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On This Day in Music for August 6

Events in Music

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1939 1st broadcast of "Dinah Shore Show" on NBC-radio

Singer, Actress and TV Personality Dinah Shore
Singer, Actress and TV Personality
Dinah Shore
  • 1947 1st performance of Villa-Lobos' "Bachianas Brasilieras No 8"

Music ReleaseThe Twist Dance Craze

1960 Chubby Checker performs his version of "The Twist" on "The Dick Clark Show" starting a worldwide dance craze

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Young people in Berlin taking part in the Twist dance craze, 1964
Young people in Berlin taking part in the Twist dance craze, 1964
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  • 1965 Beatles release "Help" album in UK

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1973 Stevie Wonder involved in car crash, goes into a 4 day coma

Singer-Songwriter Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

Oh! Calcutta! - The Bare FactsOh! Calcutta! - The Bare Facts

1989 "Oh! Calcutta!" revival closes at Edison Theater NYC after 5959 performances, Broadway’s longest-running musical revue

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A brief cover-up by the cast of
A brief cover-up by the cast of "Oh! Calcutta!"
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  • 1995 "Damn Yankees" closes at Marquis Theater NYC after 510 performances

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1996 Punk rock band the Ramones perform for the last time at the Palace in Hollywood

Guitarist Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone
  • 2012 "Cruise" single released by Florida Georgia Line (Billboard Song of the Year 2013)

Birthdays in Music

  • 1619 Barbara Strozzi, Italian singer and composer, baptised in Venice (d. 1677)
  • 1651 Johann Michael Zächer, Austrian composer, born in Vienna (d. 1712)
  • 1664 Johann Christoph Schmidt, German composer, born in Ansbach, Bavaria (d. 1728)
  • 1665 Jean-Baptiste Lully fils, French musician and son of Jean-Baptiste Lully, born in Paris, France (d. 1743)
  • 1748 Bernhard Haltenberger, German composer, born in Schongau, Bavaria (d. 1780)
  • 1858 Albert Fuchs, Swiss-German composer, born in Basel, Switzerland (d. 1910)
  • 1873 Mary Carr Moore, American composer, born in Memphis, Tennessee (d. 1957)
  • 1875 Marcel Labey, French conductor and composer, born in Vésinet, France (d. 1968)
  • 1883 Francesco Santoliquido, Italian composer, born in San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples, Italy (d. 1971)
  • 1884 Arthur Fields [Abraham Finkelstein], American singer-songwriter (Aba Daba Honeymoon), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1953)
  • 1886 Edward Ballantine, American composer and music professor, born in Oberlin, Ohio (d. 1971)
  • 1888 Heinrich Schlusnus, German baritone, born in Braubach (d. 1952)
  • 1896 Cyril Mockridge, British composer for film and television (Miracle On 34th Street; The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance), born in London (d. 1979)
  • 1902 Michal Vilec, composer
  • 1906 Vic Dickenson, American trombonist (d. 1984)
  • 1908 George Singer, composer
  • 1908 Svend Erik Tarp, Danish composer, born in Thisted, Denmark (d. 1994)
  • 1910 Friedrich Schroder, composer
  • 1918 Norman Granz, American record producer (Jazz at the Philharmonic; Verve Records), born in Los Angeles, California (d. 2001)
  • 1923 Jack Parnell, orchestra leader (Englebert Humperdick Show), born in London, England
  • 1925 Leland Smith, American composer, bassoonist and computer coder who led music publishing into the digital age (SCORE), born in Oakland, California (d. 2013)
  • 1929 Mike Elliott, saxophonist, born in Jamaica, West Indies
  • 1930 Abbey Lincoln [Anna Wooldridge], African-American civil rights activist, jazz vocalist, songwriter and actress (Nothing But a Man), born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 2010)
  • 1937 Baden Powell de Aquino, Brazilian guitarist (d. 2000)
  • 1937 Paul Griffin, American session musician and pianist, born in Harlem, New York (d. 2000)
  • 1937 Charlie [Charles Edward] Haden, American jazz double-bassist (Liberation Music Orchestra; Quartet West), born in Shenandoah, Iowa (d. 2014)
  • 1938 Igor Mikhailovich Luchenok, Belarusian composer and teacher, born in Minsk, Belarus (d. 2018)
  • 1939 William "Sonny" Sanders, American songwriter, arranger and producer (Jackie Wilson), born in Chicago, Illinois (d. 2016)
  • 1941 Sorrel [Doris Ernestine] Hays, American pianist and composer (The Glass Woman), born in Memphis, Tennessee (d. 2020)
  • 1945 John Kongos, South African singer and songwriter (He's Gonna Step On You Again), born in Johannesburg
  • 1946 Allan Holdsworth, British guitarist, born in Bradford (d. 2017)
  • 1952 Ton Scherpenzeel, Dutch rock keyboardist (Kayak, Earth & Fire), born in Hilversum, The Netherlands
  • 1952 Vinnie Vincent, heavy metal rocker (Solo-Ashes to Ashes)
  • 1953 Pat MacDonald, rocker (Timbuk 3)
  • 1954 Elma Miller, Canadian composer, born in Toronto
  • 1958 Randy DeBarge, rock vocalist/bassist (Debarge), born in Grand Rapids Michigan
  • 1958 Simon Francken, Dutch bassist (Ivy Green)
  • 1959 Joyce Sims, rocker (All & All)
  • 1965 Yuki Kajiura, Japanese composer
  • 1966 Regina Carter, American jazz and classical violinist, and composer, born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1969 Elliott [Steven] Smith, American musician (Oscar nominee for "Miss Misery" from Good Will Hunting), born in Omaha, Nebraska (d. 2003)

Person of interestGeri Horner

1972 Geri Horner [Halliwell], British pop singer "Ginger Spice" (Spice Girls), born in Watford, England

Singer Geri Horner
Geri Horner
  • 1980 Wilber Pan, Taiwanese-American singer, rapper and actor, born in West Virgina
  • 1981 Leslie Odom Jr., American actor and singer (Hamilton), born in New York City

Deaths in Music

  • 1548 Georg Rhau/Rhaw, German cantor/composer/music publisher, dies
  • 1686 Paul Hainlein, German composer, dies at 60
  • 1775 Heinrich Nikolaus Gerber, German composer, dies at 72
  • 1784 Karl Kohaut, Austrian composer and lutenist, dies at 57
  • 1799 Joseph Friebert, Austrian composer, dies at 74
  • 1816 Karl Frieberth, Austrian composer, dies at 80
  • 1820 Antonin Vranicky, Czech composer and violinist, dies at 59
  • 1821 Antonio Bartolomeo Bruni, Italian composer and conductor, dies at 64
  • 1848 Nicola Vaccai, Italian composer, dies at 58
  • 1853 Josif Josifovich Genishta, Russian composer, dies at 57
  • 1895 George Frederick Root, American songwriter (The Battle Cry of Freedom), dies at 74
  • 1904 Eduard Hanslick, German music critic, dies at 78
  • 1924 John Henry Roberts, composer, dies at 76
  • 1928 W. H. Grattan Flood, Irish author and composer, dies at 68
  • 1931 Leon Bismarck "Bix" Beiderbecke, American cornetist, one of the most influential jazz soloists of the 1920s (In Mist), dies at 29
  • 1935 Alexander Winkler, Russian composer, dies at 70
  • 1965 Peter Ronnefeld, German composer and conductor (Die Nachtausgabe), dies at 30
  • 1970 Ingolf Dahl [Marcus], German-American pianist and composer (Allegro and Arioso), dies at 56
  • 1973 Memphis Minnie, American blues musician, dies at 76
  • 1974 Gene Ammons, American jazz saxophonist (b. 1925)
  • 1976 Gregor Piatigorsky, Ukrainian-American cellist, dies at 73
  • 1983 Klaus Nomi, German singer (b. 1944)
  • 1994 Domenico Modugno, Italian singer-songwriter (Volare), dies at 66
  • 1995 André Fleury, French organist and composer, dies at 92
  • 1995 Youly Algaroff, Russian-French ballet dancer, dies at 77
  • 2001 Larry Adler, American pop and classical harmonica player, and composer, dies of cancer at 87

Person of interestRick James

2004 Rick James, American funk musician ("Super Freak"), dies of pulmonary failure and cardiac failure at 56

Musician Rick James
Rick James
  • 2005 Ibrahim Ferrer, Cuban musician (Buena Vista Social Club) (b. 1927)
  • 2005 Keter Betts, American jazz bassist (b. 1928)
  • 2005 James Wilson, English-Irish classical composer (Grinning At The Devil) dies at 82
  • 2007 Zsolt Daczi, Hungarian rock guitarist (Bikini, Omen, Carpathia Project Tirana Rockers, solo), dies at 38
  • 2007 Teizo Matsumura, Japanese composer ("Chinmoku / Silence"; "Hymn to Aurora") and haiku poet, dies at 78
  • 2009 Willy DeVille, American singer (Mink DeVille), dies of pancreatic cancer at 58
  • 2012 Marvin Hamlisch, American composer and conductor (The Sting, A Chorus Line), dies at 68
  • 2012 Ruggiero Ricci, American composer and violinist (Paganini), dies from heart failure at 94
  • 2016 Pete Fountain, American jazz clarinetist (Lawrence Welk 1957-59), dies at 86
  • 2019 Maurice Simon, American jazz musician, dies at 90
  • 2020 Wayne Fontana [Glyn Geoffrey Ellis], British rocker (The Mindbenders - "The Game Of Love"), dies at 74