On This Day

Events in Music in 1919

  • Jan 15 Pianist and statesman Ignace Paderewski becomes first premier of Poland

Music History

Jan 18 Composer and musician Ignacy Jan Paderewski becomes Polish Prime Minister

  • Feb 3 Herbert and Blossom's musical "Velvet Lady" premieres in New York City
  • Mar 5 Louis Hirsch & Harold Atteridge's musical premieres in NYC
  • Apr 19 Opera "Monsieur Beaucaire" is produced (London)

Music Premiere

Oct 10 Richard Strauss and Hugo van Hofmannsthal's opera "Die Frau ohne Schatten" (The Woman Without A Shadow), premieres in Vienna, Austria

  • Oct 23 Romberg & Atteridge's musical "Passing Show" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 23 Orchestra Hall, designed by C. Howard Crane opens in Detroit, Michigan; home of the Detroit Symphony, 1919-39 and 1989 to present, also known as The Paradise Theater, featuring top jazz performers and films, 1941-51
  • Oct 26 B C Hilliam's musical "Buddies" premieres in NYC

Music Premiere

Oct 26 Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85, his last notable work, premieres at Queen's Hall, London

  • Nov 5 Ir à Steringa Idzerda begins hosting "soirée-musical" on Dutch radio
  • Nov 6 1st Dutch radio program: Soirée Musicale with "Turf in you(r) ransel"
  • Nov 18 H Tierney & J McCarthy's musical "Irene" premieres in NYC
  • Nov 27 Ignacy Jan Paderewski resigns as Polish Prime Minister