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Events in Music

  • 1966-04-12 Rocker Jan Berry crashes his corvette into a parked truck

Music concertMusic Concert

1970-06-12 Rocker and blues singer Janis Joplin debuts in Kentucky

Singer-Songwriter Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1970-06-23 Rocker and singer Chubby Checker arrested for marijuana possession

Singer and Dancer Chubby Checker
Singer and Dancer
Chubby Checker

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1975-06-23 Rocker Alice Cooper falls off stage in Vancouver, breaks 6 ribs

Rocker Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper
  • 1979-05-23 Rocker Tom Petty files chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 1979-06-26 Rocker Nigel Olsson runs a stop sign, accidentally crashes & kills a driver

Music releaseAlbum Release

1980-09-20 "Blizzard of Ozz", the debut solo album by English rock musician Ozzy Osbourne, is released in the United Kingdom

Rock Vocalist Ozzy Osbourne
Rock Vocalist
Ozzy Osbourne
  • 1981-03-27 "Blizzard of Ozz", the debut solo album by English rock musician Ozzy Osbourne, is released in the United States
  • 1981-04-20 Rocker Papa John Phillips arrested for drug possession
  • 1981-10-11 Unknown rocker Prince opens for Rolling Stones at LA Coliseum
  • 1988-07-08 Rockers Jonathan "Chico" & Robert DeBarge indicted on drug trafficking
  • 1992-04-01 Rocker Billy Idol fined $2,000 for hitting a woman
  • 1992-07-04 John Phillips, rocker (Mamas & Papas), undergoes a liver transplant
  • 1994-08-05 Rocker Billy Idol admitted to the hospital after drug overdose
  • 1997-07-25 Rocker Rick Danko gets suspended sentence in Japan for drug smuggling

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2003-01-13 Rock musician Pete Townshend of The Who was arrested in London on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children. He was later cleared.

Birthdays in Music

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 1,180

  • 1923-11-22 Dika Newlin, American composer, Schoenberg expert and punk rocker, born in Portland, Oregan (d. 2006)
  • 1925-08-15 Billy Pinkney, American rock bassist and vocalist (Drifters), born in Dalzell, South Carolina (d. 2007)
  • 1929-05-02 Link Wray, American rock guitarist, born in Dunn, North Carolina (d. 2005)
  • 1931-09-26 George Chambers, American rock bassist and vocalist (Chambers Brothers), born in Carthage, Mississippi
  • 1933-02-10 Don Wilson, American guitarist (The Ventures, Hawaii 5-0 Theme), born in Tacoma, Washington
  • 1933-09-01 Marshall Lytle, Old Fort, North Carolina, Hall of Fame rock bassist (Comets), (d. 2013)
  • 1934-07-23 Cleve Duncan, American rocker (The Penguins-Earth Angel), born in Los Angeles (d. 2012)
  • 1934-08-20 Sneaky Pete Kleinow, South Blend, IN, country-rock musician (Flying Burrito Brothers), (d. 2007)
  • 1934-10-19 David Guard, rocker (Kingston Trio)
  • 1934-11-08 Doc Green, American rocker (The Drifters) (d. 1989)
  • 1935-02-03 Johnny "Guitar" Watson, rock guitarist
  • 1935-02-05 Alex Harvey, rocker (Just Visiting This Planet)
  • 1935-02-11 Gene Vincent, American rock guitarist and vocalist (Be-Bop-A-Lula), born in Norfolk, Virginia (d. 1971)
  • 1935-05-09 Nole "Nokie" Edwards, American surf-rock guitarist (The Ventures) and actor (Deadwood), born in Lahoma, Oklahoma (d. 2018)
  • 1935-05-10 Larry Williams, American musician (Dizzy, Miss Lizzie), born in New Orleans, Louisiana (d. 1980)
  • 1935-09-19 Nick Massi, American rocker (4 Seasons-Sherry), born in Newark, New Jersey (d. 2000)
  • 1936-01-24 Jack Scott, Canadian rocker (My True Love)
  • 1936-03-04 Eric Allandale, rocker (Foundations)
  • 1936-03-06 Sylvia Robinson, American rocker (Mickey & Sylvia-Love is Strange), born in Harlem, New York (d. 2011)
  • 1936-03-26 Fred Paris, rocker (Five Satins)
  • 1936-04-04 Margo J. Sylvia, rocker (Tune Weavers) (d. 1991)
  • 1936-04-17 Pete Graves, American rocker (Moonglows), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1936-06-30 Dave Van Ronk, rocker/actor (Caffe Lena)
  • 1936-08-04 Elsbeary Hobbs, American rocker (Drifters), born in NYC, New York (d. 1996)
  • 1936-08-23 Rudy Lewis, American rocker (Drifters), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1964)
  • 1936-10-24 Bill Wyman, England, rocker (Rolling Stones-Under My Thumb)
  • 1936-11-18 Hank Ballard, American rocker (The Twist (pre Chubby Checker), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1936-12-04 Freddy Cannon [Picariello], American rocker (Palisades Park), born in Revere, Massachusetts
  • 1937-01-16 Bob Bogle, Portland, rock bassist/guitarist (Ventures-Batman Theme)
  • 1937-02-14 Magic Sam, rocker (Chicago Bluesman)
  • 1937-03-08 Richard Farina, American writer and folk rocker (Reflections in a Crystal Wind)
  • 1937-03-20 Joe Rivers, rocker (Johnnie & Joe)
  • 1937-05-29 Irmin Schmidt, rocker (Can)
  • 1937-06-20 Jerry Keller, rocker/actor (If Ever I See You Again)
  • 1937-07-06 Gene Chandler, [Eugene Dixon], rocker (Duke of Earl), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1937-08-27 Phil Shulman, Welsh rocker (Gentle Giant), born in Glasgow, Scotland
  • 1937-10-09 Pat Burke, British rocker (Foundations), born in Kingston, Jamaica
  • 1937-10-21 Norman Wright, rocker (Del-Vikings)
  • 1937-11-02 Earl "Speedoo" Carroll, American rocker (Cadillacs, Coasters), born in NYC, New York
  • 1937-11-19 Ray Collins, rocker (Mothers of Invention)
  • 1938-02-01 Jimmy Carl Black, rocker (Mothers Of Invention)
  • 1938-04-26 Maurice Williams, American rocker (Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs), born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • 1938-04-29 Klaus Voormann, German rock bassist (Manfred Mann-Mighty Quinn), born in Berlin, Germany
  • 1938-05-26 Jackie Liebesit, rocker (Can)
  • 1938-06-18 Don "Sugarcane" Harris, rocker/actor (Soup for 1, Greeased Lightning)
  • 1938-07-14 Bob Scholl, rocker (Mellow Kings)
  • 1938-07-17 Stan Bronstein, rocker
  • 1938-07-28 George Cummings, rocker (Dr Hook & Medicine Show)
  • 1938-08-24 David Freiberg, American rock bassist (Quicksilver Messenger), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1938-09-11 Charles Patrick, American rocker (The Monotones)
  • 1938-10-05 Carlo Mastrangelo, Italian-American rocker (Dion & The Belmonts), born in The Bronx, New York (d. 2016)
  • 1938-10-18 Ronnie Bright, rocker (Coasters)
  • 1938-11-19 Hank Medress, rocker (Tokens-Lion Sleeps Tonight), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1938-12-01 Sandy Nelson, Santa Monica, 50s rocker (Teen Beat, All Night Long)
  • 1938-12-05 J. J. Cale, American rock guitarist (After Midnight), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (d. 2013)
  • 1938-12-13 Tony Gomez, British rocker (Foundations), born in Colombo, Ceylon (d. 2015)
  • 1939-01-26 Marshall Lieb, rocker (Teddy Bears)
  • 1939-03-01 Warren Davis, rocker (Monotones)
  • 1939-03-18 Travis Pritchett, rocker (Travis & Bob)
  • 1939-04-01 Rudolph Isley, rocker (Isley Brothers-Shout), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1939-04-15 Marty Wilde, English singer, songwriter and father of rocker Kim Wilde, born in London, England
  • 1939-05-06 Herbie Cox, American rocker (Cleftones), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1939-06-17 Dickey Do, [Gerry Granahan], rocker (Dickey Doo & The Dont's)
  • 1939-07-01 Delaney Bramlett, Oklahoma, rocker (Shindogs, Delaney & Bonnie)
  • 1939-07-06 Jet Harris [Terence Harris], English rock bassist (Drifters), born in London, England (d. 2011)
  • 1939-07-18 Dion DiMucci, American rocker (Dion & Belmonts-Teenager in Love), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1939-07-31 John R. West, rock guitarist (Gary Lewis & Playboys-This Diamond Ring), born in Uhrichsville, Ohio
  • 1939-08-09 Billy Henderson, rocker (Spinners-That's What Girls Are Made For)
  • 1939-08-17 Luther Allison, Mayflower Ark, rock guitarist (Bad News is Coming)
  • 1939-08-26 Fred Milano, American doo-wop singer (Dion & The Belmonts), born in The Bronx, New York (d. 2012)
  • 1939-09-05 John Stewart, American rocker (Kingston Trio-Fire in the Wind), born in San Diego, California
  • 1939-09-10 Artie Tripp, rocker (Mothers Of Invention)
  • 1939-10-07 Colin Cooper, rocker (Climax Blues Band)
  • 1939-10-20 Jay Siegel, rock bassist (Tokens-Lion Sleeps Tonight), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1939-10-22 Ray Jones, rock bassist (Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas)
  • 1939-10-23 Ellie Greenwich, rocker
  • 1939-11-10 Tommy "Bubba" Facenda, American rock and roll artist (High School U.S.A.), born in Portsmouth, Virginia
  • 1939-11-28 Gary Troxel, rocker (The Fleetwoods), born in Centralia, Washington
  • 1939-12-23 Johnny Kidd [Frederick Heath], American rocker (Johnny Kidd & Pirates), born in London, England
  • 1940-02-20 Barbara Ellis, American rocker (Fleetwoods), born in Olympia, Washington
  • 1940-03-01 Ralph Towner, rocker (Oregon)
  • 1940-03-15 Phil Lesh, [Chapman], American rock bassist (Grateful Dead), born in Berkeley, California
  • 1940-03-20 Vito Picone, rocker (Elegants) and actor, born in Staten Island, New York
  • 1940-03-26 Rod Lauren, rocker (If I Had a Girl)
  • 1940-04-18 Mike Vickers, British rock guitarist (Manfred Mann-Mighty Quinn), born in Southampton, Hampshire
  • 1940-05-19 Mickey Newbury, rocker
  • 1940-05-31 August "Augie" Meyers, American singer-songwriter, producer, and record label owner (Sir Douglas Quintet, Texas Tornados) born in San Antonio, Texas
  • 1940-06-23 Stuart Sutcliffe, rocker (Beatles), born in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1940-07-04 Dave Rowberry, English rocker (The Animals-House of the Rising Sun), born in Nottingham, England (d. 2003)
  • 1940-07-09 John Salvito, rocker (Duprees)
  • 1940-08-10 Bobby Hatfield, American rocker (Righteous Bros-Unchained Melody), born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin (d. 2003)
  • 1940-08-19 Johnny Nash, rocker (I Can See Clearly Now), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1940-08-20 John Lantree, rocker (The Honeycombs), born in Newbury, Berkshire
  • 1940-10-03 Alan O'Day, American singer and songwriter (Undercover Angel, over 100 songs for the Muppet Babies). born in Hollywood, California (d. 2013)
  • 1940-10-07 Dino Valenti [Chester "Chet" Powers], American rock guitarist/vocalist (Quicksilver Messenger Service), born in Danbury, Connecticut (d. 1994)
  • 1940-10-08 Fred Cash, American rocker (Impressions), born in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • 1940-10-21 Manfred Mann, [Michael Lubowitz], South Africa, rocker (Mighty Quinn)
  • 1940-11-10 Screaming Lord Sutch, rocker
  • 1940-11-14 Freddie Garrity, rocker (Freddie & the Dreamers-I'm Telling You Now)
  • 1940-12-06 Steve Alaimo, rocker (Mashed Potatoes), born in Rochester, New York

Weddings in Music

LoveWedding of Interest

1971-05-12 Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger (27) weds actress and model Bianca PĂ©rez-Mora Macias (31) at St Tropez Town Hall, France

Rock Star Mick Jagger
Rock Star
Mick Jagger

LoveWedding of Interest

1976-03-20 Rocker Alice Cooper (28) weds choreographer Sheryl Goddard in Acapulco, Mexico

Rocker Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper
  • 1987-05-16 Rocker David Crosby weds Jan Dance in LA
  • 1989-02-17 Whitesnake's rocker David Coverdale weds actress Tawny Kitaen

LoveWedding of Interest

1990-12-15 Rocker Rod Stewart marries supermodel Rachel Hunter

Singer Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
  • 1991-07-27 Rocker Jani Lane, (Warrant-Cherry Pie) marries model Bobbie Brown
  • 1992-06-21 Actress Marina Sirtis (Star Trek NG) marries rocker Michael Lamper

LoveWedding of Interest

1992-08-20 Rocker Sting weds Trudie Styler at an 11th century chapel in Wiltshire, England

Singer and Actor Sting
Singer and Actor
  • 1994-06-03 Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder (29) weds Beth Liebling (27) in the Eternal City
  • 1995-02-19 "Baywatch" actress Pamela Anderson (27) weds rocker Tommy Lee (32) in Cancun, Mexico

LoveWedding of Interest

2003-11-22 Actress Carmen Electra (31) weds rocker Dave Navarro (36) at the St. Regis Hotel in Los Angeles, California

  • 2005-09-10 "The Yardbirds" rock guitarist Jeff Beck (61) weds Sandra Cash in Tunbridge Wells, England
  • 2006-05-06 "Scooter" techno rocker lead singer H.P. Baxxter (40) weds model Simone Mustert at Tremsbuttel Castle near Hamburg

LoveWedding of Interest

2009-06-27 Rocker Eddie Van Halen (54) weds publicist Janie Liszewski (39) at his seven-acre estate in the hills above Studio City, California

Hall of Fame rocker Eddie Van Halen
Hall of Fame rocker
Eddie Van Halen
  • 2011-10-01 Rock bassist Gene Simmons (62) weds actress and model Shannon Tweed (55) at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California
  • 2011-12-31 "American Idol" alum and rocker James Durbin (22) weds Heidi Lowe at the edge of a redwood and oak forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California

LoveWedding of Interest

2013-02-23 Former "Married With Children" actress Christina Applegate (41) weds rocker Martyn LeNoble (43) in Los Angeles

  • 2013-05-26 Cobra Starship rocker Gabe Saporta (33) weds fashion designer Erin Fetherston at St Nicholas Abbey plantation in Barbados

Divorces in Music

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

1978-05-01 Actress and model Bianca Jagger files for divorce from Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger after 7 years of marriage on the grounds of his adultery with model Jerry Hall

Rock Star Mick Jagger
Rock Star
Mick Jagger

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

2006-11-02 Rocker Rod Stewart (58) divorces model Rachel Hunter (33) due to irreconcilable differences

Singer Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

2006-11-27 Actress Selma Blair (34) divorces actor-rocker Ahmet Zappa (32) due to irreconcilable differences after more than 2 years of marriage

Actress Selma Blair
Selma Blair

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

2007-02-20 Baywatch actress Carmen Electra (34) divorces rocker Dave Navarro (39) due to irreconcilable differences after less than three years of marriage

  • 2007-07-05 Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese (34) divorces rocker Marilyn Manson (38) due to irreconcilable differences after a year of marriage

Deaths in Music

Deaths 1 - 100 of 169

  • 1958-04-10 Chuck Willis, rocker, dies at 30
  • 1958-08-14 Big Bill Broonzy, American blues singer and guitarist (Blues by Broonzy), dies of cancer at 65
  • 1959-02-03 The Big Bopper [Jiles Perry Richardson], American musician, dies in plane crash at 28
  • 1960-02-06 Jesse Belvin, rocker, dies at 26 in a car crash
  • 1960-04-17 Eddie Cochran, American rock vocalist and guitarist (C'Mon Everybody), dies at 21 in a car crash
  • 1964-05-20 Rudy Lewis, American rocker (Drifters), dies at 27
  • 1964-08-14 Johnny Burnette, American rockabilly singer-songwriter-guitarist (Train Kept A-Rollin', You're Sixteen), drowns at 30
  • 1966-04-30 Richard Farina, American writer and folk rocker, dies on his birthday in a motorcycle accident
  • 1966-10-07 Johnny Kidd, rocker (Johnny Kidd & Pirates), dies at 26 in a car crash
  • 1966-10-07 Smiley Lewis [Overton Amos Lemons], American singer (The Bells Are Ringing, I Hear You Knocking), dies at 46
  • 1967-01-01 Moon Mullican, American hillbilly pianist (7 Nights of Rock), dies at 58
  • 1967-02-03 Joe Meek, English record producer (Telstar), commits suicide at 37
  • 1967-12-10 Carl Cunningham, rocker (Bar-kays), killed in a plane crash
  • 1967-12-10 Jimmy King, rocker (Bar-kays), dies in a plane crash
  • 1967-12-10 Phalin Jones, rocker (Bar-kays), dies in plane crash
  • 1967-12-10 Ron Caldwell, rocker (Bar-kays), dies in a plane crash
  • 1968-05-27 Little Willie John, rocker, dies at 30
  • 1969-07-20 Roy Hamilton, American singer (You'll Never Walk Alone), dies at 40
  • 1969-10-23 Tommy Edwards, rocker, dies at 47
  • 1970-01-24 James "Shep" Shepherd, rocker (Shep & Limelites), beaten to death
  • 1970-01-31 Slim Harpo [James Moore], American blues musician (I'm a King Bee, Baby Scratch My Back), dies of a heart attack at 46
  • 1970-09-03 Alan Wilson, American rock guitarist and vocalist (Canned Heat), dies at 27

Person of interestJimi Hendrix

1970-09-18 Jimi Hendrix, American rock guitarist (Purple Haze), dies from asphyxiation at 27

Rock Guitarist Jimi Hendrix
Rock Guitarist
Jimi Hendrix

Person of interestJanis Joplin

1970-10-04 Janis Joplin, American rocker and blues singer-songwriter (Down on Me), dies of a drug overdose at 27

Singer-Songwriter Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin
  • 1971-10-12 Gene Vincent, rocker, dies of bleeding ulcers at 36
  • 1971-10-29 Duane Allman, rock guitarist, dies in a motorcycle accident at 24
  • 1971-11-18 [Herman] Junior Parker, American blues singer and musician (Mystery Train), dies during brain operation at 39
  • 1972-05-03 Les Harvey, rocker, dies
  • 1972-11-06 Billy Murcia, rocker (New York Dolls), chokes to death at 21
  • 1972-11-11 Berry Oakley, American rocker and bass player (Allman Brothers Band), dies in motorcycle crash at 24
  • 1972-11-18 Danny Whitten, rocker, dies of a drug overdose
  • 1973-03-08 Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, rocker (Grateful Dead) dies at 27
  • 1973-09-19 Gram Parsons, rocker (Byrds), dies of OD at 26
  • 1973-11-26 John Rostill, English rocker (The Shadows), electrocuted at 31
  • 1974-04-17 Vinnie Taylor, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a drug overdose
  • 1974-11-25 Nick Drake, rocker, dies of a drug overdose at 26
  • 1976-01-30 Mance Lipscomb, American blues musician (Shine On, Harvest Moon), dies at 80
  • 1976-02-21 Florence Ballard, rocker (Supremes), dies at 32
  • 1976-02-22 Florence Ballard, rocker (Supremes), dies of a heart attack at 32
  • 1976-03-19 Paul Kossoff, British rock guitarist (Free), dies of a pulmonary embolism at 25
  • 1976-12-04 Tommy Bolin, rock guitarist (Deep Purple), dies of heroin overdose
  • 1976-12-28 Freddie King, American blues singer (Hideaway), dies at 42
  • 1977-10-20 Cassie Gaines, American rock musician (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies in a plane crash at 28
  • 1977-10-20 Ronnie Van Zant, American rock musician (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies in a plane crash at 29
  • 1977-10-20 Steve Gaines, American rock vocalist and guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies in a plane crash at 28
  • 1978-01-23 Terry Kath, American musician and songwriter (Chicago), accidentally shot in head at 31
  • 1978-12-27 Chris Bell, American rock guitarist (Big Star), dies in a car crash at 27
  • 1979-01-13 Donny Hathaway, American rocker (Ghetto), commits suicide at 33
  • 1979-06-29 Lowell George, American rock vocalist and guitarist (Mothers of Invention, Little Feat), dies at 34
  • 1980-01-02 Larry Williams, rocker, dies at 44
  • 1980-01-07 Carl White, rocker, dies
  • 1980-01-07 Larry Williams, American rocker (Dizzy, Miss Lizzie), dies of a gunshot wound to the head at 44
  • 1980-02-19 Bon Scott [Ronald Belford Scott], Australian rock musician (lead singer and lyricist of AC/DC), dies at 33
  • 1980-03-26 Jon-Jon Poulos, rocker (Buckinghams), dies from drugs at 32
  • 1980-04-28 Tommy Caldwell, American rocker (Marshall Tucker Band), dies in a jeep crash at 30
  • 1980-12-07 Darby Crash, American Punk rocker (Germs), dies of an overdose at 22
  • 1981-01-29 Cozy Cole, rocker (Topsy Part II), dies
  • 1981-04-05 Bob "Bear" Hite, rocker (Canned Heat), dies of a heart attack at 36
  • 1981-05-25 Roy Brown, American boxer/rocker, dies of a heart attack at 55
  • 1981-08-26 Lee Hays, American singer-songwriter (The Weavers), dies of a heart attack at 67
  • 1982-12-08 Shakey, [Walter Horton], rocker, dies at 72

Person of interestPete Farndon

1983-04-14 Pete Farndon, rock bassist (Pretenders), dies

Musician Pete Farndon
Pete Farndon
  • 1983-04-17 Felix Pappalardi, rocker (Cream, Mountain), dies
  • 1983-07-12 Chris Wood, rocker (Traffic), dies at 39
  • 1983-12-27 Walter Scott, rocker, dies
  • 1984-07-21 Michael Osborne, American rock guitarist and vocalist (Axe), dies at 34
  • 1985-10-12 Ricky Wilson, rock guitarist (B-52's), dies of AIDS at 32
  • 1986-09-27 Cliff Burton, American rock bassist (Metallica), dies in bus crash at 24
  • 1988-04-09 Dave Prater, American singer and musician (Sam & Dave), dies in a car crash at 50
  • 1990-01-18 Melanie Appleby, rocker (Mel & Kim), dies of liver cancer at 23
  • 1990-01-23 Allen Collins [Larkin Allen Collins Jr.], American rock guitarist (Lynyrd Skynyrd), dies of pneumonia at 37
  • 1990-02-08 Del Shannon, American rock musician and songwriter (Runaway), commits suicide at 55
  • 1990-03-17 Rick Grech, rocker (Blind Faith, Traffic), dies at 44
  • 1990-07-27 Bobby Day, American rock musician (Rockin' Robin), dies of cancer at 58

Person of interestTom Fogerty

1990-09-06 Tom Fogerty, rocker (Creedence Clearwater), dies of tuberculosis at 48

Rocker Tom Fogerty
Tom Fogerty
  • 1991-01-08 Steve Clark, English rock guitarist (Def Leppard), dies at 30
  • 1991-05-24 Gene Clark, folk-rocker (Byrds-Tambourine Man), dies at 49
  • 1991-09-17 Rob Tyner [Robert Derminer], American hard rock musician (MC5), dies of a heart attack at 46
  • 1991-10-25 Margo J. Sylvia, rocker (Tune Weavers), dies of heart attack and stroke at 55
  • 1992-04-25 Brian MacLeod, Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist (Chilliwack), dies of cancer at 39
  • 1993-02-25 Toy Caldwell, American Southern-rock musician (Marshall Tucker Band), dies of cocaine induced cardio-respiratory failure at 45
  • 1993-08-05 Randy Hobbs, American rock musician (Johnny Winter Band, McCoys), dies of heart failure at 45
  • 1993-12-04 Frank Zappa, American rocker, composer, activist and filmmaker (Mothers of Invention, Catholic Girls), dies from prostate cancer at 52

Person of interestKurt Cobain

1994-04-05 Kurt Cobain, American grunge rocker (Nirvana), commits suicide at 27 by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun

Rocker Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain
  • 1994-06-04 Derek "Lek" Leckenby, English rock guitarist (Herman's Hermits), dies of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at 48
  • 1994-08-28 Pieter de Cort, Belgian rock guitarist (Betty Goes Green), dies at 25
  • 1994-11-16 Dino Valenti, [Chester "Chet" Powers], American rock guitarist/vocalist (Quicksilver Messenger Service), dies at 57
  • 1995-02-18 Robert "Bob" Stinson, American rock guitarist (The Replacements), dies of organ failure at 35
  • 1995-06-14 Rory Gallagher, Irish rock guitarist (See Here), dies at 47
  • 1995-08-09 Jerry Garcia, American rock musician (Grateful Dead), dies of a heart attack at 53
  • 1996-01-16 Richard Kermode, American rocker (Kozmic Blues Band), dies at 49
  • 1996-05-31 Elsbeary Hobbs, American rocker (Drifters), dies at 59
  • 1996-07-17 [Bryan] Chas Chandler, English rock bassist (The Animals-House of the Rising Sun) and manager of Jimi Hendrix, dies at 57
  • 1997-01-02 Randy California, [Wolfe], rock guitarist, dies at 45
  • 1997-06-20 Lawrence Payton, rocker (4 Tops-I'll Be There), dies at 59

Person of interestMichael Hutchence

1997-11-22 Michael Hutchence, Australiann rocker (INXS) and actor, commits suicide at 37

  • 1999-06-27 Brian O'Hara, English rock musician (The Foremost), commits suicide at 57
  • 2000-03-27 Ian Dury, English rock musician (The Blockheads) and actor (Judge Dredd), dies at 57
  • 2000-11-30 Scott Smith, Canadian rock bassist (Loverboy), drowns in a sailing accident at 45
  • 2000-12-24 Nick Massi, American rocker (4 Seasons-Sherry), dies at 65