February 2007 in Music History

Events in Music

Grammy Awards

Feb 11 49th Grammy Awards: [Dixie] Chicks -"Not Ready To Make Nice"; Carrie Underwood (new artist and female country vocal); Bob Dylan; Mary J. Blige; Red Hot Chili Peppers win [1]

Divorces in Music

Carmen Electra

Feb 20 "Baywatch" actress Carmen Electra (34) divorces rocker Dave Navarro (39) due to irreconcilable differences after less than three years of marriage

Deaths in Music

  • Feb 1 Gian Carlo Menotti, Italian pianist, librettist, and composer (Amahl & Night Visitors), and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, dies at 95
  • Feb 1 Seri Wangnaitham, Thai dance choreographer, dies at 70
  • Feb 1 Whitney Balliett, American jazz critic, dies of cancer at 80
  • Feb 2 Billy Henderson, American singer (The Spinners - "The Rubberband Man"), dies at 67
  • Feb 2 Eric von Schmidt, American folk/blues singer-songwriter (b. 1931)
  • Feb 2 Joe Hunter, American pianist and bandleader of Motown's house band - The Funk Brothers (1959-64), dies at 79
  • Feb 3 Pedro Knight, Cuban-American trumpeter, husband and manager of legendary singer Celia Cruz, dies from complications of diabetes at 85
  • Feb 4 Barbara McNair, American singer ("Till There Was You") and actress (They Call Me MR. Tibbs), dies of throat cancer at 72
  • Feb 4 Colin Romoff, American orchestra leader (Andy Williams Show), dies at 82
  • Feb 6 Frankie Laine [Francesco Paolo LoVecchio], American singer ("Jezebel"; "Rawhide"; "Blazing Saddles"), songwriter ("We'll Be Together Again"), and actor (Bring Your Smile Along), dies of heart failure at 93
  • Feb 7 Bobby Rosengarden, American jazz and session drummer, and bandleader, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 82
  • Feb 9 Louis Ballard [Honganózhe], Native American composer and educator (The Four Moons), dies at 75
  • Feb 12 Eldee Young, American jazz upright bassist (Ramsey Lewis Trio, 1956-66 'The In Crowd"; Young-Holt Unlimited - "Soulful Strut"), dies of a heart attack at 71
  • Feb 12 Peggy Gilbert, American jazz saxophonist and bandleader (b. 1905)
  • Feb 14 Gareth Morris, British flautist (b. 1920)
  • Feb 15 Ray Evans, American lyricist ("To Each His Own"; "Mona Lisa"; "Silver Bells"; "Mister Ed"), dies at 92
  • Feb 17 Dermot O'Reilly, Irish-born Canadian musician, producer and songwriter (b. 1943)
  • Feb 19 Celia Franca, Canadian ballet dancer, founder of National Ballet of Canada, dies at 85
  • Feb 19 Janet Blair [Martha Janet Lafferty], American singer and actress (Leave it to the Girls; Smith Family), dies of pneumonia at 85
  • Feb 22 Edgar Evans, Welsh tenor (Covent Garden Opera Company), dies at 94
  • Feb 22 Ian Wallace, British session and touring rock and jazz drummer (King Crimson, 1971-72; Bob Dylan, 1977-78; Crimson Jazz Trio, 2005-07), dies of esophageal cancer at 60
  • Feb 23 Donnie Brooks, American singer (b. 1936)
  • Feb 24 Leroy Jenkins, American composer and violinist (b. 1932)
  • Feb 25 Mark Spoelstra, American folk singer and songwriter, dies at 66
  • Feb 27 Bobby Rosengarden, American jazz drummer and bandleader, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 82
  • Feb 28 Billy Thorpe, Australian musician (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs), dies at 61