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  • 1959-07-04 Bill McCorvey, American country singer (Pirates of Mississippi - "Feed Jake"), born in Montgomery, Alabama
  • 1959-07-05 Marc Cohn, American folk rock singer (Walking in Memphis), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1959-07-20 Radney Foster, Del Rio Tx, singer (Foster & Lloyd-Crazy Over You)
  • 1959-08-05 Pete Burns, English singer (Dead or Alive, "Spin Me Round"), born in Bebington (d. 2016)
  • 1959-08-09 Diane Williams, Hahn AFB Ger, singer (Girls Next Door-Don't Be Cruel)
  • 1959-09-02 Esther Oosterbeek, Dutch singer (Dolly Dots)
  • 1959-09-07 Jermaine Stewart, American R&B singer (We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off), born in Columbus, Ohio
  • 1959-09-28 Angela Groothuizen, Dutch singer (Dolly Dots)
  • 1959-09-30 Basia Trzetrzelevska, Polish jazz singer (Time & Life)
  • 1959-10-01 Youssou N'dour, Senegalese singer (Shaking The Tree), born in Dakar
  • 1959-10-03 Jack Wagner, American singer and actor (General Hospital, Melrose Place), born in Washington, Missouri
  • 1959-10-08 Gavin Friday [Fionán Martin Hanvey], Irish singer (Virgin Prunes), born in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1959-10-10 Kirsty MacColl, English singer and songwriter, born in Croydon, Surrey, England (d. 2000)
  • 1959-10-13 Marie Osmond, American singer and actress (Paper Roses, Goin' Coconuts), born in Ogden, Utah

Person of interestWeird Al Yankovic

1959-10-23 Weird Al Yankovic [Alfred Matthew], American parody singer (Eat It, UHF, Naked Gun), born in Downey, California

Parody Singer and Comedian Weird Al Yankovic
Parody Singer and Comedian
Weird Al Yankovic

Person of interestBryan Adams

1959-11-05 Bryan Adams, Canadian singer (Heaven), born in Kingston, Ontario

Singer Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams
  • 1959-11-09 Thomas Quasthoff, German singer, born in Hildesheim, Germany
  • 1959-11-14 Annie Schilder, Dutch singer (BZN)
  • 1959-12-08 Marty Raybon, American singer (Shenandoah-Sunday in the South), born in Sanford, Florida
  • 1959-12-14 Franco, Spanish singer, born in Cuba
  • 1959-12-28 Ana Torroja, Spanish singer (Mecano)
  • 1959-12-29 Ritsuko Okazaki, Japanese singer-songwriter (Kanashii Jiyū / Koi ga, Kiete Yuku), born in Hashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan (d. 2004)
  • 1959-12-30 Tracey Ullman, Slough England, singer/actress (Tracey Ullman Show)
  • 1960-01-10 Samira Said, Moroccan singer, born in Rabat, Morocco
  • 1960-02-04 Tim Booth, British singer (Heat, The World's End), born in Leeds, England
  • 1960-02-20 Kee Marcello [Kjell Hilding Löfbom], Swedish rock musician and singer (Europe-Final Countdown, Easy Action), born in Ludvika, Sweden
  • 1960-02-21 Steve Wynn, American singer-songwriter (The Dream Syndicate), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1960-02-27 Paul Humphreys, English singer & musician (OMD-Crush, Pacific Age), born in London, United Kingdom
  • 1960-03-12 Kipp Lennon, American singer
  • 1960-03-12 Minoru Niihara, Japanese singer
  • 1960-03-12 Maki Nomiya, Japanese singer (Pizzicato Five)
  • 1960-03-21 Guy Chadwick, English singer/songwriter (House of Love)
  • 1960-03-24 Nena, German pop singer
  • 1960-04-03 Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Dutch singer and songwriter, born in Hilversum, Netherlands
  • 1960-04-03 Marie Denise Pelletier, Canadian singer (Entre la tête et le cœur), born in Montréal, Québec
  • 1960-04-10 Katrina Leskanich, American musician and singer (Katrina and the Waves), born in Topeka, Kansas
  • 1960-04-29 Gerard Joling, Dutch singer (Love is in Your Eyes)
  • 1960-05-14 Anne Clark, English singer
  • 1960-05-19 Yazz, [Yasmin Evans], singer (Fine Time), born in London, England
  • 1960-06-08 Mick Hucknall, English singer-songwriter (Simply Red), born in Manchester, England
  • 1960-06-25 Zorica Kondža, Croatian pop singer (Stijene), born in Split, Yugoslavia
  • 1960-06-30 Murray Cook, Australian children's singer (The Wiggles), born in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia
  • 1960-07-01 Evelyn "Champagne" King, American disco singer (Shame, I'm in Love), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1960-07-12 Corynne Charby [Corinne Charbit], French model, actress and pop singer, born in Paris, France
  • 1960-07-14 Ray Herndon, American singer (McBride & Ride-Can I Count on You), born in Scottsdale, Arizona
  • 1960-07-14 Angélique Kidjo, Beninese singer-songwriter "Africa's premier diva", born in Ouidah, French Dahomey
  • 1960-08-07 Jacquie O'Sullivan, English singer and songwriter (Bananarama-Venus), born in London, United Kingdom
  • 1960-08-14 Sarah Brightman, English actress and singer (Phantom of the Opera), born in Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
  • 1960-08-17 Stephan Eicher, Swiss singer
  • 1960-09-23 John Rocca, English funk singer (Southern Freeze)
  • 1960-09-28 Jennifer Rush, singer/songwriter (Destiny, Ring of Ice)
  • 1960-10-04 Gregg "Hobie" Hubbard, country singer (Betty's Bein' Bad), born in Apopka, Florida
  • 1960-10-07 Kyosuke Himuro, Japanese singer, born in Takasaki, Japan
  • 1960-10-07 Viktor Lazlo, Belgian singer, born in Lorient, France
  • 1960-10-19 Jennifer Holliday, singer/actress (Dream Girls), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1960-10-20 Lepa Brena, famous Yugoslav singer
  • 1960-10-24 Carolien de Windt, Surinamese-Dutch singer (Mai Tai), born in Suriname
  • 1960-11-04 Kim Forester, American country singer (Forester Sister-Men), born in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
  • 1960-11-04 Frl. Menke, German pop singer (Neue Deutsche Welle), born in Hamburg, Germany
  • 1960-11-05 René Froger, Dutch singer (Everything Can Make a Man Happy), born in Amsterdam
  • 1960-11-09 Joëlle Ursull, French-Guadeloupean singer, born in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
  • 1960-11-12 Maurane, Belgian singer

Person of interestRuPaul

1960-11-17 RuPaul [Andre Charles], American drag queen, actor, singer and TV personality (RuPaul's Drag Race), born in San Diego, California

Actor, Singer and Drag Queen RuPaul
Actor, Singer and Drag Queen
  • 1960-11-18 Kim Wilde, English pop singer (Kids in America, You Keep Me Hanging On), born in London
  • 1960-11-25 Amy Grant, American gospel and rock singer (Glory of Love, Baby Baby), born in Augusta, Georgia
  • 1960-11-27 Ashley Ingram, English singer (Fizzz-Just an Illusion)
  • 1960-12-15 Doug Phelps, American singer (Ky Headhunters - Davy Crockett), born in Leachville, Arkansas
  • 1960-12-22 Wakin Chau (Emil Chau), Hong Kong-born singer and actor, born in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
  • 1960-12-28 Marty Roe, Lebanon Ohio, singer (Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle)
  • 1961-01-03 Erwin Blom, Dutch singer/guitarist (Eton Crop)
  • 1961-01-05 Iris DeMent, American country singer (Our Town), born in Paragould, Arizona
  • 1961-01-13 Suggs [Graham McPherson], English singer-songwriter (Madness), born in Hastings, England
  • 1961-01-16 Jill Sobule, American singer-songwriter, born in Denver, Colorado
  • 1961-01-27 Margo Timmins, singer (Cowboy Junkies)
  • 1961-02-03 Linda Eder, American singer
  • 1961-02-08 Vince Neil, American singer (Mötley Crüe)
  • 1961-02-14 Latifa, Tunisian singer, born in Manouba, Tunisia
  • 1961-02-24 Persijn "Dakota" Joling, Dutch rock guitarist/singer (Pilgrims-Red)
  • 1961-03-01 Davis Daniel, country singer, born in Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • 1961-03-05 Dan Stuart, American singer/songwriter (Green on Red)
  • 1961-04-01 Mark White, British rock guitarist, singer-songwriter and record producer (ABC-All of My Heart), born in Sheffield, England
  • 1961-04-13 Tammy Stephens, American singer (Girls Next Door-Don't Be Cruel), born in Arlington, Texas
  • 1961-04-16 Doris Dragović, Croatian singer, born in Split, Croatia
  • 1961-05-02 Doctor Robert [Bruce Robert Howard], Scottish singer-songwriter (The Blow Monkeys), born in Haddington, Scotland
  • 1961-05-04 Jay Aston, English singer (Bucks Fizz), born in Purley, Surrey

Person of interestEnya

1961-05-17 Enya [Eithne Ní Bhraonáin], Irish singer and songwriter (A Day Without Rain), born in Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland

Singer-Songwriter Enya
  • 1961-05-22 Dana Williams, American singer (Diamond Rio-Meet in the Middle), born in Dayton, Ohio
  • 1961-05-29 Melissa Etheridge, American singer/songwriter/guitarist (Never Enough)
  • 1961-06-06 Tom Araya, Chilean American musician (bass guitarist and lead singer of American thrash metal band Slayer), born in Viña del Mar, Chile
  • 1961-06-08 Keti Garbi, Greek pop singer (To Kati), born in Athens, Greece
  • 1961-06-10 Maxi Priest, [Max Elliott], Jamaican/English singer (Wild World)

Person of interestBoy George

1961-06-14 Boy George [O'Dowd], British singer-songwriter (Culture Club), born in Bexley, Kent, England

Singer-Songwriter Boy George
Boy George
  • 1961-06-15 Yoshimi Iwasaki, Japanese singer/actress
  • 1961-06-26 Terri Nunn, American singer (Berlin-Take My Breath Away), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1961-07-08 Toby Keith, American country singer and actor (Boomtown, Blue Moon), born in Clinton, Oklahoma
  • 1961-07-10 Jacky Cheung, Hong Kong singer and actor (Bullet in the Head), born in Hong Kong
  • 1961-07-21 Amar Singh Chamkila, Punjabi folk singer
  • 1961-07-22 Keith Sweat, American new jack swing singer, born in Harlem, New York
  • 1961-08-15 Matt Johnson, English singer-songwriter (The The), born in London, England

Person of interestBilly Ray Cyrus

1961-08-25 Billy Ray Cyrus, American country singer (Achy Breaky Heart), born in Flatwoods, Kentucky

Country Singer-Songwriter Billy Ray Cyrus
Country Singer-Songwriter
Billy Ray Cyrus

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