Musicians Married and Divorced in 1951

Weddings in Music

Burgess Meredith

Jan 8 American actor Burgess Meredith (43) weds Swedish-American ballerina Kaja Sundsten

Doris Day

Apr 3 Actress and singer Doris Day (29) marries producer Martin Melcher (35) in Burbank, California

Ray Charles

Jul 31 Musician Ray Charles (20) weds Eileen Williams in Georgia

Wedding of Interest

Nov 7 American entertainer Frank Sinatra (34) marries 2nd wife American film star Ava Gardner (26); divorce in 1957

Louis Jordan

Nov 14 American swing musician Louis Jordan (43) weds dancer Vicky Hayes


Divorces in Music

Frank Sinatra

Oct 29 Singer and actor Frank Sinatra and 1st wife Nancy (Barbato) divorce due to infidelity after 12 years of marriage