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Person of interestIdina Menzel

1971-05-30 Idina Menzel, American actress and singer, born in Queens, New York

Actress and Singer Idina Menzel
Actress and Singer
Idina Menzel
  • 1971-06-01 Roldán González, Cuban singer (Orishas)

Person of interestMark Wahlberg

1971-06-05 Mark Wahlberg, rap singer (Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch) and actor (Boogie Nights, The Departed), born in Boston, Massachusetts

Actor & Former Rapper Mark Wahlberg
Actor & Former Rapper
Mark Wahlberg
  • 1971-06-10 (Joel) "Jo-Jo" Hailey, American R&B singer (Jodeci - "Come And Talk To Me"; "Cry For You"), born in Monroe, North Carolina
  • 1971-06-15 Bif Naked [Beth Torbert], Canadian singer-songwriter (Spaceman) and actress, born in New Delhi, India
  • 1971-06-17 Paulina Rubio, Mexican singer, model and businesswoman (La Chica Dorada), born in Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1971-06-21 Anette Olzon, Swedish singer
  • 1971-07-14 Marie-Chantal Toupin, French-Canadian pop singer, born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1971-07-15 Danijela, Croatian singer
  • 1971-07-16 Ed Kowalczyk, American singer (Live), born in York, Pennsylvania
  • 1971-07-23 Dalvin DeGrate, American R&B singer and rapper, (Jodeci - "Cry For You"), born in Hampton, Virginia
  • 1971-07-23 Christopher Lee [Lee Meng Soon], Malaysian actor, singer and model (Show Hand), born in Malacca, Malaysia
  • 1971-07-24 John Partridge, British singer (Cats) and actor (EastEnders), born in Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
  • 1971-07-25 Roger Creager, American country music singer & songwriter, born in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • 1971-07-29 Lisa Ekdahl, Swedish pop and jazz singer-songwriter (Vem Vet), born in Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • 1971-08-17 Uhm Jung-hwa, South Korean singer and actress

Person of interestThalía

1971-08-26 Thalia Sodi, Mexican actress and singer known as the "Queen of Latin Pop", born in Mexico City, Mexico

Singer-Songwriter and Actress Thalía
Singer-Songwriter and Actress
  • 1971-08-27 Julian Cheung Chi-Lam, singer (A Modern Love Story) and actor (Return Of The Cuckoo), born in North Point, British Hong Kong
  • 1971-09-01 Lââm [Lamiah], French singer, born in Paris
  • 1971-09-06 Dolores O’Riordan, Irish musician and singer-songwriter (The Cranberries - "Zombie", "Linger"), born in Ballybricken, County Limerick, Ireland (d. 2018)
  • 1971-09-11 Richard Ashcroft, British singer (The Verve), born in Wigan, Lancashire, England
  • 1971-09-14 Andre Matos, Brazilian singer and musician (Symfonia), born in São Paulo, Brazil
  • 1971-09-18 Anna Netrebko, Russian opera singer, born in Krasnodar, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
  • 1971-09-22 Chesney Hawkes, English singer (Feels So Alive, The One and Only), born in Windsor, Berkshire, England
  • 1971-09-28 Joseph Arthur, American singer-songwriter
  • 1971-09-29 Sibel Tüzün, Turkish singer

Person of interestTiffany Darwish

1971-10-02 Tiffany [Renee Darwish], American pop and rock singer (I Think We're Alone Now), born in Norwalk, California

Pop and Rock Singer Tiffany Darwish
Pop and Rock Singer
Tiffany Darwish
  • 1971-10-03 Kevin Richardson, American pop singer (Backstreet Boys - "Quit Playing Games With My Heart"), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • 1971-10-04 Friderika Bayer, Hungarian singer
  • 1971-10-12 Ahn Jae Wook, South Korean actor, composer and singer, born in Donam-dong, Seongbuk District, Seoul, South Korea (d. 1971)
  • 1971-10-16 Chad Gray, American heavy metal singer (Hellyeah; Mudvayne), born in Latham, Illinois
  • 1971-10-17 Chris Kirkpatrick, American pop countertenor ('N Sync - "I Thought She Knew"), born in Clarion, Pennsylvania on
  • 1971-10-20 Dannii Minogue, Australian singer, sister of Kylie Minogue, born in Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1971-10-21 Nick Oliveri, American rock bassist and singer (Queens Of The Stone Age, 1998-2004), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1971-10-26 Anthony Rapp, American singer and actor, born in Joliet, Illinois
  • 1971-11-05 Edmond Leung, Hong Kong singer and songwriter, born in British Hong Kong
  • 1971-11-15 Sandra Kim [Caldarone], French singer (J'aime la Vie)
  • 1971-11-19 Alice Peacock, American folk singer, born in White Bear Lake, Minnesota
  • 1971-12-06 Naozumi Takahashi, Japanese singer and voice actor, born in Ōshū, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
  • 1971-12-16 Michael McCary, American R&B singer (Boyz II Men), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1971-12-21 Brett Scallions, American singer (Fuel, The X's), born in Brownsville, Tennessee
  • 1971-12-23 Masayoshi Yamazaki, Japanese singer-songwriter, born in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Person of interestRicky Martin

1971-12-24 Ricky Martin, Puerto Rican singer (Menudo) and actor (General Hospital), born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Singer/Actor Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin
  • 1971-12-24 Giorgos Alkaios, Greek singer, born in Athens, Greece

Person of interestDido

1971-12-25 Dido [Florian O'Malley Armstrong], English pop singer (No Angel; Eminem's "Stan"), born in London, England

Singer Dido
  • 1972-01-03 Nichole Nordeman, American singer
  • 1972-01-05 Sakis Rouvas, Greek pop-rock singer and musician ("Shake It"), born in Corfu Island, Greece
  • 1972-01-06 Nek [Filippo Neviani], Italian singer-songwriter, born in Sassuolo, Modena
  • 1972-01-17 Ken Hirai, Japanese singer and songwriter, born in Higashi-osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • 1972-01-24 Beth Hart, American singer-songwriter (LA Song, Screamin' for My Supper), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1972-01-27 Mark Owen, English pop singer
  • 1972-02-02 Dana International, Israeli singer
  • 1972-02-02 Tego Calderón, nominated reggaeton singer/rapper.

Person of interestRob Thomas

1972-02-14 Rob Thomas, American singer (Matchbox Twenty), born in Landstuhl, West Germany

Rocker Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas

Person of interestBillie Joe Armstrong

1972-02-17 Billie Joe Armstrong, American singer and musician (Green Day - "Basket Case"; "American Idiot"), born in Oakland, California

  • 1972-02-17 Yuki Isoya, Japanese singer (formerly Judy and Mary)
  • 1972-02-23 Steve Holy, American country singer, born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1972-02-29 Dave Williams, American singer (Drowning Pool) (d. 2002)
  • 1972-03-04 Ivy Queen [Martha Pesante], Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and songwriter, born in Añasco, Puerto Rico
  • 1972-03-08 Angie Hart, Australian pop singer
  • 1972-03-10 Timbaland [Timothy Mosley], American musician, record producer, DJ, rapper, singer, and songwriter, born in Norfolk, Virginia
  • 1972-03-15 Mark Hoppus, American rock singer and bass player (+44 and blink-182), born in Ridgecrest, California
  • 1972-04-02 Chico Slimani, Moroccan-British singer (It's Chico Time), born in Bridgend, Wales
  • 1972-04-04 Jill Scott, American soul singer and songwriter (Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1972-04-12 Şebnem Ferah, Turkish singer (Volvox), born in Yalova, Turkey
  • 1972-04-13 Aaron Lewis, American rock singer and songwriter (Staind - "It's Been Awhile"; "Eyes Wide Open"), born in Rutland, Vermont
  • 1972-04-21 Severina [Vuckovic], Croatian pop singer and actress (Moja Stikla), born in Split, SFR Yugoslavia
  • 1972-04-23 Patricia Manterola, Mexican singer and actress (Apuesta por un Amor), born in Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1972-05-11 Concha Buika [María Concepción Balboa Buika], Spanish singer (Niña de Fuego), born in Palma de Mallorca
  • 1972-05-19 Jenny Berggren, Swedish singer (Ace of Base)
  • 1972-05-27 Ivete Sangalo, Brazilian singer
  • 1972-05-29 Stanislas [Louis Stanislas Renoult], French composer and pop singer (L'Équilibre instable), born in Fontainebleau, France
  • 1972-06-04 [Domenica] Nikka Costa, American singer, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1972-06-06 Cristina Scabbia, Italian singer (Lacuna Coil)
  • 1972-06-09 Wesley Reid Scantlin, American guitarist and singer (Puddle of Mudd), born in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1972-06-26 Garou [Pierre Garand], Canadian singer (La Rivière de notre enfance), born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
  • 1972-06-29 Nawal Al Zoghbi, Lebanese singer, born in Jal el Dib, Lebanon
  • 1972-07-06 Isabelle Boulay, French-Canadian singer (Parle-moi), born in Sainte-Félicité, Quebec, Canada
  • 1972-07-17 Elizabeth Cook, American country music singer-songwriter (Aftermath), born in Wildwood, Florida
  • 1972-07-19 Naohito Fujiki, Japanese actor and singer
  • 1972-07-20 Vitamin C [Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick], American singer and actress, born in Old Bridge, New Jersey
  • 1972-08-02 Justyna Steczkowska, Polish singer, born in Rzeszow, Poland

Person of interestGeri Horner

1972-08-06 Geri Horner [Halliwell], British pop singer "Ginger Spice" (Spice Girls), born in Watford, England

Singer Geri Horner
Geri Horner
  • 1972-08-09 Juanes [Juan Esteban Aristizábal], Colombian singer and songwriter, winner of 24 Latin Grammy Awards, born in Carolina del Príncipe, Antioquia, Colombia
  • 1972-08-09 A-Mei [Kulilay Amit], Taiwanese Puyuma singer known as the "Queen of Mando-Pop", born in Beinan, Taitung, Taiwan
  • 1972-08-15 Mikey Graham, Irish pop singer (Boyzone), born in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1972-08-16 Emily Strayer (formerly Robison), American country singer, instrumentalist and songwriter (The Chicks, formerly known as Dixie Chicks), born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • 1972-08-18 Keiko Yamada, Japanese singer (Globe), born in Oita, Japan
  • 1972-08-18 Leo Ku, Hong Kong singer, born in British Hong Kong
  • 1972-08-19 Elizabeth Wolfgramm, American singer (The Jets), born in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 1972-08-19 Sammi Cheng [Sau Man], Hong Kong singer and actress (Internal Affairs), born in Hong Kong
  • 1972-08-19 Chihiro Yonekura, Japanese singer, born in Yokohama, Japan
  • 1972-09-06 Anika Noni Rose, American actress (Dreamgirls) and singer, born in Bloomfield, Connecticut
  • 1972-09-15 Kit Chan, Singaporean singer
  • 1972-09-21 Liam Gallagher, British singer and songwriter (Oasis, Beady Eye), born in Burnage, Manchester, England
  • 1972-10-03 Lajon Witherspoon, American rock singer (Sevendust), born in Nashville, Tennesee
  • 1972-10-06 Ryu Shi-won, Korean actor and singer
  • 1972-10-17 Tarkan [Tevetoğlu], Turkish pop singer (Şımarık), born in Alzey, West Germany
  • 1972-10-27 Elissa [Elissar Zakaria Khoury] Lebanese singer, born in Deir el Ahmar, Lebanon
  • 1972-10-27 Marika Krook, Finnish singer (Edea), born in Stockholm, Sweden

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