K-Pop Band BTS

Events in Music

Music History

2017-05-21 BTS wins the Top Social Artist at the Billboard Awards, becoming the first K-pop group to win any Billboard Award

Music History

2017-12-05 Twitter reveals K-pop boy band BTS were the most tweeted-about celebrities in 2017

  • 2018-05-18 K-pop boy band BTS release their album "Love Yourself: Tear", sells 135,000 first week

Billboard Music Awards

2018-05-20 25th Billboard Music Awards: Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar win 6 each; Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars also win; K-pop boy band BTS are the first Koreans to perform at the ceremony

  • 2018-05-27 South Korean boy band BTS are the first K-pop group to top the US Billboard 200 with their album "Love Yourself: Tear"
  • 2018-11-09 Korean pop band BTS appearance on Japanese TV show cancelled after member Jimin wore shirt with atomic bomb image
  • 2019-04-13 BTS is the first K-pop band to perform on US TV show "Saturday Night Live"
  • 2020-08-21 Korean pop group BTS releases single "Dynamite,"; becomes 1st video to be watched more than 100 million times in 24 hours on YouTube
  • 2020-09-01 BTS become the 1st all-Korean pop act to top the Billboard 100 singles chart with "Dynamite"
  • 2022-06-14 K-pop group BTS announce they are taking a break to pursue individual projects [1]
  • 2022-10-17 K-pop band BTS announces that all seven members will be serving in the South Korean military for the required 18 month minimum

Birthdays in Music

Kim Seok-jinKim Seok-jin (30 years old)

1992-12-04 Korean singer-songwriter (BTS, "The Astronaut"), born in Anyang, South Korea

  • 1993-03-09 Suga [Min Yoon-gi], Korean rapper and songwriter (BTS), born in Daegu, South Korea
  • 1994-02-18 J-Hope [Jung Ho-seok] South Korean rapper (BTS), born in Gwangju, South Korea,
  • 1994-09-12 RM [Kim Nam-joon], South Korean rapper (BTS), born in Ilsan, South Korea

JiminJimin (27 years old)

1995-10-13 South Korean singer-songwriter (BTS), born in Busan, South Korea

Kim Tae-hyungKim Tae-hyung (27 years old)

1995-12-30 born in Daegu, South Korea

JungkookJungkook (25 years old)

1997-09-01 South Korean pop singer-songwriter (BTS - "Euphoria"), born in Busan, South Korea