April 1985 in Music

Events in Music

  • Apr 8 "Leader of the Pack" opens at Ambassador Theater NYC for 120 performances
  • Apr 16 "Grind" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 79 performances
  • Apr 25 "Big River" opens at Eugene O'Neill Theater NYC for 1005 performances

Music releaseMusic Premiere

Apr 25 Roger Miller's musical "Big River" premieres in NYC

Country Singer Roger Miller
Country Singer
Roger Miller

Birthdays in Music

  • Apr 3 Leona Lewis, English singer
  • Apr 6 Garrett Zablocki, American musician
  • Apr 9 Yamashita Tomohisa, Japanese singer News
  • Apr 12 Hitomi Yoshizawa, Japanese singer
  • Apr 12 Olga Seryabkina, Russian singer
  • Apr 16 Benjamín Rojas, Argentine actor and singer
  • Apr 18 Elena Temnikova, Russian singer (Serebro)
  • Apr 26 Nam Gyu-Ri, Korean singer, member of See Ya
  • Apr 30 Ashley Alexandra Dupré, American singer and call girl

Deaths in Music

  • Apr 6 Mark Lothar, German composer (The Story of the Lazy Bear), dies at 82
  • Apr 8 J. Fred Coots, American songwriter (b. 1897)
  • Apr 14 Reginald Beane, American pianist (Starlit Time, Once Upon a Tune), dies at 63