July 1978 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Jul 1 "Act" closes at Majestic Theater NYC after 233 performances
  • Jul 9 "Hello, Dolly!" closes at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC after 152 performances

Music History

Jul 13 BBC bans Sex Pistols "No One is Innocent"

Film Premiere

Jul 21 "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" film starring The Bee Gees, based on the Beatles' album of the same name, premieres in NYC

Music History

Jul 25 John Lydon forms rock group Public Ltd Image

Birthdays in Music

  • Jul 4 Stephen McNally, British singer and songwriter (BBMak, 10 Reasons to Live), born in Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Jul 7 Misia [Misaki Itō], Japanese singer (Mother Father Brother Sister), born in Omura, Japan
  • Jul 9 Mark Medlock, German pop singer (Now Or Never), born in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Jul 10 Jesse Lacey, American musician (Brand New)
  • Jul 12 Mélanie De Biasio, Belgian jazz singer, composer and flute player (A Stomach Is Burning), born in Charleroi, Belgium
  • Jul 17 Émilie Simon, French singer, born in Montpellier, France
  • Jul 18 Verónica Romeo [Sotoca], Spanish pop singer, born in Elche, Spain
  • Jul 21 Damian Marley, Jamaican musician, born in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Jul 23 Stefanie Sun, Singaporean singer (Yan Zi), born in Singapore
  • Jul 28 Hitomi Yaida, Japanese singer-songwriter and guitarist, born in Toyonaka, Osaka
  • Jul 28 Luka Udjbinac, Croatian jazz musician, born in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Jul 31 Will Champion, British drummer (Coldplay - "Viva La Vida"), born in Southampton, England
  • Jul 31 Zac Brown, American country-rock singer and guitarist (Zac Brown Band - "Toes"; "Knee Deep"), born in Dahlonega, Georgia

Weddings in Music

Tammy Wynette

Jul 6 American country singer Tammy Wynette (36) weds record producer George Richey (42) in Florida

Deaths in Music

  • Jul 9 Zoltán Aladár, Transylvanian composer, music critic and teacher (The Goat and the Three Goons), dies at 49
  • Jul 10 Michel Gusikoff, American violinist, concert master, and composer, dies at 85
  • Jul 13 Antonio Veretti, composer, dies at 78
  • Jul 27 Willem Van Otterloo, Dutch cellist, composer, and conductor (Residentie Orkest, 1949-73; Melbourne Symphony, 1967-70; Sydney Symphony, 1971-77), dies in a car crash at 70
  • Jul 29 Glen Goins, American guitarist and singer (Parliament-Funkadelic - "Fantasy is Reality"), dies from Hodgkin's lymphoma at 24
  • Jul 29 Wesley LaViolette, American composer,conductor, poet, and educator dies at 84
  • Jul 30 Aasan Ferit Alnar, Turkish classical composer, dies at 72
  • Jul 31 Enoch Light, American orchestra leader (Gulf Road Show with Bob Smith), dies at 70
  • Jul 31 Günther Rennert, German film and opera director and producer, dies of a lung embolism at 67