Deaths in Music in February 1993

  • Feb 3 Karel Goeyvaerts, Flemish composer (8 Horse Bet), dies at 69
  • Feb 14 Buddy Pepper, composer, dies of heart failure at 70
  • Feb 15 George Wallington, [Giacinto Figlia], Italian bebop-pianist/, dies
  • Feb 25 Eddie Constantine, American singer and actor (Alphaville, License to Kill, Lucky Jo, It Lives Again), dies from a heart attack at 79
  • Feb 25 Jan D Boeke, Dutch organist/conductor, dies
  • Feb 25 Toy Caldwell, American Southern-rock musician (Marshall Tucker Band), dies of cocaine induced cardio-respiratory failure at 45
  • Feb 27 Marģeris Zariņš, Latvian composer and writer, dies at 82
  • Feb 28 Ruby Keeler, Canadian actress, singer, and dancer (42nd Street, Dames), dies of cancer at 82