Events in Music on September 8

  • 1953 "Carnival in Flanders" opens at New Century Theater NY for 6 performances

#1 in the Charts

1956 Harry Belafonte's album "Calypso" goes #1 & stays #1 for 31 weeks

  • 1957 Jackie Wilson, releases his 1st solo single "Reet Petite"
  • 1958 Paul Anka opens Asian tour in Tokyo
  • 1961 Nashville-based guitar wizard Hank Garland sustains career-ending injuries in a single vehicle accident near Springfield, Tennessee

Hey, Hey – We're The Monkees

1965 Small ads in Daily Variety and Hollywood Reporter attract 437 young men interested in forming the world’s first manufactured boy band, "The Monkees" - 3 are chosen with Davey Jones already having been cast

  • 1986 Westinghouse sells background music company Muzak to the Fields Company of Chicago
  • 1994 "Philadelphia, Here I Come" opens at Criterion NYC for 52 performances

Theatrical Finale

1996 August Wilson's drama "Seven Guitars" closes at Walter Kerr Theater, NYC, after 188 performances

Music Single

2001 Kylie Minogue releases her single "I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head", the biggest of her career

Music History

2016 Billy Corgan announces a new solo album, recorded with producer Rick Rubin, via a Facebook live video