June 2021 in Music History

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Jun 23 Britney Spears requests a judge end her court-ordered conservatorship, states "I think this conservatorship is abusive. I don't think I can live a full life"

Deaths in Music

  • Jun 11 John Gabriel [Jack Monkarsh], American stage and screen actor (Ryan's Hope), singer, lyricist, and producer, dies at 90
  • Jun 21 Pat Lupo, American rock bassist (Beaver Brown Band, 1972-94 - "On The Dark Side"; "Tough All Over"), dies at 66
  • Jun 23 Ellen McIlwaine, American blues singer-songwriter, and slide guitarist ("Honky Tonky Angel"; β€œIn My Time of Dying"), dies of esophageal cancer at 75
  • Jun 26 Frederic Rzewski, American concert pianist, and composer (Spacecraft), dies of a heart attack at 83
  • Jun 26 Johnny Solinger, American rock singer-songwriter (Skid Row, 1999 to 2015), dies of liver failure at 55
  • Jun 26 Jon Hassell, American composer and trumpet player (Dream Theory In Malaya), dies at 84
  • Jun 27 Arturo "Chico" O'Farrill, Cuban Latin and Afro-Cuban jazz composer, arranger, and conductor, dies of pneumonia at 79
  • Jun 29 John Lawton, British rock singer (Lucifer's Friend, 1970-76, 1981-82, 2014–21; Uriah Heep, 1977-79), dies at 74
  • Jun 30 Vic Briggs, British guitarist (The Animals, 1966-68), and producer; later known as Antion Vikram Singh, he created Sikhi devotional and Hawaiian music, dies at 76