Year 1983 in Music History

Events in Music

  • May 20 "Every Breath You Take" single released by The Police (Billboard Song of the Year, 1983)
  • Oct 11 "Can't Slow Down" second studio album by Lionel Richie is released

Music Awards in 1983

  • Jan 17 10th American Music Awards: John Cougar, Rick Springfield, and Olivia Newton-John win
  • Feb 23 25th Grammy Awards: "Roxanna"and "Toto IV"; Men at Work win
  • Apr 23 28th Eurovision Song Contest: Corinne Hermes for Luxembourg wins singing "Si la vie est cadeau" in Munich
  • May 9 18th Academy of Country Music Awards: Alabama, Ronnie Milsap, and Sylvia win
  • Jun 6 17th Music City News Country Awards: Marty Robbins & Roy Acuff win
  • Oct 10 17th Country Music Association Award: Alabama wins

Musicians Married in 1983

  • Feb 13 Film genius Jerry Lewis (56) marries 2nd wife dancer SanDee Pitnick
  • Jun 17 American singer-songwriter, of The Eagles, Glenn Frey (34) weds America artist Janie Beggs; divorce in 1988
  • Aug 16 American singer-songwriter Paul Simon (41) weds American actress and writer Carrie Fisher (26); divorce in 1984

Musicians Divorces in 1983

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