jan 2 The Beatles begin rehearsals, while being filmed, for the Let It Be project at Twickenham Film Studios, London

Music History

Jan 3 John Lennon's "Two Virgins" album declared pornographic in New Jersey

  • Jan 4 Allan Sherman and Albert Hague's musical "The Fig Leaves Are Falling", starring Dorothy Loudon, Barry Nelson, and David Cassidy, closes at Broadhurst Theatre, NYC, after 4 performances
  • Jan 5 "Maggie Flynn" closes at ANTA Theater NYC after 82 performances

Bayou Country

Jan 5 Creedence Clearwater Revival release their second album "Bayou Country", featuring singles "Good Golly, Miss Molly" and "Proud Mary"

I'm Livin' In Shame

Jan 6 The Supremes release single "I'm Livin' In Shame"

  • Jan 11 "Hooked on a Feeling" by BJ Thomas peaks at #5
  • Jan 12 "Golden Rainbow" closes at Shubert Theater NYC after 355 performances
  • Jan 12 Atlantic Records releases eponymous debut album of Led Zeppelin in US
  • Jan 22 "Celebration" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 110 performances
  • Jan 26 "Red, White, & Maddox" opens at Cort Theater NYC for 41 performances

Music History

Jan 29 Jimi Hendrix and Pete Townshend wage a battle of guitars

  • Jan 30 The Beatles perform their last live gig, a 42 minute concert on the roof of Apple Corps HQ in London, England

Birthdays in Music

  • Jan 3 Nikki Nelson, American country singer (Highway 101 - "Cry Cry Cry"; "Whose Lonely Now"), born in La Mesa, California

Marilyn Manson (54 years old)

Jan 5 American shock-rock singer-songwriter (Marilyn Manson - "The Dope Show"; "Tainted Love"), artist and actor, born in Canton, Ohio

  • Jan 8 Jeff Abercrombie, American rock bassist (Fuel, 1989-2010 - "Shimmer"), born in Kenton, Tennessee
  • Jan 8 Maria Salgueiro, Portuguese folk and world music singer, and songwriter (Madredeus, 1987-2007), born in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Jan 8 Teresa Salguerio, Portuguese singer (Madredeus), born in Lisbon, Portugal

Dave Grohl (54 years old)

Jan 14 American drummer, singer-songwriter, and guitarist (Nirvana; Foo Fighters), born in Warren, Ohio

Tiësto (54 years old)

Jan 17 Dutch DJ and record producer considered the "Godfather of EDM", born in Breda, Netherlands

  • Jan 18 Jesse L. Martin, American actor and singer (Rent; The Flash), born in Rocky Mount, Virginia
  • Jan 20 Nicky Wire [Jones], Welsh rock bassist and lyricist (Manic Street Preachers), born in Llanbadoc, Monmouthshire, Wales
  • Jan 25 Jesse Harte, American heavy metal vocalist (Southgang-Tainted Angel)
  • Jan 25 Kina Cosper, American rock and R&B singer (Brownstown), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Jan 27 Cornelius [Keigo Oyamada], Japanese musician and producer (Flipper's Guitar), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • Jan 27 Michael Kulas, Canadian singer-songwriter (James, 1997-2001), and record producer born in Oakville, Ontario
  • Jan 29 Hyde [Hideto Takarai], Japanese singer, born in Wakayama

Deaths in Music

  • Jan 4 Montague Fawcett Phillips, British composer, dies at 83
  • Jan 4 Paul Chambers, American jazz bassist (Miles Davis Quintet, 1955-63; Wynton Kelly Trio, 1963-68), dies of tuberculosis at 33
  • Jan 9 Ladislav Vycpalek, Czech composer, dies at 86
  • Jan 10 John Brownlee, Australian operatic baritone (Metropolitan Opera, 1937-57), dies at 69
  • Jan 16 Vernon Duke [Vladimir Alexandrovich Dukelsky], American composer and songwriter ("Taking a Chance on Love"), dies of lung cancer at 65

Grażyna Bacewicz (1909-1969)

Jan 17 Polish violinist and composer, dies of a heart attack at 59

  • Jan 19 Alcide "Slow Drag" Pavageau, American jazz guitarist and double-bassist, dies at 80
  • Jan 23 Jaroslav Křička, Czech composer, dies at 86
  • Jan 24 Pauline Hall, Norwegian composer, dies at 78
  • Jan 25 Irene Castle, American vaudeville, stage, and screen dancer, and animal rights activist, dies at 75
  • Jan 27 Hanns Jelinek, Austrian composer, dies at 67
  • Jan 31 Alexander Mikhaylovich Dzegelyonok, composer, dies at 77