April 1988 in Music History

Events in Music

  • Apr 9 "Les Miserables" opens at Umeda-Koma Theatre, Osaka
  • Apr 11 Royal Concert building in Amsterdam reopens

Election of Interest

Apr 12 Entertainer and restaurateur Sonny Bono is elected mayor of Palm Springs, California

  • Apr 14 Michael Rupert and Jerry Colker's musical "Mail" opens at Music Box Theater, NYC; runs for 37 performances

TNN Viewers Choice Awards

Apr 26 1st TNN Viewers choice awards: Randy Travis wins in 5 categories

Music Premiere

Apr 28 Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, and Tim Rice's musical "Chess" opens at Imperial Theater, NYC; runs for 68 performances

Music History

Apr 30 33rd Eurovision Song Contest: Celine Dion for Switzerland wins singing "Ne partez pas sans moi" in Dublin

Birthdays in Music

  • Apr 12 Paulo Londra, Argentine rapper and singer (“Adán Y Eva”; “Nena Maldición”), born in Córdoba, Argentina
  • Apr 15 Eliza "Doolittle" [Caird], British pop singer-songwriter ("Skinny Genes"; "Pack Up"), born in Westminster, London
  • Apr 17 Takahiro Moriuchi, Japanese singer-songwriter and musician (One Ok Rock), born in Tokyo, Japan

LizzoLizzo (35 years old)

Apr 27 American rapper, born in Detroit, Michigan

  • Apr 29 Younha [Go Youn-ha], Korean pop singer-songwriter (Touch; Run; Winter Flower), born in Seoul, South Korea

Weddings in Music

Mick Fleetwood

Apr 24 Musician Mick Fleetwood (40) weds model Sara Recor

Deaths in Music

  • Apr 4 Ludwig Stiel, German pianist, composer, and conductor, dies at 86
  • Apr 7 Cesar Bresgen, Austrian organist and composer, dies at 74
  • Apr 9 Brook Benton [Benjamin Franklin Peay], American soul vocalist (It's Just a Matter of Time; Rainy Night in Georgia), dies of meningitis at 56
  • Apr 9 Dave Prater, American R&B singer and musician (Sam & Dave - "Soul Man"), dies in a car crash at 50
  • Apr 14 Herbert Reynolds Inch, American composer and teacher, dies at 83
  • Apr 14 Johan Franco, Dutch composer, dies at 79
  • Apr 15 Youri Egorov, Soviet classical pianist, dies at 33
  • Apr 25 Boris Kremenliev, Bulgarian-American composer (The Tell-Tale Heart), educator (UCLA, 1947-78), and ethno-musicologist (Bulgarian-Macedonian Folk Music),r, dies at 76
  • Apr 25 Carolyn Franklin, American singer-songwriter, sister of Aretha, dies of cancer at 43
  • Apr 25 Lanny Ross, American radio singer (Show Boat, The Swift Show), dies at 82
  • Apr 28 B. W. Stevenson, American country singer, dies at 38
  • Apr 29 Jan Kapr, Czech composer, dies at 74
  • Apr 30 James McCracken, American operatic tenor (Otello), dies at 61